how to add more color to your minimalist wardrobe

How To Add More Color To Your Minimalist Wardrobe

When starting a minimalist capsule wardrobe, you’ll probably start with a monochromatic wardrobe with little color. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to be able to mix and match all of your small amount of clothing items together, so it makes sense that you would start with neutral looks. But I’m here to share with you some tips on how to make your capsule wardrobe more colorful without overdoing it.

If you’re afraid of color or want some new ways to incorporate color into your closet, this post is for you.

We have a whole post about how to create a minimalist wardrobe here with a printable checklist (if you’re new to capsule wardrobes, start there!)

Start with your bag

Colorful bags for your minimalist wardrobe

My rules for choosing a colorful bag are as follows: pick a color that goes with a majority of the clothing you already own. It would be counter-productive to buy a colorful bag that you have to change out constantly for a black bag. You might be surprised that certain colors go with a lot of the items you already have in your closet. Blush, burgundy, and some shades of green tend to match well with monochromatic colors. Go bold, but choose wisely. You want to be able to strut your bag with most of your outfits on hand.

Tease in color through patterns

This summertime, I’m all about fun patterns on dresses, shirts, rompers, and even my sandals. I’m wearing more color than ever before, because I am adoring bohemian patterns. This might not be your style, but incorporating color through patterns is one of the best ways to ease yourself into color if you’re typically uncomfortable with it. Below is an example of how I’d incorporate color with some bohemian flair.

add color to your minimalist wardrobe

Keep your accessories neutral

The above is also an example of how I would keep my accessories neutral with adding a pop of color in my clothing. Matching colors is always an option, but I prefer to keep my accessories neutral when I’m adding a pop of color. Choose silver or gold jewelry and pair bright dresses with subtle shoes. I prefer one item to be in the spotlight.

Or, wear the color in accessories 

On the flip side, if I’m keeping my outfit black, white, or gray, throwing in colorful accessories like scarves or jewelry is my favorite way to add in color. See some examples of awesome scarves that would add the perfect pop of color to a gray, black, or white dress.



Add in light pastel colors for subtle color

Pastels are the perfect way to add color into your wardrobe without feeling like you are wearing a loud outfit. It adds a look of whimsy delicateness that can boost your look instantly.

Buy all the bold shoes

Kidding, we’re trying to be minimalists here. But in all seriousness, shoes are the perfect way to add in some color to your black heavy wardrobe. As you can see below in our capsule wardrobe inspiration, adding in color to your shoes can go a long way. Red, yellow, blush, and burgundy shoes are my personal favorites for shoes that pair well with neutrals. Nothing says “a pop of color” like yellow shoes!

Go for red on nights out

Red is a seductive color that I believe is an amazing addition to everyone’s wardrobe. Find the right shade of red for you and find a dress (or skirt) and beautiful top to add into your capsule wardrobe as staples for date night and nights out on the town with your friends. You will have zero regrets.

Step out of your comfort zone

There is something about color that can make you feel alive, wild, and confident. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. While I understand that you only have so many items that can go into your capsule wardrobe, don’t get too stuck into mundane clothing choices. Open up your eyes to the possibility of adding a little color in your life and leave yourself enough room to experiment.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any favorite colored clothing items? What are the clothing staples for you?

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