10 Things You Can Do Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

We’ve all heard the good, old adage about healthy habits being the key to a long and fulfilled life – and yet, most people fail miserably when it comes to actually embracing healthy habits. Why? Because it’s so damn hard to stick to a clean diet, exercise every day, stay out of stress’ way, etc. Or is it, really? No, not necessarily. In fact, investing in a healthy tomorrow today doesn’t boil to just sacrifice, sweat, and no cookie. Okay, you may need to lay off the bottle and stop smoking your ears off, but the rest of the lasting health puzzle is easier to put together than it sounds. To help you set your life tomorrow on the healthy track right now, check out these simple tips and put them to use today.

Kick start the day with refreshing gulps

When life throws you lemons, squeeze them into a glass of water and drink them like a ravenous lover of life. With a ridiculously low calorie count, lemon water contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and it’s as powerful focus and mood booster as coffee. Ditch the morning java and try lemonade instead: it’ll cleanse your liver, promote digestion, and set weight loss on the right and speedy track.

Try dry skin brushing for a healthy twist

Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, digestion, kidney function, and circulation, so if you want to do a small thing for your wellbeing that will matter a lot in the long run, grab a dry brush and start scrubbing! For a sweet bonus, dry brushing will remove dead skin cells and bring back a soft glow to your skin, and it’ll also double as an anti-cellulite regimen and reduce muscle tension caused by stress and sedentary lifestyle.

Discover that life tastes sweeter with no sugar in it

Sugar may be most people’s favorite shade of white, but it’s still your health’s worst enemy, and regular intake of refined sugar can easily turn into an addiction if you don’t watch serving sizes. Going sugar-free with your diet will also help you lose weight faster and it’ll also stabilize your mood and blood sugar levels.

Ommm away to your private zen temple

Everyone’s into meditation these days, and you should be, too. Why? For starters, meditation is the best remedy to stress and anger, and it can also help combat pain, high blood pressure and mood dips. On the plus side, meditation improves brain function, focus, and immune system, so if you’re not already Ommm-ing your way to Zen on a daily basis, today is as good a time as any to start.  

Take a walk in the lap of mother nature

We all sit way too much for our own good and the sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes behind diseases of affluence such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even depression. Drop the remote and head out for a short walk in the park: that’ll get your blood flowing, allow you to spend more time in fresh air and sunshine, and chase away the blues.

Work out to work up a healthy sweat

On that note, why not fish out your favourite workout apparel from the bottom of the closet and hit the gym instead of taking a stroll? Strength training and cardio are the building blocks of lasting health, and regular workouts are the best way to improve mood, shed fat, and hack wellbeing in a single sweaty gym session.

Treat yourself to a book, not chocolate

When was the last time you read a real book from cover to cover? In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to get carried away on Facebook and Twitter, but it still doesn’t mean that you should stop investing time in your literary education. Every book you read has the potential to change your life, so make yourself some cocoa this weekend, curl up in your blanket, and start catching up with the latest literary releases.

Stand up at work for your health’s sake

Long work hours are a shortcut to chronic back pains and weak muscles, both of which can ruin your long-term health. No matter how busy your day at the office can be, you can always make room for a short break and stretch. A brief set of office exercises is also an excellent fix for mood and focus dips, so it’s a tiny change you can make today for the sake of long-term wellbeing and productivity.

Give your eyes a workout, not a break

Staring at the screen for hours is synonymous with eye strain and frequent headaches, but you can hack eye health easily right away. Use the time you’d spend staring at your smartphone to do a short set of eye muscle exercises and nip tomorrow’s eye fatigue and eyestrain-induced headaches in the bud.

Start counting your zzz as of tonight

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best investment in focus, good mood, and productivity you can make this evening. Don’t keep staring at your phone at bedtime more than you actually need to: indulge your senses in a scented bubble bath, turn in earlier, and set your alarm clock sans those Snooze intervals.

Tomorrow’s health starts today: it’s up to you to make a few small changes that will matter a lot when you look back a few years from now. Here’s to your lasting health and happiness!

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Simple activities you can do now to have a healthy lifestyle.

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