10 Ways To Meet Your Dream Guy Beyond The Bar Scene

Honestly, there is nothing fun about the initial dating process. After you get through college and high school dating, it can be difficult to navigate dating in your adult years. Sometimes it feels like your only option is to go to bars weekend after weekend hoping to find a somewhat decent guy. But what about if you’re over the bar scene? Are you ready to meet a great guy who isn’t just looking for a one night stand? Here are some ways that women in their 20s and 30s can meet men outside of the bar scene.

A cafe

I don’t know about you, but I love going to cute cafes. It can be relaxing on a lazy weekend day, to take a great book, your computer if you blog, or a journal and be with your thoughts. Many people attend cafes regularly throughout the weekends or during the week. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon a super romantic closet poet? Or, you’ll at least spend a day not regularly checking your social media. Either way, this is the perfect place to start trying to run into someone.

Social media

Now, I am not advising that you stalk people online to find a new boyfriend. But, you might come across someone on social media that you have lost contact with or didn’t know super well. We all have those friends on our Facebook we met freshman week of college but never talked to again. So, maybe you will be stumbling through your feed and read something interesting. It never hurts to reach out to someone and just ask how they are doing.

Online dating

I know that many people have reservations about online dating. But the fact remains that 1 in 5 relationships now start online. That’s a lot of people who are having success. So why not sign up for an online dating service or dating app? Even if you just try it for a month, you could get a couple of free meals out of it. And if you need even more tips to decide to try online dating, here are some questions you can ask yourself before taking the plunge. 

A park

Do you love running, biking, or walking your dog? So do most guys. Men love when they can picture doing an outdoor activity with a woman.  And, don’t most classic romantic comedies start with someone running into someone else while they are running or biking in the park? Getting active is helpful no matter what, but getting active while you find your soulmate is even better.

The gym

Likewise, the gym is a great place to find an acceptable pool of men. I know that it can be intimidating to walk over to the weights side of the gym, but what if it gets you your future husband? As the weather gets cooler, don’t be afraid to sign up for a gym membership. Many gyms like Planet Fitness, can be quite reasonably priced.


My main advice for dating someone in the workplace is to be careful. It can be great, but it can also turn sour very quickly if you break up. Be wise as you discern the men in your workplace, and make sure they are really worth the risk. Also, think about the type of job you have. If you are working at a high corporate position, you might not want to risk dating a co-worker. But, if you are working at the local grocery store or outlet mall, there is a lot less pressure if things don’t work out.


Do you have the heart for serving others? Then get out there and volunteer. Not only is this a perfect place to help people out in your community, but you might also meet a great guy who has passions similar to yours. Now, I am not advocating that you sign up to volunteer just to try to reach men! But, if this is an activity that you are currently involved in, or have been thinking about doing, you could meet someone.


Once again, I am not saying that you should go to church just to meet men. But, if you are a Christian or an avid churchgoer, try to plug into a young adult’s group at your church. Many may even provide Sunday school classes or small groups just for singles. There could be many well-raised, respectful men just waiting to meet you.

Community events

Does your hometown put on parades, festivals, or outdoor concerts? Maybe it’s time you started attending them. These are excellent opportunities for you to cross paths with someone that you would never have ordinarily. Take a group of friends to feel more comfortable. 

Through mutual friends

Tell your friends that you are interested and willing to be set up. This can open the door for you to meet some men who are similar to and get along with your friends. Plus, because your friends know them, you know they won’t set you up with a dud. If your friends aren’t helping, just attend the parties and activities they plan. They may invite people you haven’t met yet that you could want to get to know better.

There are plenty of ways to meet men that don’t include going to a dive bar. This will help save you money and reserve your time for guys that could be worth your while. The important thing is to not stress out too much in your singleness. There is a great man out there for you, and he is just waiting to meet you at a place other than the bar.

ways to meet your dream guy

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