8 Amazing Wellness Habits For Living Your Best Life

This post is sponsored by Hum Nutrition. All opinions are my own. 

I love wellness trends, but I’m also skeptical about what is actually beneficial for my well-being. I’m learning more about how to take care of my health holistically, and have a handful of practices that make me feel good.

All that said, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, and you should definitely consult one if you want personalized tips from experts for your specific needs. These are the wellness habits I’ve adopted and when I follow them, I feel like a healthier version of me. I’m a work-in-progress here, and making more improvements every day. But I have made lots of beneficial strides along the way and I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years.

Let’s dive into wellness habits that will refresh your body, mind and soul.

Wellness drinks

One of my favorite wellness-y things to do is make wellness drinks. Based on Ayurvedic practices, you should only drink warm or hot beverages, especially when you wake up. So one of my go-to wellness drinks is hot water with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and lemon. ACV has an insane amount of benefits like regulating blood sugar, improving skin health, and boosting your gut health to name a few.

Another favorite is spirulina with orange juice. I love this combo, but I’ve heard that spirulina, an amazing green superfood, is nasty with most other combos.

I’m all about getting adaptogens in my diet; you can read more about those here. Two of my favorites that are stocked in my pantry at all times are Maca (for stabilizing hormones) and Astralagus (immunity booster.) Some other crowd favorites that are next on my list to buy are Ashwagandha (balances blood sugar levels and improves stress) and Moringa (for inflammation.) There are so many benefits to adaptogens, and implementing them in your lifestyle can help you improve your gut health.

Dry brush

I love dry brushing daily. The benefits of dry brushing before your daily shower include increasing blood circulation and exfoliating your skin. Some people say it helps decrease the appearance of cellulite as well, but there’s no significant research proving that. You go in small upward motions from your feet to your neck, and you can do it on your face as well. Personally, I just stick with dry brushing my body as I lightly exfoliate my face with my cleanser.

Take supplements

It’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need in our every day meals. Taking supplements help to get the nutrients our body craves in order to thrive.

Hum Nutrition is where it’s at for pure, sustainably sourced supplements. Their vitamins and supplements are non-GMO, gluten free, and don’t have artificial colors or preservatives.

I take Daily Cleanse, Uber Energy, and Runway Ready.

I’ve seen the most results with Uber Energy so far. I don’t hit that 3pm energy crash like I used to. We live such busy/high stress lives, so I feel like an energy boost is so needed.

I love the Runway Ready packs for great skin, hair and nails, so you can have your supplements on-the-go. It makes it so much easier to remember to take them, because I can throw them in my purse. I’ll take my supplements with my food in the mornings and I already feel like I’m doing something great for me.

They have so many options to choose from for anything you’re struggling with like PMS, stress, gut cleansing, anti-aging, skincare, the list goes on. You don’t need to get overwhelmed with where to start, because they have a quiz that gives you personalize recommendations based on your diet and lifestyle, so you don’t end up with supplements that you don’t actually need. You can take the quiz and figure out which supplements to start with here.

Use our discount code LIFEGOALS at checkout for 15% off your first purchase.

Tongue scrape

As mentioned earlier, I’m really into Ayurvedic practices lately and one of the latest additions to my morning routine is tongue scraping. Tongue scraping eliminates most of the toxins on your tongue. You can get them for really cheap online and I’d recommend getting one in stainless steel.

Keep to the Fab Four from Kelly Leveque

Kelly Leveque is a wellness guru who recommends the fab four foods that will keep you full and satisfied: protein, fat, fiber and greens. The fab four is so helpful to keep in mind while preparing meals. The worst thing we can do is eat healthy but not satiate our hunger, because then we either feel like we’re depriving ourselves or we overeat because we’re starving.

She recommends starting with smoothies, as they’re the easiest ways to get started with this formula. But I find that it’s as important in your lunch and dinner preps.

Stretch daily

Stretch for five minutes or twenty-five minutes, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a part of your ritual. This is especially vital if you’re sitting at a desk all day long. Our body needs some bending and twisting. There are so many yoga videos online that are as short as five minutes if you need a little motivation to start doing it. Or use a little challenge to keep you motivated. Try keeping a yoga mat handy or maybe do stretches while you cook dinner or before you get in the shower.

Develop a skincare regimen

It doesn’t need to be a complicated skincare system. For some, this can look like washing your face and getting your makeup off every night. For others who enjoy the process and view it as self-care, maybe it’ll be a 10-step formula. Regardless, make this a routine that always happens. It’s important to take care of your skin. You can use skincare supplements, collagen, and serums too if you’re looking for a boost to your skincare game.

Try to eat a colorful variety of nutritious foods

When meal-prepping, getting all your nutrients in your diet is challenging. For me, I want simple recipes so I’ll make simple dishes. But it occurred to me that I was limiting my nutritional variety. So, this week, I made an effort to make more meal preps that included a colorful variety of nutritious fruits, veggies, proteins, etc. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll think of the fab four and I’ll make sure that I’m getting in a handful of goods.

Use DIY products for cleaning

I knew I should be creating my own cleaning products instead of buying the usual cleaning supplies for a while now, but it was only a few days ago that I realized just how toxic and unwell cleaning supplies made me feel. They bring out asthma symptoms for me, and apparently can be as bad as smoking 20 packs of cigarettes a day. I threw out the old cleaning supplies and will be creating my own.

You can make a lot of cleaning supplies with simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon and essential oils. Here’s a great article from Wellness Mama on natural cleaning tips.

For me, wellness can sometimes be a wakeup call. It takes self-awareness to realize how the little things in your environment are affecting you. Your diet, your environment, your skincare and makeup routine, all have an impact on your well-being – more than you may even realize. Don’t be afraid to slowly shift, one step at a time, into a more conscious, holistic you.

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