18 Fun Fall Activities You Can Still Do, Even In 2020

Time keeps marching forward even during a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t carve out some joy for ourselves along the way. In fact, it’s all the more reason you should make the time for fun and joy in your life!
Here are some fun ideas for fall-themed activities you can do while still keeping you and your loved ones safe!

1. Pumpkin picking

Pumpkins are basically synonymous with fall and I feel like something is missing if I don’t make at least one stop at a pumpkin patch to pick out my bad boy for the season.

2. Pumpkin carving and decorating

I’m good at a lot of things, but pumpkin carving isn’t one of them. I’ll leave that to the more talented folks. I definitely enjoy a good pumpkin decorating though and the more glitter the better!

3. Take a hike

In my opinion, this time of year is the best for hiking. The cooler temps and beautiful colors from changing leaves making hiking a must for me during this season.

4. Learn to make a tasty fall cocktail

I LOVE craft cocktails, but I’m not big on the price or the crowds. Most of the time I’d much prefer to learn how to make a good one in the comfort of my own home to dazzle my friends with!

This caramel apple martini and this apple, pear, and gin cocktail are on my to-try list!

5. Design an autumnal floral arrangement

I was a floral assistant for two years so season bouquets and arrangements light me up! Check out this YouTube vid if you need a how-to or grab some eucalyptus, chrysanthemums, gold spider mums, and any other favorite fall blooms and do your own thing!

6. Go camping

Find a nice, scenic spot and pitch a tent! Now is a great time to enjoy camping with your family or quarantine buddies if you want a change of scenery but also want to be mindful of your health. 

7. Rent a cabin

If camping isn’t your thing but you still want to get away from it all then renting a cabin might be a great option for you.

8. Learn a new hobby

It’s the perfect time to start learning a new hobby to keep you entertained as it begins to get colder and colder. Knitting is my go-to cold weather hobby. Some other fantastic options are crocheting, cross-stitching or jewelry making!

9. Horseback riding

Horseback riding is one of my boyfriends and my favorite activities. We try and go horseback riding whenever we’re on vacation because it’s such a great way to enjoy the local scenery, especially during fall!

10. Make pumpkin everything

You haven’t done fall right if you aren’t completely sick of pumpkin by the time the season ends.

Take the seeds from that pumpkin you carved, sprinkle them with salt, and pop them in the oven.

Try your hand at baking some delish pumpkin chocolate bread or cook up this pumpkin ravioli.

11. Have a bonfire

A bonfire is a great way to have a socially distanced get together and who doesn’t love smores?

12. Visit an apple orchard

There’s just something about picking your own apples that make them taste better! Visiting an apple orchard and enjoying some hot cider is one of my fave fall activities and it’s another activity you can see your friends while respecting social distancing.

13. Decorate your home

As soon as my birthday is over in September I’m all about decorating our apartment for fall. Right now we have about two tubs full of autumn decorations and I warned my boyfriend that will only grow when we get a house.

Put up those animatronic ghouls and fake spiderwebs. It’s not fall until you have a pumpkin in every room!

14. Binge-watch scary movies

If you want a good scare I really enjoyed The Boy. Some other great options are any of the Halloween movies, The Cabin in the Woods, Get Out, or a Quiet Place.

If horror movies aren’t your thing then Hocus Pocus is always a great Halloween themed movie to watch that won’t make you pee your pants in fear.

15. Light your fall scented candles or learn to make your own

My favorite candle ever is only available during the Fall season, but I was smart last year and stocked up so I could have it all year long.

Get in the Fall mood with pumpkin, cinnamon, or apple scented candles.

If you need even more ideas for new hobbies you can learn to make your own candles!

16. Find your way around a corn maze

Corn mazes are a great way to get some exercise outdoors and enjoy the season!

17. Take a scenic drive

Go for a relaxing drive and enjoy the leaves changing colors.

18. Learn how to cook a new fall dish

I’m all about turning to warmer, seasonal food when it gets chillier out. This instant pot chicken chili is a crowd-pleaser or try this harvest chicken casserole!

The world may look different right now but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy fall!
What’s your favorite way to enjoy this time of year?
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