15 Tips for Cultivating a Boss Mentality in Work and Life

We’re the boss of our lives, and it’s time we start owning it in our career and beyond.

Whether you manage someone at work or not, you’re a boss because you get to decide how you show up every day, in your relationships, career and lifestyle. You get to decide what effort you want to put in and what kind of person you want to show up as every day.

It can be overwhelming to think about how to be our best boss selves, so here are some ways that bosses show up so you can use the inspiration to be even more boss in your work and life.

Feel the fear, but don’t let it stop you

The ultimate goal isn’t to become fearless. The goal is to stop letting fear run the show. You can be full of fear and still do the thing. Take baby steps if you have to, but don’t let fear pull you to a halt. The biggest hurdle is starting and pushing past that fear. It’s about the realization that the you that you can become by doing your best work is ultimately worth taking the risks.

Know your worth

The quickest way to feel like the opposite of a boss babe is to let someone treat you like you’re a peasant. Learn to stand up for yourself and your values.

It’s easy to say this when you have power over your situation, but it’s obviously challenging to stand up for yourself when you feel powerless. You worry about losing your job or ruining your reputation or getting hurt, but the most boss thing any of us can do is take the risk and do our best to challenge anyone who makes us feel lower. Raise your vibration, and remind yourself that you are worthy of the amazing life you visualize.

Work smart, but don’t take shortcuts

It’s important to work strategically, but in both work and life, shortcuts are cheap. The long route is more fulfilling, and it means you’ve earned it. Buying followers, stealing content, promoting something unauthentically, lying to your friends to get your way, these are all shortcuts that might get you somewhere at first. But it’s phony, and it’s not a “boss” way to live. And whether or not other people see through it, you have to live with the choices you make. Be the kind of person who does the work, and earns what they get without cheating the system.

Shatter the status quo

Yeah, there are a lot of “rules” out there on how you should behave, dress, shop, eat, build a business, etc. It seems endless how many instructions exist on how to live and work. But the most successful people became successful because they stood out from the crowd. They did something noteworthy. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different. It’s unlikely that your work will be so out there that no one will resinate with you. So be a little daring, and see what happens.

Root for other bosses

There’s enough room for everyone and the sooner you make the shift to realize that supporting others will further you in life, the better. There’s no time for jealousy and sabotage in a boss world. Say goodbye to petty feelings, because we’re all about championing the success of ambitious, talented people here.

Apologize for mistakes you make but not for who you are

Do you find yourself putting yourself down when you’re apologizing for something? Maybe you spill coffee on yourself and your immediate reaction is, “I’m so sorry; I’m such a slob.” It may seem like such a little thing, but take out the “I am” and switching it to “I do.” You are not your actions. Don’t put yourself down for making mistakes. It’s not a part of your identity.

Even better, don’t even apologize when you don’t have to – find a way to thank someone instead. “Thank you for waiting” is so much better for both parties than “I’m sorry I’m late.”

Care about making the world a better place

When you’re feeling super boss of your work and life, sometimes you can start to feel a little egocentric if you’re not careful. The most important thing to remind yourself of is that you’re on a mission to make the world better than you found it. It’s not about you. You’re doing your best so that you can leave a footprint. And if that’s not your current mindset, think about why you’re even working so hard. What do you want to be known for? Go back to that when you need a push to keep at it.

Show up 110%

There’s a saying like “showing up is half the battle” right? And it’s true. Showing up is difficult, and showing up with your full effort is even more challenging. Most people won’t even do that much. But when you give even more than expected, people remember that. You stand out when you do more than just what you’re expected to do. Always go beyond that level, and it will pay off more than you can imagine.

Stay humble

When you’re working hard on yourself, it can be tempting to put yourself on a pedestal above others who aren’t putting in the same effort. Remind yourself that people are on different journeys and everyone has a unique pace in their lives. You’re not better than anyone else, and no one is better than you.

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Keep your priorities straight

The career hustle can be strong when you’re feeling “boss” but your career won’t be with you at your bedside at the end. Life is about building relationships with both others, yourself and a higher power. Don’t forget to keep perspective on what matters most to you in the pursuit of success. Success has it’s own definition for each of us, and it’s important to note what that looks like to you. And make sure you’re doing whatever it takes to keep your priorities in tact on a daily basis.

Create boundaries

Creating some walls to protect both your time and your resources is essential to get stuff done. If you know what makes you feel like a boss, make sure you make time and have conversations with others to allow them in your routine. Limit phone time, check emails only a few times a day, don’t hang out with friends that kill your mood, etc. Be purposeful and draw the line, so that you can serve at your best level.

Ask for help

You might want to believe that you can do it on your own, but you can’t. Invite people into your challenges, so that they might offer solutions. You can accomplish so much more with the help of friends, partners, employees, or even help with cleaning your house. You’re likely not the best at all areas of your life, so make space to improve other areas with added space for others.

Be solution-oriented

A million problems come up, because life is tricky and complex. Dwelling isn’t a boss quality, because it doesn’t serve us. Feel the feels, and then find a solution. Have backup plans, and be a little flexible. It’s fine to have standards and you shouldn’t settle but at the same time, be adaptable. One of the most boss qualities is being able to shift unpleasant situations into golden opportunities. See the challenges as lessons and a way to grow and suddenly setbacks don’t feel like a negative thing, they feel necessary.

Find self-awareness

Journaling is one of the best ways to get to know yourself better. When you do the work to get to know yourself, you learn valuable things like what strengths you have and what areas you need to work on. Always be searching to know yourself more, and find ways to get grounded on the regular like mediation or some other mindfulness practice.

Stay focused

There are a million and one things to do in the world, and when you have access to opportunities, it’s tempting to do it all. The most boss thing you can do is hone in on one thing and become an expert at it. It doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you do, but it’s important to spend time focusing on a skill so that you can feel like your best self when you’re practicing it. Don’t be half in; go all in.

What ways do you show up as a boss in your work and personal life?

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