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21+ Powerful Blog Post Ideas For Photographers

These photography specific blog topics will help you stand out.

Whether you photograph weddings, specialize in boudoir photography or portrait photos are more your specialty, blogging is a powerful way to reach your ideal clients and grow your photography business.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a handful of photographers in growing their brands through leveraging a blog.

I know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas all the time, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the industry, so I compiled this list of blog post ideas for photographers, no matter your niche.

Why should you start a blog as a photographer?

Instagram is a great resource for finding photography clients, but it can be exhausting feeling like you constantly have to churn out content. Blogging allows you a way to showcase your work, while clients can find you through Google and Pinterest, passively.

You can create a post that continues to get traction for years to come – if you’re intentional about the topics and the way you blog about them.

Psst. If you’re not a photographer, you can probably still take away a lot of ideas from here. But this is a part of an ongoing series of blog post ideas for different business types. If you have a request, drop it in the comments!

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Here are 21 blog post ideas for your photography business

1. City-specific recommendations

What are the best date night spots in your city, or the cities/states you want to shoot in? Do a roundup of recommendations. Be sure to check Google first, for some opportunities that maybe haven’t been tackled yet.

Some examples of blogs for engagement photographers:

  • 12 Underrated Dinner Spots in Venice Beach, California
  • 8 Most Photo-Worthy Ice Cream Spots in Houston, Texas
  • 9 Romantic Florida Beach Spots To Watch The Sunset

While you might get some people to your blog who are already married or are newly dating, you’re getting people from your state or city who might be the perfect fit for working with you.

2. Do roundups

While you should definitely have a separate portfolio with your work, use your blog posts to promote your galleries to show off your skills and style. Do roundups that feature only your work, and maybe include some of your go-to vendors.

  • 10 Bohemian Bridal Looks To Inspire Your 2022 Wedding
  • 8 High Vibe Ceremony Ideas To Recreate For Your Elopement

3. Harness your photography niche

What’s your unique style? What kind of clients do you take on? If you focus on elopements or micro weddings, what’s so great about them? Cater your posts to this demographic. What do these clients need to know? How can you be a resource for your specific demographic?

4. Answer popular questions 

Not every blog post you create will rank on Google, but it’s helpful to have a post that allows you to answer all of your most asked questions, like… “should we do a first look?” Or, “What should I expect from working with you?” What a great opportunity to sell why you’re different than other photographers!

5. Give them a style guide

While I know a lot of photographers supply their clients with a Pinterest board of what to wear to a session, why not use this as an opportunity to write a blog post? If your aesthetic is a little different, use that as a way to set yourself apart. 

  • A Vintage Mood Board For Engagement Session Outfits
  • Best Beach Outfits For Your Casual AF Engagement Photos
  • What To Wear For Your Outdoorsy Couples Session

6. Share about a new trend

If you’re a wedding photographer, share the latest in the wedding industry. What dress styles are becoming popular?

You can focus on one individual trend like bold colors, monochromatic color schemes, Bridgerton-inspired weddings, non-traditional elopements, or do a roundup of the latest seasonal trends.

7. Go hard on the audience you want to serve

Maybe you currently don’t have a portfolio full of your dream clients – yet. But how can you tap into this ideal clientele anyway? If you can do a styled shoot, try to create multiple blog posts that highlight this dream style and do your research.

Let’s say you want to do more LGBTQ+ weddings, but you only have one photoshoot – use those photos in multiple blog posts, and go hard on LGBTQ+ related content to reach your ideal audience.

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8. Do a step-by-step guide

Guides are super popular in the blogging world, especially if you can make it applicable to your niche.

Let’s say you’re a couples boudoir photographer, you could do a guide on:

  • A Guide To Traveling For A Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

Or if you’re a California elopement photographer:

  • Your Step By Step Guide To Eloping Last Minute in NorCal

Or, a wedding photographer who specializes in quick turnaround weddings:

  • 3 Months To Plan Your Wedding? Use This Full Timeline

9. Talk about misconceptions

What do most people forget about that you wish they knew before booking you? Whether it’s understanding the need behind having a wedding day timeline or understanding why your turnaround time is what it is for getting photos back, supply them those details!

You’re the expert here, and what you already think is commonplace probably isn’t! But, do make sure to add your own spin here, because a lot of these Qs are highly Googleable already!


  • What Most Women Forget To Bring To Their Boudoir Photoshoot
  • 13 Questions Brides Forget To Ask Their Wedding Photographer
  • 8 Things Photographers Wish You Knew Before A Portrait Session

10. This vs that

Photography clients have a lot of decisions to make, and it’s always helpful to have the photographer step in as a guide. Things like, should we elope or do a micro wedding? Should we do our maternity session at our home or outdoors? Should we go with a bohemian style or a modern look?

Help your clients get some perspective on making some of these hard selections.

11. Tackle their insecurities head-on

One of the biggest insecurities that I hear a lot about in the photography world is posing. A lot of people will say things like, “I’m just not a model” – so tackle those insecurities with helpful solutions!

  • How To Look Like A Baddie While Getting Professional Portraits
  • 10 Wedding Poses That Will Immediately Make You Feel Like An “It Couple”

12. Make a series

You could turn any of these ideas into a series, and help people feel inspired to come back for more. Have TikToks that align with your blog content? Embed them in!

You could even interview your past clients and ask them questions for a roundup series, like…

  • We Asked Our Brides Why They Eloped, Here’s What They Said
  • 12 Brides Tell Us Their Best Investments (And Worst) For Their Micro Wedding

13. Share your client’s story

Give all the details – from the way they met to the details of how he or she proposed. Your ideal clients will be able to see themselves through the story, and see how you handle a photoshoot.

Allow them to visualize what this day could look like for them.

This is also a great way to add in some testimonials on how the client felt after the session!

14. Do a mood or vision board for your ideal client

Is your dream client a boho bride or more into an ethereal vibe? Or maybe your dream client is more about a grungy ’90s vibe?

What would the mood board look like? Play around with the color palette to inspire your dream clients.

15. Help them plan with a checklist

Is there a better way to make sure your clients are organized than by supplying them with a checklist? Whether this is a freebie or a blog post, it’s a great idea to give them a step-by-step checklist, so they can feel confident going into the photo shoot.

16. Share about the venues and vendors

Making connections with venues and vendors can be so powerful to get more referrals. Why not promote and make connections with venues and vendors through blogging? Send them your blog post, and make that connection.

  • 12 Dreamy Wedding Venues in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 10 Lingerie Brands For Your Steamy Boudoir Photoshoot

engagement proposal photographer niche

17. Highlight the specific location & style in your galleries

When you’re sharing a blog about a photography session, include a lot of details about the location in both your headline and in the piece.

  • This Secluded London Castle Made The Perfect Elopement Spot
  • Rustic High Desert Museum Wedding in Bend, Oregon

The first one entices them to know more about this location, and the second option helps you to come up when people are searching for that wedding venue.

18. Share the BTS

People love to work with people, so share about the behind-the-scenes of your own life, especially if travel is involved in your work.

  • A Day In The Life Of An Event Photographer
  • The Morning Routine Of An Engagement Photographer On A Photoshoot Day

19. Dish on your equipment

What camera gear do you use? Whether your not you want to educate other photographers, sharing about what you use can be a fun way to interact with your audience.

Show your ideal clients that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to your gear and what you do – so they know they’re booking a professional.

20. Talk about your journey

How did you get to where you are today? Whether it’s sharing your journey in terms of your love story, or your business journey, everyone loves to get to know the gal or guy behind the lens. Don’t be afraid to get personal – especially when it lends itself to adding to your credibility. 

  • What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Portrait Photography
  • Look At How My Photography Has Changed Over 3 Years
  • How This Unexpected Meet-Cute Inspired My Photography Business

21. Talk about your investments

One of the biggest objections to booking a photographer is the investment.

You don’t need to shy away from objections, and a blog post can be a great way to lay out why you and other photographers charge what you do.

What goes into being a photographer? And why is it worth the investment?

What blog posts will you get started with for your photography blog?

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