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7 Self-Care Rituals To Try Out During Times of Uncertainty

Choosing to show up to every part of your life, especially during times of complete, utter chaos is when you push your growth edges. This year has been a true testament to our resilience as humans, our willingness for compassion, and our ability to love – over and over again. The curveballs thrown this year are almost laughable (almost) but I’m grateful I’ve come to a place when I can power through it and see the other side.

It’s in the moments where I feel the true weight of the world and the heaviness of being a mother, wife, friend, and businesswoman—I tune in. I ask, “What do I need to get through today? To find balance today?” I drop into the place deep in my body where my inner knowing rests, my intuition.

I encourage you to listen to yourself and intuition in these times of uncertainty instead of what’s covering your social and news feeds. Why let your power go to others when you have everything you need to give yourself exactly what you need on a spiritual and cellular level? We need to remind ourselves to own our power.

Here are some self-care rituals for times of uncertainty.

1. Bookmark your days.

When I create the space to bookmark my days with time to focus on myself, I’m able to step into my other roles with more presence and heart. Most mornings I’m woken up by a little one coming into my bed and my hubby makes me a cup of superfood coffee. Then, I’ll try to get in a little bit of breathwork, meditation, and intention setting.

I may read from the Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo or pull a tarot card, but I love to take some time for grounding. Every night, I try to write a list of what needs to get done the next day and have an ongoing list of what needs to get done that week. I unplug before going to bed and enjoy a delicious and grounded adaptogenic latte or calming tea with Berry Bee Honey then some restorative yoga or breathwork and off to sleep. 

>>> See my full holistic morning routine details.

2. Set an intention.

I’m a huge believer in setting intentions each morning with any sort of affirmation, angel or tarot card, and love to make this a daily ritual paired with my morning superfood coffee. In setting intentions, you’re telling yourself how you want to feel, which will help guide you in your choices and actions throughout the day so you end up feeling exactly how you want to feel. You can even make this super simple by setting an intention right when you wake up while still in bed. There’s no pressure!

3. Get some high vibrational + alkalizing nourishment.

The food we eat is our first form of defense, medicine, and support. When you choose whole, real foods you are supporting your whole health. I fuel my body with smoothies, salads, broths, grains, veggies, and SUPERFOODS (the most efficient & effective way to restore the body) every day. To make sure your body is receiving all of the nourishment it needs to keep you free from sickness and GLOWING, make it a daily ritual to whip up an energizing smoothie filled with fruits & veggies, Philosophie superfoods, and coconut water or nut mylks. Try this Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl!


4. Remain present, no matter what!

So often, people ask how I’m able to handle life as a mama and run my own business, attend conferences, work as a social influencer, and practice healthy living—babes, it’s a lot! It ultimately comes down to remaining present – especially through the moments of challenge.

In total times of stress which is nearly every day this year, I slow down and allow myself to feel. I cry, scream, talk it out with my partner or friend and go back to what feels good in the moment.  I do what I can to care for me so I’m fired up to be a better mother, wife, sister, friend, and active contributor to our world.

5. Drink your chlorophyll water!

Chlorophyll helps to eliminate harmful bacteria from the body, hydrates + heals the skin and boosts your energy. 

6. Take a relaxing walk.

Have you ever noticed that after a low-intensity workout or yoga flow, you actually feel energized? According to a University of Georgia study, a light workout can boost your energy by 20%. Take in as much natural vitamin D as you can even if it’s just for a 10-minute walk in your neighborhood. I love being outside. I try to get outside at least once a day even if it’s just a short morning walk around the neighborhood with my kiddos. Being in nature can be calming and nurturing to your soul, spirit and body.

7. Take the pressure off.

Your sanity and happiness, moment to moment, is way more vital than checking everything off your to-do list. Start simple, one step at a time. Follow the good feelings from one into the other. Show up to the world the way you want to and the way you need it. I choose to show up with love – so my kids see it and hold on to it.

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