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8 Best Playful Podcasts To Listen To For Fun Vibes

Looking for a podcast that makes you LOL? Or some playful podcasts that just inspire you to add more fun and happy vibes to your life? We’ve got you.

Sometimes you’re looking to learn something new with a podcast, and other times you just want to laugh and unplug for a bit. These podcasts are lighthearted, will make you giggle, and give you a boost of dopamine – so you feel a little lighter going into the day.

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8 Playful podcasts for adding more fun to your life

1. Playground To Purpose

Join childhood best friends, Coley Bouschet (Life Goals Collective Founder) & Nina Soon as they explore the connections between childhood whimsies and adult career paths. Each week, they find new ways to add more play to your purpose. There are solo episodes and episodes with guests who have fascinating and fun careers and pastimes.

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2. Bone Marry Bury

It’s like a hot mess TV show rolled into a podcast. Follow along as we discover who Allie hooks up with, who she marries, and who she kills all in the span of a month. In this reverse whodunnit, cringe at Allie’s life decisions as Gabe, Allie’s best friend, narrates the whole thing. If Euphoria had a sense of humor… you’d get Bone Marry Bury, maybe. Play detective and listen for some good ol’ raunchy fun!

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3. Unlocking the Magic

If you’re planning a playcation to Disney World, listen to Bruce & Connie give relatable tips on how to truly experience the magic of the parks. The hosts share amusing anecdotes from their own family trips, all the while “unlocking” the magic behind all your fave Disney attractions!

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4. The Fearless Chase

Madison Anaya is the BFF we all need. Her podcast feels like you’re hanging out at a sleepover party where everyone wants to live intentionally. She covers friendship, mental health, dating (though she’s been with her husband since middle school!), and self-love.

Listen to our founder, Coley’s episode on Fearless Chase, where they talk hobbies, enneagram, and being an adult.

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5. SmartLess

If you love Armchair Expert, but want another podcast that’s a bit more lighthearted – Smartless is the podcast for you. The hosts are Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, so you already know it’s going to be funny. The premise is that one of the hosts chooses the guest for that week and surprises the rest of them. It’s a fun podcast, and even the ads will leave you belly laughing.

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6. Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is hosted by a comedian couple, Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman. They “gab with their favorite actors and comics about their romantic pasts, presents and futures.” It’s a hilarious relationship podcast with heartfelt responses to listener questions.

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7. Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris is such a gem, and this podcast is so quirky with the best celebrity guests that are rarely interviewed, like Dylan O’Brien. Her questions and games are so playful, like asking celebs about their deal-breakers. They also take callers in each episode and she and the guest give them “unqualified” advice.

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8. Girls Gotta Eat

I don’t know why I resisted this podcast for so long, but it’s such a fun dating and comedy podcast. Hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg, this podcast features episodes from a variety of guests – from reality stars to matchmakers to Elizabeth Warren. And then you get your cheeky sex and dating content. I love how relatable this podcast is, even though the hosts are super outgoing, they’re inclusive and give truly helpful tips.

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What playful podcasts would you add to this list?

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