What is HypnoFertility? How To Tell If It’s A Good Option For You

Have you been longing for a baby but just been unable to have one? Have you been trying to conceive for what seems like forever but still haven’t had your baby? Have you suffered miscarriages or experienced failed IUIs or IVF?

Has medical treatment been unable to help you? Have you been diagnosed with “unexplained” infertility?

Do you feel a sense of there is a baby there even though the odds seem to be against you? Have you been told you have “old eggs”? Do you feel you are somehow broken? Are you losing hope?

Infertility Is Devastating

Infertility is devastating on so many levels. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and sometimes financially. It is on par with what is considered a catastrophic illness, such as a severe cancer diagnosis, though it is not typically recognized as such.

It’s enough to have to struggle with the infertility issue, but to also be subjected to insensitive comments from others (just relax; well I guess this is God’s way of saying you’re not supposed to have children; the world is overpopulated anyway), to not be able to go anywhere without constantly seeing pregnant women and babies, to have to endure endless pregnancy announcements and baby pictures on social media, not to mention the seemingly endless baby shower invitations, is beyond disheartening.

Especially when you find out your friend, sister, or colleague is expecting their second or third child and you haven’t even been able to have one. Add to that the time and expense involved in seeking help, be it researching fertility clinics, wrangling with insurance companies, turning your world upside down to make and keep appointments, interpreting conflicting information, etc.

There are so many decisions to make, and it’s hard to make them while being pulled in as many directions. You may try to do everything; you might freeze and do nothing. Or you might find yourself spinning in a perpetual brake stand—one foot on the gas, the other on the brake, seemingly going nowhere.

HypnoFertility Can Help

HypnoFertility is an unprecedented hypnosis-based program created to support both natural and medically assisted fertility. Developed over the past three decades by myself, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, this innovative process is the original HypnoFertility—now known as 3Keys® HypnoFertility, as the term HypnoFertility has become generic.

The 3Keys® designation was inspired by the three keys to conception which I received in meditation nearly 30 years ago, prior to the conception of my youngest child. 

More than just hypnosis, 3Keys® HypnoFertility is a multi-faceted, solution-focused process designed to tap into and reignite the inherent fertility that is a biological element of every woman. It is a unique blend of science and spirit that incorporates reframing of destructive thought patterns in the brain, clearing of the subconscious mind, and tending of the fundamental light of one’s heart and spirit. 

HypnoFertility helps you to become more grounded, centered, and balanced. Fertility-specific hypnosis helps to clear brain fog and sharpen intuition, addressing two crucial facets of effective decision-making, so that not only can you focus your thinking, but you can also better tune into your inherent fertility, your instinctive awareness. Subconscious blocks may also impede fertility, and HypnoFertility can release them as needed. 

Study after study has shown the detrimental impact that ongoing stress can have on the brain, and several recent studies have found that higher levels of day-to-day stress can significantly lower chances of becoming pregnant.

Stress levels increase the longer infertility troubles endure. Hypnosis is the antithesis of stress, and I have found this to be a core component in its fertility applications. In addition, I emphasize the balance of intention and surrender and the fundamentals of the three keys to conception to help my clients to get and to stay pregnant.

The Balance of Intention and Surrender

Those with fertility difficulties tend to be doers, achievers, overachievers. They are competitive, they are accomplished, they know what they want and how to get it.

Regardless, “you can’t do a baby.” No matter how much money, time, energy, determination, and anything else someone throws at trying to conceive, it is just not possible to force a baby to happen.

What a person can do is to put their energy into the things they can actually do—intend to have a baby, decide how to go about it, choose practitioners, go to appointments, and so forth. Intention is the doer part. Its counterpart, surrender, is necessary to create balance.

For pregnancy purposes, surrender does not mean to give up; it means to let go, to allow, to become receptive. The balance of intention and surrender is very much non-attachment. It is the balance of doing and being.  It is Let go and let God. A person cannot “left-brain” a baby, nor can they simply dream one up. It is a process; it is a necessary balance. You do what you can do, and you surrender the rest. 

The 3 Keys to Conception

A rather astounding succession of synchronicities guided me from my origins in Toronto, Canada through my arrival in Denver, Colorado where I currently reside, and where HypnoFertility was officially born. Relocating several times over a 30-year period, I found myself gathering a piece of a puzzle I didn’t know I was solving in each place I landed.

One of these pieces is what I call the 3 Keys to Conception, hence 3Keys® HypnoFertility. I received the keys in meditation; the full story is the basis of my second book, aptly titled The 3 Keys to Conception

The three keys to conception are simple, yet powerful, and employing them will enable you to feel like your life is your own again; to achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit; to achieve balance of intention and surrender; and to create the correct vibrational alignment with your spirit baby. The three keys serve more than one purpose. Each is a practice on its own; together they are one. Implementing the three keys can unlock the answers we seek. 


The first key to conception is Meditate. This does not necessarily mean formal meditation, though it can, but embodies the mind state of quiet. We must take time for some form of quiet in our lives. This may indeed be some form of meditation such as guided or walking or transcendental. It might be using self-hypnosis, walking in nature, taking a few deep breaths, listening to some peaceful music, or perhaps relaxing in a bubble bath.

To use the Meditate key is to be closer to Source, to Spirit, to God, to Goddess, to Creator, to the Universe, to our own inner silence. Hypnosis is a powerful way to do this, particularly for those who have trouble quieting their minds. As stillness is not required, the mind can chatter away during hypnosis. The chattering mind is the conscious mind, the thinking mind. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind which is what makes therapeutic hypnosis so attractive to those who struggle with meditation. 

Hypnosis is similar to meditation, yet also quite different. Some types of meditation, such as guided, fall directly under the hypnosis umbrella though they are not nearly as powerful when we are dealing with something major.

When we need something more than what we can do ourselves, when we’ve been exposed to the negative hypnosis of a bleak diagnosis, when we’re stuck in deep despair, when we can’t relax or focus, or when there are subconscious blocks that we just can’t meditate out of our minds, therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy are particularly helpful. This is where HypnoFertility comes in. It is the uplevel of the meditate key. 


Listen is the second key to conception. The Meditation key helps us reconnect with instinct and intuition, inherent fertility; it is rejuvenation and regeneration.

As we begin spending regular time in what might be called the field of intention, in silence, with God/Goddess, in Source, with Creator, open to the Universe… we begin receiving pertinent information as to the conception of the baby so desperately desired. Now, it is time to listen. We know deep down what we need to do or not do; it is vital to tune in, to listen. The 3Keys® protocols facilitate, establish, and reinforce the first key, the meditate key, and pave the way for consistent application of the second key: listen


The third key is Trust. We have all received intuitive guidance and not listened, and then wished we had. Or we have listened but refused to trust, to believe that the intuitive information we were getting was right. As we become more grounded, centered, and in tune with ourselves, trust comes more easily. In getting quiet, in truly listening, you will receive whatever conception information you need. It is essential to trust it!

It may take some time and practice with the first two keys before we can fully implement this one, but that’s okay. The three keys to conception complement, develop, and reinforce one another at the subconscious level. Meditate, Listen, Trust—the formula for success.

Science and Spirit

People with multiple medical degrees, research scientists, reproductive endocrinologists, etc.—people who are well-versed in all the science—seek out 3Keys® HypnoFertility because they know that there is more to infertility than science.

Science doesn’t have all the answers, the spiritual aspect of the infertility crisis must too be addressed. What we might think of as the mystery, the unknown.

The part that is mostly overlooked or even dismissed within the world of science. Spirit babies, for example. There are such things as spirit babies, and whether they are “real,” or a concept, sense, or feeling their mothers and fathers have, they absolutely exist.

Spirit babies don’t care how we define them or if we believe in them, they know there is more to the world than what we can perceive with our five senses. They are more than we can perceive with our five senses. There is a spiritual aspect to infertility, and it is as important as any of the other parts. A blend of science and spirit is unequivocally necessary for healthy fertility. 

When is HypnoFertility a good option?

I call HypnoFertility the missing link as it improves the efficacy of other treatments and basically ties it all together.

In some cases, HypnoFertility is an alternative to unwanted medical treatment, but it also aids medical fertility procedures to help increase success rates.

The process is holistic, non-invasive, and promotes all aspects of mind, body, and spirit balance. The 12-session program is designed to restore the body’s natural balance, which is often upset by emotional blocks, stress, and a host of modern life’s difficulties.

3Keys® HypnoFertility is especially helpful for those with “unexplained” infertility—this diagnosis often indicates subconscious blocks which are not easily released without hypnosis. Regardless of the circumstances, HypnoFertility can help.

Infertility is a global epidemic and I have worked diligently for years to make people aware that hypnosis is a viable option for this devastating issue. 

hypnofertility for pregnancy

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