how to find your personal style

9 Practical Tips For Finding Your Personal Style

Your style sucks so that must mean you suck too right? Not exactly.

While your personal style does play a factor in telling people and the world who you are, some people haven’t quite mastered the art of displaying their personality onto what they wear.

No matter what people say, I’ve always believed that what you wear is just an extension of yourself. It describes a bit of who you are without you having to open your mouth. But sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you want to say. Not to mention all of the factors involved.

But first and foremost, personal style needs to be about you and how you feel. And these tips will help get you thinking and started on finding just that.

Finding your personal style doesn’t have to be hard. Actually, it’s supposed to be the opposite. Fashion is fun, so finding a style that best expresses your personality should also be fun!

Before I dive into these tips, I really want to answer a couple of questions a lot of my readers and friends always ask me about their personal style.

What if I’m not a “stylish” person?

Well, that’s the thing, what is deemed stylish is in the eye of the beholder. There’s not one way to do style. Style is unique because it’s a reflection of our personalities. And everyone is different, so, of course, what’s considered stylish will be too.

What is personal style?

Do you have a mirror? Well look at it and you’ll have your answer.

Personal style is Y-O-U! It’s all about how you translate your personality onto your clothing. A lot of people mix up fashion with style. There is a famous quote that says, “Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it.” Style is all you. So don’t get caught up in fashion, stay true to you and you’ll find creating your personal style a breeze.

So grab a piece of paper and take some notes. I’ve also included a couple of challenges and resources for you, to help you along.

Find your body type

This is my absolute number one rule. You have to dress for your body type! Your body is unique. So you’ve got find out which pieces of clothing flatters you best. I’m all about my clothes enhancing my beauty, not drowning it or over exposing it. I know I have an hourglass shape, so I love wearing pieces that show off my waist and curves. The more you know about your shape the easier it is to look for the right pieces of clothing that work for you.

Check Here: The Foolproof Way to Find Out Your Real Body Type + What is Your Body Type and Shape Quiz.


People watching is one of my favorite things to do. I learn so much about people’s behavior and get a glimpse into their everyday lives. I also get a ton of outfit inspiration and ideas. Just go to the mall and sit down for 10 minutes and watch people. See what styles they’re wearing and pieces they’re pairing together. This can give you a great sense of what works in reality and what you’d like to try for yourself.

Challenge: Go to the mall and sit down, go in or stand near a popular clothing store for 10-15 minutes and just observe the people around you. What are they wearing or buying? Would you wear it? Do you like it?

Book an appointment with a personal shopper

Did you know that there are people out there whose primary job it is to shop for you? I need that job. Going to a personal shopper will help you a lot. They’re pros at finding the right pieces of clothing for you based on your taste and shape. They ask you a bunch of questions about your likes and lifestyle to make sure they can find the best stuff for you. And don’t worry, you don’t have to buy any of the clothing they suggest. It’s a great way to just get some professional advice and try on pieces to see how you like it. Oh, and most times their services are FREE!

Check Here: Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus + Bloomingdales.

Create a mood board

Mood boards or inspiration boards are seriously handy. They let you create a blueprint for certain outfits and your personal style. You can add anything that catches your eye or a trend you’ve been wanting to try.

Boards also help you visualize the outfit instead of keeping it stuck in your head. So when you’re out shopping you’ll have a specific group of pieces or ideas that you like and it’ll help direct your focus.

Challenge: If you haven’t already, create a personal style board on Pinterest and add anything that interests you. Also, buy magazines like People Style or Vogue and cut out what you like and stick it on a cork board.

Be specific

Once you’re ready to start shopping to build that unique personal style, make sure you’re buying pieces you need and invest in pieces you know you’ll wear a long time. It’s gong to be tempting to get pieces your eyes find amazing. But stick to what you’ve written down and what you know will look best on you. If you see something you must have that doesn’t quite go with what you’ve been researching, try it on first to see if it fits and flatters you.

Challenge: Make a list of the items you want or need before you go shopping. That way, you won’t be distracted and you’ll know just what to get.


Practice makes perfect, am I right? So you’ve done your shopping and you’ve got a good amount of new pieces that look great on you. Now it’s time to try them on and play with different combinations and colors. See what works together and what doesn’t. Make sure everything can be worn with something else. Unless it’s a must have staple, there’s no point in buying a piece you can only wear with one specific outfit. When you practice wearing your new gear, make sure to walk around it in and move in it.

Challenge: Take all of your new (or existing) pieces and have a fashion show. Try on different combination of outfits and create an imaginary runway and strut it!

Take photos

When you go shopping try on outfits you think you’d like and take pictures of them on your phone. That way you’re able to compare everything side by side to see what looks best. I do this all the time. I try on different outfits in the dressing room, take a picture of them and then leave it. When I get home I scroll through the pictures and compare them to see what I liked and what worked for me. It’s a big help! Sometimes when I think something looked great in the moment, I realize later when I’m looking at it that it didn’t at all.

Challenge: Go to your favorite clothing store, pick at least 5 outfits to try on. Take pictures of them and leave. When you get home scroll through them and see what you liked and looked good in.

Find your fashion guru

For me, Victoria Beckham changed my whole outlook on fashion. She gave me a blueprint for creating my unique personal style. It’s great to have someone like that, that you can look up to and get ideas and inspiration from. It’s also fun to follow their endeavors and to see what trends or labels they’re currently into.

Check Here: Go do some searching on Bloglovin, Youtube + People, to find your fashion guru if you don’t already have one.

Have fun

Like a trend but don’t think it’ll go with your new personal style? Try it anyway! Don’t feel obligated to strictly stick to your new personal style or try every trend if you don’t feel connected to it on some level. But do take a risk. Your style, and fashion as a whole will evolve. So it’s okay to change it up a bit.

Personal style needs to be all about you and an expression of your personality. Whenever you’re getting dressed you have to make sure that you’re two things: comfortable and confident. With that, you can pull off anything. And lastly, don’t be afraid to take a risk. Fashion needs to be fun and if you’re not having fun with it, then you’re doing it wrong!

Let’s Chat! Leave us a comment describing your personal style in 3 words. I’d love to know! Mine would be, minimal, comfy and chic.


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