5 Amazing Twitter Chats On Personal Growth

Did you know that personal growth can bloom on social media? While we might urge you to spend a little less time on social media and live in the present moment, we’ll also be the first to tell you that personal growth CAN and DOES happen on the internet.

One example of how you can better yourself online is to engage in a community of like-minded people. Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, a creative, or just someone trying to improve themselves, there is a Twitter chat out there for you. Today I’m going to call out some Twitter chats where you can connect and engage with people who will make you think more and feel great.

If you’re not already familiar with how Twitter chats work, here’s a little overview: A host (person or brand) will come up with over-arching theme for a chat like Blogging and they’ll set dates where Twitter users can talk with them (and each other) about a more specific topic within the theme. Example: If it’s a blogging, the host might pick a date for a chat on how to grow your email list. They’ll come up with a set of questions to spread throughout the hour. Typically these chats happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – depends on what the host chooses to do! To participate, all you will need to do is include the chat’s hashtag during the chat. And answer the questions!

Now let’s dive into the best Twitter chats for developing your personal growth.


#SoulSparkChat from Allie Tymo 

#SoulSparkChat is one of my absolute favorite Twitter chats. I joined for the first time recently and loved the energy. The topics they choose speak to me the most of any chat I’ve participated in – which was why I chose to participate in first place. I randomly stumbled upon it one day and hope to join in again soon. Maybe I’ll see you all at a future chat there.

Schedule: Every Tuesday, 6PM PT
Past topics: Intuition, self-care, getting to the next level


#CreateLounge by Kayla Hollatz

I have been a fan of Kayla Hollatz and #CreateLounge for awhile. It’s essentially a Twitter chat for creatives. If you identify as a creative in whatever way, you’ll love this chat. You get together each Wednesday with people who “get it.” If you haven’t heard of Kayla Hollatz, she’s also started a podcast I love of the same name. She’s a wonderful soul and I love everything she does online.

Schedule: Every Wednesday at 5PT
Past topics: Building confidence, minimalism in creativity, unleashing your roar 


#G20Chat from Nicole Booz of GenTwenty 

GenTwenty is for twenty-somethings who are trying to find their way through life. Fun fact: I wrote for GenTwenty before starting this space. I love what they do there. Their chats are no exception – great for connecting with twenty-somethings and career-minded people.

Schedule: Every other Wednesday at 5PM PT 
Upcoming dates: July 20, August 3, August 17

Past topics: Changing career paths, goal-setting, mental stigma

Millennial Talk Podcast - Best Personal Growth Podcasts

#MillennialTalk from Chelsea Krost

If you want to chat about adult things like budgeting, leadership, and networking, Millennial Talk is for you. I feel like they always have real adult conversations going there to help you achieve a better future. It will definitely help you to think more about your goals and give you some motivation to get your life together.

Schedule: Tuesdays, 5PM PT
Past topics: Planning + budgeting for a wedding, road to financial wellness, unlocking happiness at work

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 5.58.42 PM

#TheGirlGang from Jemma Dorkface

This chat is all about good vibes + encouragement, so obviously we’re fans of it. It’s very upbeat and quirky. We could all use a little more self-love in our day and you can get this through #thegirlgang on Wednesdays.

Schedule: Wednesdays, 11 AM
Past topics: 2016 goals, Harry Potter

Let us know if you’d be interested in us doing a Twitter chat. We might be working on something of the sort and would like to see a raise of hands on who would come if we did.