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How To Reinvent Yourself For A Massive Life Transformation

Transformation has always been a huge theme in my life, so it’s no wonder why I specialize in helping female entrepreneurs with their own transformation. If this concept seems foreign to you, think about who you were in high school versus who you were when you started college. We are constantly reinventing ourselves whether or not we are conscious of it. 

The most prevalent transformations that have occurred throughout my adult life have been surrounding the relationship I have with myself, my body, men and dating, and of course, my career. My life drastically changed in 2017 when I decided to quit my 9-5 (without a plan), break-up with my boyfriend, start my own business and make my happiness my number one priority.

I was working at a world-renowned eating disorder treatment center with a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Holistic Health Coaching Certification, and a Certification in the Psychology of Eating under my belt…yet I was radically unhappy and unfulfilled. My life looked great on paper, but it didn’t feel great. 

Fast forward to 2019: I am a Women’s Empowerment and Transformation Mentor, and love what I do.

I support female entrepreneurs in embodying the next-level version of themselves while developing unshakeable confidence, and ultimately show up authentically while owning their unique gifts. I have helped countless women build and scale their service-based businesses online and heal their relationship with money. My clients range from CEOs to coaches to influencers. That said, I never get bored.

So how did I go about reinventing my life in this transformation?

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t do the same thing and expect different results.” That’s because it’s true. So, in order for you to reinvent yourself, you need to do things differently—you need to embody the version of yourself who is living the life you want. How does this upgraded version of you show up? How does she carry herself? How does she speak to people? How does she speak to herself? 

“In order for you to reinvent yourself, you need to do things differently.”

I got very clear on the type of life I wanted and my desires. I consistently journaled and visualized what I wanted my ideal life to look like. I would consciously try to visualize and feel what my ideal daily life would be like in regards to my career, relationship with my body, dating, how I “showed up”, where I was living, where I wanted to travel to, my relationships with others, etc.

I got incredibly specific about what I was ready to call into my life and what I was willing to accept from others as well as with myself (internally and externally). I still journal daily and write out my goals and desires as if they have already happened. I also ask myself “What can I do this week/today/right now to get into the vibe of the next-level version of me?”

Though my recommendations above will definitely help you, there’s the catch. You must feel you are worthy and deserving of your desires in order to receive them. If we attract what we think, then it’s very important to work very seriously on our mindsets. 

It is totally normal to have some stuff come up when you’re in the process of transforming your life and reinventing yourself. I always say, “We all have stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves.”  Unfortunately, the majority of the time these stories aren’t even ours – they are fabrications that have been projected onto us by various influencing means (such as parents, caregivers, and even the media.)

Any time you have a negative thought, I want you to decide whether or not it’s ultimately true. Take a moment to reframe your non-serving beliefs into one’s that serve you. Something I like to do is set alarms on my phone that are positive affirmations. This is the first step in reprogramming your mind and ultimately transforming your life. 

Journaling, visualizing, doing inner work, and having a support system in place help to jumpstart the reinvention process. I highly recommend investing in a mentor you vibe with, surrounding yourself with good friends and becoming aware of what you consume and who you are “following” online.

Decluttering your life (in every sense) is also a game-changer. It’s time to clean your room, your car, your closet (get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel confident), your fridge, bad habits, toxic friends and family members, and even your newsfeed. You need to clean and feed your mind, body, and soul the best if you want to better yourself. 

Reinventing yourself is something that takes time but is definitely worth it. You only live once (unless you believe in reincarnation) so why not make this a lifetime you are proud of? These tips may seem a bit overly simplified and abstract, yet it obviously takes work to achieve your desired outcomes. Mentors and coaches can help, and taking women along this journey from beginning to end, is something I am sincerely passionate about. 

Every day you are given the opportunity to make better choices and to improve your life. You get to choose what your life looks and feels like. You are incredible and so ready to elevate your life. I’m here for you.

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