How to Transition Your Self-Care Routine for Spring and Summer

With the warmer temperatures looking like they’re finally here to stay, it’s time to update your self-care routine. The heavy creams you needed to keep your skin supple during the dry winter months can get packed away, and you can get back to working out outside if you so please.

Gone are the days you had to layer sweaters on sweaters — pack them away for the season. Dive into the warmer months by making these simple tweaks to your self-care habits.

Mix up your moisturizer

If you struggle with dry skin when cold winds tear through town, then you probably got used to slathering on a heavy moisturizer every morning before braving the elements. With the weather heating up, switch to a lighter moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive skin that tends to break out.

Make sure your new moisturizer contains sunscreen, too, or add a light sunscreen to your daily routine. You don’t want to go overboard with that sun-kissed glow!

Exfoliate regularly

Another pro tip for anyone afflicted by dry skin during the wintertime — make sure to exfoliate. Your complexion may be plagued by residual dry, flaky skin left behind by the winter chill. Enlist a gentle exfoliating face wash to get rid of it and reveal a bright, dewy complexion for the spring and summer months.

Shop for lighter ensembles

Self-care includes treating yourself every now and then, so don’t feel guilty about updating your wardrobe for the warmer weather. Incorporate new pieces of clothing crafted from lightweight fabrics that will keep you comfy as the temperatures climb. Opt for bright, seasonally inspired colors that match the changing hues of Mother Earth as she undergoes her annual springtime transformation.

Revamp your diet

Now that fresh fruits and veggies are available at local farmers markets, add more healthy food to your diet. When you vary your diet in this way, you won’t just feel better and have more energy, you’ll also fight inflammation in the body that often occurs after a winter’s worth of indulging in comfort foods.

You can also try some refreshing “cooling” foods like basil, mint and cilantro. Remember to drink plenty of water when it gets warmer outside too, as you’ll tend to sweat more.

Head outside to sweat

After months of plodding away on the treadmill, you can finally start exercising outside again. If you skimped on workouts in the winter months, ease back into a regular routine gradually.

Try interval training to build stamina and safely work your way up to a challenging workout. Enlist a buddy to keep you committed to getting outside for a workout so you don’t fall off the wagon, especially when early-morning workouts become necessary as the temperatures start to soar around midday.

Live life to the fullest this spring and summer by keeping up the self-care habits you developed in the winter — just tweaking them a bit to suit the warmer temperatures. You can start with these ideas, but feel free to add your own, too!

self-care routine for spring and summer

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