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26 Fun Couple Activities To Do For More Playful Dates

Whether your relationship is in a bit of a dating rut or you’re simply looking for some fun couple activities to do, we’ve got you covered.

There’s always a time in a relationship when you want to spice things up a little bit and make things more carefree and spontaneous again. These creative ideas will help you liven up your relationship, make dating feel whimsy and fun again, and maybe give your relationship a little romantic boost.

Also, feel free to send this to your person, to give them a little hint-hint on what would make for some fun dates!

Here are 26 creative and fun couple activities to try out

1. Alphabet dates

In a date night rut? Try getting creative and plan date nights from A-Z, starting with the letter A. For example, an A date could be Apple Picking. And a Z date could be going to the Zoo. Take turns picking the date each weekend. This was inspired by Abby Benson on TikTok.

2. Meal prep play dates 

Turn an adulting task into fun. Try out new recipes together, all the while making grocery shopping and cooking for the week a special event. Add themes to each week or listen to music for even more fun!

3. Build a fort

Make movie night a little more special by getting all those blankets together and building a cozy little fort.

4. Make up your own game

Whether it’s a drinking game or just a fun game at the house, it’s a blast to make up your own rules for a game. You can make it silly or romantic, but it’s fun to have a game that you’ve created together.

Build-in some consequences or prizes to take it up a notch. 

5. Practice couple yoga poses

Watch YouTube videos and try out some couple poses, and stretch yourself – literally.

6. Go on a “couples retreat”

Inspired by Evie McLeod in this “Dream Retreat” Instagram post, be intentional with your relationship with an annual Couples Retreat – just you and your bae to talk about the goals you have in your relationship and spend quality time together.

You could go camping, go on a staycation at a local hotel, or head to a cozy cabin. The point is to spend intentional time talking and dreaming together. 

7. Try a class together

Whether it’s a pottery class, a cooking class, or an archery lesson, do something that challenges the both of you and gets you out of your comfort zone and learn something new.

Here’s a list of play activities you could try together too.

8. Start a TikTok

Couple TikTok accounts are adorable with the fun pranks, and lighthearted trends. This TikTok couple is one of my favorites for wholesome, cute relationship content.

9. Go to a bookstore and choose a book for each other

Don’t be a jerk with this, and genuinely try to choose a book that you think your partner might enjoy. Then, spend the afternoon reading them! You could make rules for the genre or style of book, if you want to! 

10. Play subjective Guess Who

Another idea inspired by a TikTok. This couple was playing Guess Who, but subjectively based on what these characters seem like. For example, “Would your character mansplain something to me?” Or, “Was your character a theater kid?”

11. Cook your way through a cookbook together

Make one of your meals together each week based on a cookbook. Find one that matches the way you’re trying to eat – whether that’s vegan, simple dinner dishes, etc.

romantic and fun date night with couple outdoor bonfire

12. Go camping in your backyard

If you have a backyard, plan a night where you’ll do a little outdoor camping! I loved this video from Eamon and Bec where they wildly decided to move their mattress outside during winter to camp outside to change things up!

While you’re at it, make sure to do a little stargazing!

13. Plan a surprise date

Sometimes we can get into a rut with dating, especially when we live with our partners. Tell your partner you’ve planned a surprise date night, and what to wear. And then, plan the rest for a spontaneous, romantic day or night.

Leave cute notes before the date, and even if you live together, arrive at the door, like you’re picking them up for the date.

14. Go to a drive-in movie

Create a cozy setup in one of your cars and head to an old-school drive-in movie theater. 

15. Plan a scavenger hunt

It doesn’t have to be extravagant and maybe save this for a birthday or anniversary, but who doesn’t love a good mission? Plus, it’s so romantic for someone to spend the time planning all the little details in order to surprise you!

16. Go on a picnic

You can do a picnic at a park, or even in the back of your car with a cozy blanket. Be sure to bring some fun food like sandwiches and drinks to make it fun!

17. Take photos together

Whether it’s getting professional photos taken, or using the self-timer, it can be so fun to do a little photoshoot. You don’t have to be getting engaged or married in order to have pictures taken!

18. Choose from a jar of date ideas

If you want a different option than the ABC dates, try putting a bunch of date ideas on individual slips of paper into a jar and pick one at random when you need an idea for date night! Do whatever you choose!

Allow each of you one “veto” option for the ones you’re not quite in the mood for. You could also color coordinate the papers with “free activities” is yellow, “affordable activities” in blue, “bougie activities” in red, etc.

19. Do an art project

Maybe it’s a tie-dye project or painting something together, doing a project where you’re on the same team can feel so good!

20. Get a Slip ‘N Slide

Or some kind of fun play activity that you used to do as a kid. Why not add a little childish fun to your relationship?

21. Get out old photo albums

Speaking of, head down memory lane and get out some old photo albums from childhood. Or, if you’re feeling daring, get out those old yearbooks! It’s such a fun couple activity to get to know your partner in a new way!

22. Get matching piercings

We’re not so into matching tattoos (no judgement), but matching piercings? We could get into that.

23. Pick out an outfit for each other for date night

Go to Target or some clothing store and pick out outfits for each other to wear on date night. This is a fun activity in seeing what your partner thinks of your style, and what they’d ideally want you to wear. Or, be super goofy about it, and make each other wear an embarrassing outfit for a night out. Either way, it’s fun!

24. Go on a long drive

Make a fun playlist for the drive, play road games, grab some good snacks, and make it a fun time to catch up.

25. Head to an arcade

Play some fun games at a local arcade! Again, let that inner child out together!

26. Do a bake off

Compete with each other and bake the same thing. Bonus points if you can have friends judge the competition!

Have you tried any of these fun couple activities? Which one are you going to add to your date nights?

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