Tips on Managing Quarantine Based on your Enneagram Type

Getting through quarantine is all about a balance of self-care, comfort, finding a new normal, and some attempt to have a routine. How can you best work through quarantine, based on your personality type? Understanding how your Enneagram type deals with stress, change and routine can be so helpful in figuring out how to cope and get through stay-at-home life.

Here are a few quick tips to help you find comfort and growth during this crazy time.


If you find yourself worried about what you’ll have to show after quarantine, stop. You don’t need to learn a new language, lose 10 pounds with a perfect workout routine, or start a new online business. You’ll be okay if you eat a little too much, or you skip your daily walk occasionally (or often!). Seriously, wtf is the perfect quarantine anyway? It’s ok to just make it through this.


Let yourself indulge in a little self-care. You are likely worried about everyone else – your friends, family, elderly neighbors, local baristas, post office workers, grocery store workers, the restaurant owner down the street…. If you let yourself focus on it too long, the list becomes literally everyone. You can have a lot of downtime, but still not get any self-care. Focus on what your body, heart, and mind need right now, and let yourself do that.


Let your to-do list die for a little while and just relax. It’s going to feel like you accomplished nothing, because that’s accurate, and that will be frustrating. But it’s so good to practice just being. Let yourself meditate for the sake of meditating, not to check off how good you’re getting at it. Take a nap when you need it. And for the love of all that is good, give yourself “off” hours while working from home.


It may be easy to spend a lot of time reflecting on, and wallowing in, your emotions about quarantine. Instead, find a useful distraction. Try a craft, find an audiobook or podcast you enjoy, spend more time cooking, do some at-home yoga. Do things that stimulate your mind and your body, not just your heart.

Wondering how to work from home based on your type?


You might secretly (or not so secretly) be loving quarantine. That’s completely okay. Enjoy the chance for learning and alone time. But don’t forget about the people who love you. Make an effort to call, facetime, or text at least one person each day. Do your best to stay connected. And before those interactions, take a few minutes.


Seriously limit your exposure to coronavirus news and social media. Although you’re likely the best prepared for a quarantine, you’re also probably the most nervous about it. It’s hard enough without the world generating an endless stream of worst-case scenarios for you. Try to make your circle a little smaller right now. Focus on your family, friends, work, and daily life.


You’re likely pretty stir crazy by now and really hope that “social distancing” leaves the cultural vocabulary as soon as this is all over.

First, get creative with ways to “leave” your house and connect. Think about virtual tours of museums and parks all over the world, apps to have virtual game nights (like House Party) and happy hours, and even switching up your walk route. But the thing about quarantine is that you simply can’t be as busy or entertained as usual, and learning how to be bored at times is a very important skill.

Pick a couple days per week where you try to embrace staying home and not having anything to do. Let yourself reflect on what that experience is like. 


You might be powering through all of this surprisingly well. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any feelings about it. It’s okay to admit that it’s a weird and hard thing. It’s ok to admit that you miss people. And, most importantly, it’s ok to tell those people that.

Find activities that give you purpose, especially if you’re not working right now. Whether it’s a project you’ve been meaning to get to, some kind of volunteering, an online class, or finally going to see a therapist through video chat, find things to do that give your day meaning and let that big heart come out. 

No matter what your type, these tips will help you stay centered during quarantine.


It might be very easy for you to create a Nine cocoon during all of this: shut out the news and the rest of the world, laugh at memes to keep from crying, and make an incredibly comfortable space in your place full of Netflix, snacks, and blankets.

At first, you might think this is what you’ve needed for months. But after a while, it will likely wear on you. Force yourself to come out pretty regularly. It can be for a walk, a phone call with a friend, or simply to sit outside for a bit. Just find simple ways to keep engaging with the world.

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