How I Use Numerology, Astrology and Meditation As Self-Care For My Busy College Schedule

With all that goes on during a typical day in college, self-care is something that can easily be forgotten about or pushed aside for more imperative priorities. I used to see self-care as a luxury, instead of recognizing it as a necessity to thrive in college.

Each semester seems to only get busier, and I’ve had to adopt new strategies for fitting self-care into my full schedule. I started to develop an interest in Numerology and Astrology during high school when I was looking for ways to ground myself during times of high stress, and they have helped to ground me in college as well. This week is mid-semester exam week at my college, and I have found myself being more pressed for time each day. That being said, I have been able to use my time between classes, work, and meetings to re-center myself and acknowledge any stress that might be taking a toll on my overall wellbeing.

Horoscopes and Tarot Cards

Horoscopes and tarot cards have been very grounding for me in times of stress, and they only take a few minutes out of the day. Most people have their own routines in the morning, and looking at my daily and weekly horoscope is one of the first things I do upon waking up for the day. As soon as I am reasonably awake (and have my mug of coffee), I will look at my horoscope for the day (I’m a Virgo) on These horoscopes help to give me an idea of what might be challenging for me during the day, and start my morning on a positive note with their authenticity and humor. On Sunday evenings, I also look at my weekly horoscope to get an idea of what I should focus on during the week.

Horoscopes have helped me to identify areas that might need more attention during the week (such as how I respond to others, my finances, etc.), when I have many other obligations. I always look forward to the release of my monthly horoscope, as it is usually an in-depth analysis of the financial, lifestyle, and health considerations for each month.

I also use Tarot cards to ground me in times of stress. I have three oracle card decks made by Doreen Virtue, and they’re perfect for learning about what I need to be aware of for the day. Usually cards such as Drink More Water, Stay Focused, and Environmental Awareness show up during times of stress. It helps me become aware of things I might not notice right away, and is a fun way to take a break from studying! Anyone can do Tarot and Oracle cards, and you can find them online or in stores around the world! For more information about how to use them, you can refer to this post.

Life path numbers and ascending astrology signs are another great way to learn more about strengths and weaknesses associated with your sign (Virgo, for example). I am a life path 8 (there are many online websites where you can determine this number, such as or for determining your ascending sign). Numerology is a great way to find out how to refine your strengths and talents!


During my first year of college I became quite familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed. The rush of too many emotions to process, and the mental whirlwind of thoughts, left me exhausted and unable to focus on the tasks at hand.

That’s when I started looking into meditation, specifically meditation apps. I stumbled upon an app called Stop, Breathe, and Think in the Google Play Store, and it has changed my life. It first lets you input up to 5 current feelings, ranging on the emotional scale. It then personalizes a meditation routine for you based upon your answers.

My favorite part about this app is that it has meditations that take 5 minutes, and one that take 30 minutes. Whether I have an hour of free time during the day, or ten minutes before rushing out the door, I have enough time to ground myself and address any problems before they affect my day.

There are times when I will start my own meditation routine, which includes drinking Yogi tea and focusing on the present moment. I am someone who can get quite caught up in future deadlines, so focusing on the present gives me clarity about what is important in the moment.

Even though college schedules can get busy, self-care can still be a priority! Small moments of reflection, listening to your favorite songs, drinking tea and reading horoscopes, and focusing on the present can help to ground you in what is truly important.

What do you do to take care of yourself when life gets busy?


Self care for busy college students

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