7 Ways To Overcome Your Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed? First of all, that’s ok. It’s normal to feel out of control sometimes.

But getting swept up in overwhelm shifts our perspective of ourselves, allowing self-doubt, anxiety and helplessness to creep in and set-up shop in our head.

Big projects can seem unachievable, juggling between family, friends, work and me-time is harder than usual and even the smallest of tasks can leave us frustrated.

In times like these (and we ALL have times like these), here are a few ways we can overcome our overwhelm and get back on track to living our best life.

Accept the anxiety

We’ve become a society of people who are always striving for those feel-good feelings. The warm and fuzzies. And we do whatever we can to avoid any negative feelings: sadness, anger, worry, anxiety. Rather than avoiding them, accept the fact that you’re overwhelmed and stare the anxiety straight on. This will cause you to look at the big picture and take action.

Say no

Whoever came up with the term “Yes Man” has a lot of explaining to do. When did we forget that it’s actually ok to say no to someone, decline to take on extra work or back out of something because it no longer feels like the right thing to do? I say, a long time ago.

Saying no can be an incredibly liberating thing. It might take some time to practice and execute but the results are well worth it.

Ask for help

Stop thinking you can take on the world on your own.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for or accepting help from others. Most people are innately driven to help others and feel valued when they are asked for help.

This is something that does come easier to women, so guys – if you’re struggling to keep up, just swallow your pride and get some help.

Focus on right now

Not the end of the project, the impending deadline or the 17 things on your to-do list that only keeps growing.

Focus on the present moment and change your mindset that everything needs to be completed right now.

That said, take some time to plan how you’re going to tackle it all. Set aside ten-twenty minutes each day to set a schedule, time-block or reflect on what you’ve already done. Planning can make the world of difference. Just knowing you have a plan in place will naturally calm your mind and just go about ‘getting it done’.

Stop multitasking

Gone are the days when it was considered a worldly feat. Multitasking is so passé. It belongs in the 90s, along with Melrose Place and grunge.

By definition, multitasking means that we are doing too much.

Scientifically speaking, multitasking causes your body to produce more stress hormones. Seriously. Our short-term memory weakens, we use up all the glucose way too quickly and it leaves us feeling exhausted.

So doing more actually results in less efficiency. Go figure.

Ramp up the self-care

This one can be hard to do. But taking some much needed time for yourself will literally reset your mind and body, give you more energy and motivation to tackle the big tasks ahead.

Go for a walk, listen to music, meditate, get a facial, watch reruns of Melrose Place if that’s what tickles your fancy. The term ‘You do You’ is very apt here, and for good reason. Stepping away from what’s causing you the overwhelm to focus on yourself is crucial to overcoming it.

Get off the grid

Being readily accessible at all times inadvertently means we’re always available. Thanks to technology. So, unplug your laptop, turn off your phone and for heaven’s sake – give social media a break.

I’m being totally serious here. You’ll soon realize how much being constantly connected affects your wellbeing. So, go on – give it a try. Let’s start with a five-hour detox, working your way up to 12 hours.

overcome your overwhelm