How To Use Social Media To Enhance Your Personal Growth

Social media is a loud place with a lot of opinions and garbage. But when you choose to sort out the garbage, you can find some hidden treasures. These online hidden treasures can help you build worthwhile connections, feed you inspiration, and help you exude confidence online and offline.

Here are some ways I use social media to further my personal growth and help me get closer to becoming my best self.

Work to Inspire and Challenge Others

On my Twitter account, I try to inspire others by words that inspire me or by sharing what I’m working on and discovering in my daily life. By reflecting and sharing with others on a deeper level, you learn more about yourself and you feel good about what you’re putting out into the universe. Taking the time to construct a positive message helps build your confidence. And it makes yours, and others, day brighter.

Get Inspiration

Not only can you inspire others, but you can get a boost of inspiration with a few clicks. I think most of us find and share positive messages online already, but there’s ways you can fuel your inspiration on social media that you might not have thought of previously. You can create a Twitter list with positive people who tweet out uplifting quotes and messages. You can also browse #MondayMotivation tweets and Instagram photos when you have your occasional Monday blues. And there’s always Tumblr and Pinterest, the best sources of inspiration on social media.

Be Relatable but Speak Truth

It’s easy to be phony on social media and the truth is that we all are presenting an ideal version of ourselves online. That’s what these platforms are for and while we should be presenting the best version of us online (and everywhere), don’t be afraid to get vulnerable and speak the truth. Choose to do it tastefully, but be as authentic as you feel is appropriate. We aren’t trying to follow robots, so add something unique to the web.

Engage in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are beautiful places for creating community. If you’re looking to feel more in tune with the Internet world and make instant friends, I recommend joining one of these inspiring Twitter chats. Twitter chats are conversations surrounding specific topics. For example, there might be a Twitter chat on spirituality or finding happiness. A host would come up with questions and you are able to connect and discuss with like-minded people throughout the hour (or half-hour) the chat lasts. It’s a great way to have wonderful discussions with people you might never otherwise connect with.

Serve Purpose

If you have a personal brand, then you should try to serve your purpose via social media. Use your voice with purpose. What do you believe in? What do you care about? Use your platforms to encourage others to participate. Make sure that each message you send has a purpose. Think beyond pretty images for Instagram and think about what more you can offer.

Establish yourself as an Expert

When you use social media correctly, you can become the go-to place for a specific topic. Share and write content that speaks to your expertise. Showcase your knowledge. Let people in on what makes you the person to speak to about x, y, and z. Doing this will not only provide you with a fanbase online, but it will help you build confidence in your industry. Even if you’re using it on a personal level, show off your art skills or provide inspiration to others. Embody your personal mission statement (LINK) and watch how it lights you up to show your friends, family, and strangers what you’re all about.

Ignore the ones who bring you down

If you feel some negative energy online and you feel like people’s posts are getting you down, do something about it. We’re not always “fans” of everyone that we follow, but we also have a tendency to not want the drama that comes along with de-friending someone online. So, utilize the “mute” or “unfollow” functions that Twitter and Facebook provide to you.

Why not use the best version of social media to ignite the best version of you?

How to use social media for personal growth and becoming your best self.

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