7 Tips for Finding Professional Clothes That Won’t Break Your Bank

Everyone likes to look their best, but equipping your work wardrobe with pricey designer duds may leave you dining on nothing but Ramen noodles for weeks. Young professionals in particular can find building a business-ready clothing closet challenging.

Fortunately, you don’t need to max out your credit cards to build a closet full of workplace-appropriate attire. Utilizing these tips and tricks will have you looking your professional best in no time!

Pop some tags

Thrift and consignment shops help professionals on a budget build their wardrobe on the cheap. Whenever possible, hit up such stores in ritzier parts of town where many residents donate designer clothing. Scoring a super bargain on a Chanel sweater or a Ralph Lauren blouse makes going to Goodwill even more fun!

Think like Switzerland

Switzerland prides itself on its neutrality, and you should think along the same lines when building a business wardrobe. Stick to color options such as black, grey, navy blue and taupe for your foundation pieces. Fashionistas, don’t lament — you can still accessorize to highlight otherwise boring color combos.

Borrow when you can

No one will know that to-die-for skirt came from your mom’s closet, so if you have friends or relatives who share the same dress size, don’t be shy about asking to borrow some items. Older family members may have outgrown some of their attire, and they’ll happily donate them to you for free. If your jewelry and accessory wardrobe lacks pizzazz, you can likewise borrow items like necklaces and chic scarves from just about anyone willing to lend them.

Find an app

Just about everything can be done with an app these days including buying professional attire. Apps such as Amazon allow users to try clothing items on for fit and offer a streamlined return process for items not suiting your figure or sense of style. Apps such as Poshmark serve as online thrift stores offering gently used clothing for pennies on the dollar.

Swap it out

In the mood for a major wardrobe overall but lacking in cash? Why not get your girls together and have a clothing swap?

Clothing swaps allow for greater variety and prevent the feeling of wearing the same thing day after day. Get together on a monthly basis to share snacks, gossip and fashion with your tribe.

Comfort counts!

Regardless of where you purchase your clothes, realize you’re going to need to survive eight or more hours wearing them while at the office. Avoid overlooking the importance of comfort when building your working wardrobe.

Some fitness-inspired clothing lines allow you to transition from office to gym seamlessly and permit you to move without someone catching a glance at your panties. Some yoga pants dress up nicely with a pair of fashionable shoes and a jacket or blazer.

Accessorize wisely

Accessories allow you to let your personality shine through. Colorful scarves, chic belts and jewelry add the perfect finishing touch in creating a signature look.

Fortunately, accessories need not carry a hefty price tag. Some online bidding sites offer both designer and costume jewelry for far less than brick-and-mortar stores. Some vintage and antique jewelry offers a less expensive but very stylish and adult look. Schlep around the internet, the local antique shop or Saturday yard sales to reveal low prices on used clothing and accessories alike.

Congrats on your perfect work wardrobe!

In today’s trying economy, young professionals need to balance their need to slay looks with budgetary restraint. But thinking outside the traditional retail store box helps workers attire themselves in a manner that projects their confidence and unique style without them ending up in bankruptcy court. Simple money-saving tips pay off when you become the office fashion icon!

how to find affordable and professional career clothes that fit your style without spending a fortune on new work wardrobe.

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