10 Fun Brands To Shop For A Motivating And Positive Workspace

Let’s talk about motivational stationery! 

Picture this. You slept through your alarm. When you wake up, you realize you overslept and immediately start to panic. Your day isn’t off to a great start. You head into the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee. You take your coffee back to your desk and sit down. Your planner cover reads, “You got this!” You open up your bright-colored notebooks and bust out your favorite pens. You’re surrounded by inspirational words of wisdom that light your heart on fire! You settle in and get to work, and thanks to your workspace, the rest of the day goes better than the way your morning started. At the end of the day, you put away all of your motivational stationery items and look forward to using them again tomorrow. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a firm believer in the idea that our environment has a large effect on our energy, routines, productivity, and our ability to accomplish our goals. In my life, I’ve felt the impact of creating spaces conducive to positive thoughts play out both personally and professionally. 

I’ve also been mildly obsessed with stationery and office supplies ever since I was a kid. Notebooks, pens, pencils, prints, sticky notes – you name it.

I love surrounding myself with motivational and inspirational quotes and accessories. Perhaps my love for these products stems, in part, from a belief in the Law of Attraction. Or maybe it’s because most motivational and inspirational products are undeniably visually appealing.

Either way, if you’re into harnessing the power of surrounding yourself with good vibes or love an Insta-worthy desk setup, you’re in luck! Here are 10 brands to shop for a motivating and positive workspace. 

Talking Out Of Turn (Toot)

Talking Out Of Turn sells stationery, gifts, and everyday lifestyle items. If you’re looking for colorful, bright, and motivating designs, this is the brand for you. Talking Out Of Turn strives to boost productivity and brighten workspaces with inspiration. A company full of artists, dreamers, and doers, the Toot team aims to fill the world with sass and cheer through their products. 

Website: talkingoutofturn.com

Instagram: @talkingoutofturn


You’ve probably heard of or come across products from ban.do before. Year after year, ban.do consistently curates and creates products that evoke feelings of joy and inspiration. ban.do is also committed to raising awareness of mental health issues. If you’re looking for clothing, desk supplies, wellness items, or accessories–look no further. 

Website: bando.com

Instagram: @shopbando

Compliments ‘N Coffee 

Struggling to maintain a positive mindset and love drinking coffee? Snag yourself a mug from Compliments ‘N Coffee! These coffee mugs were designed to help combat negative self-talk through encouraging affirmations that sit along the inside of the coffee mug rim. 

Website: complimentsncoffee.com

Instagram: @complimentsncoffee

The Happee Shop

The Happee Shop is packed full of products promoting productivity designed by @laurajaneillustrations. Previously an Etsy store, this shop offers prints, stickers, stationery, planners, and more! Be sure to follow @laurajaneillustrations to add positive, inspiring artwork to your Instagram feed too.

Website: shop.hellohappee.com

Instagram: @shophappee

Taylor Elliott Designs 

Colorful and bright with motivation sprinkled on top is how I would describe Taylor Elliott Designs. With a degree in Graphic Design, products from Taylor Elliott Designs are sure to meet the eye-catching mark and liven up your workspace. 

Website: taylorelliottdesigns.com

Instagram: @taylorelliottdesigns

Aya Paper Co.

Aya Paper Co. is a sustainable stationery brand with minimalistic vibes and neutral tones. Women-owned, eco-friendly, and sustainable, this brand is sure to steal the hearts of those looking to add stationery products rooted in a good cause to their workspace. 

Website: ayapaper.co

Instagram: @ayapaper.co

The Anastasia Co. 

The Anastasia Co. offers home and lifestyle goods to help buyers live more intentionally. Rooted in faith, owner of The Anastasia Co., Jillian artfully uses her graphic design and photography skills alongside her previous marketing business to create visually appealing and undeniably purposeful goods. Wall art, journals, and mugs are a few must-haves for your workspace. 

Website: shop.theanastasiaco.com

Instagram: @theanastasiaco

Rifle Paper Co. 

If you’re looking for motivation to add to your workspace without the inspirational quotes and phrases, check out Rifle Paper Co. With floral designs filled in with bold colors, stationery products from Rifle Paper Co. will leave your workspace looking classy, beautiful, and timeless. 

Website: riflepaperco.com

Instagram: @riflepaperco


1canoe2 is a brand defined by its cheerful products that are brought to life based upon a deep appreciation of nature and life’s natural beauty. Gifts and stationery from 1canoe2 can sometimes be found at familiar large retailers like Anthropologie. If you’re seeking joy and love an illustrative vibe, check out this brand. 

Website: 1canoe2.com

Instagram: @1canoe2


Papier is a stationery brand that emphasizes connections with one another in meaningful ways. Papier believes in adding personal touches to all of life’s moments, no matter how big or small. Papier’s designs are timeless and elegant. Snag a notebook with your name on it for your desk! 

Website: papier.com/us

Instagram: @papier

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