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How To Have A Sacred Money Date And Strengthen Your Relationship With Money

Back in 2020, while working with my first mentor, I was introduced to the energetics of money. I worked for a financial institution since I was 19 and thought I “knew” money.

I knew money management, which is an entirely different conversation than what we are having today.

Today I am sharing with you the relationship you are in with money, my unique perspective on the energetics of money, and where you can start to create a more empowered relationship with your finances. Today, I am teaching you how to have a sacred date with money.

Like anything in life, money is something you are in a relationship with. You show up in relationship with money based on your beliefs around money, people with money, and yourself. You attract, keep, grow and spend money based on those beliefs. 

Don’t like your current relationship with money? Here’s how to shift it.

Many people have been passed down a negative relationship with money.

Common beliefs I see in my clients are “rich people are greedy,” “my family has never been rich, so I never will be,” “money doesn’t stick around,” and “how much money you make equates to how hard you work” or worse… “how much money you have defines your worth.”

These are false, and you can change any beliefs that no longer serve you. This is the first step to healing your relationship with money, laying the foundation for your sacred money date.  

First, you must know how you currently show up in your relationship with money.

So get out your journal and write out what you believe to be true about money and how it shows up in your relationship with yourself. Once you get clear on your current beliefs, I invite you to journal on your desired beliefs.

What do you want to believe to be true about money and the relationship you have with it?

For example, maybe you believe money is never available for someone like you. The desired belief to replace that could be “money craves to be in my bank account.”

Once you’ve gotten clear on your desired relationship with money, it’s time to move to the next step, Breaking Up with Scarcity.

Break up with scarcity

Before you can have a sacred date and deepen your relationship with money, you must first break up with scarcity.

Scarcity is all those limiting beliefs around money that keep your finances small. To manifest your most prosperous life, you must be willing to let those old stories go. So once again, get out your journal.

This time, I want you to write a letter to Scarcity, letting scarcity know that it’s time to move on because you are no longer available for the toxic relationship you have with each other. You are ready for a more loving, kind, and empowering relationship, and that will be with money.

Make money your lover

Now that you’ve gotten clear on your current relationship with money, your desired relationship with money, and now that you’ve broken up with scarcity, it’s now time to make money, your lover.

This is where your sacred money date really begins. So first, since we are working with the energy of money, I want you to feel irresistible to money.

So start with the environment. One of the biggest signs of scarcity reflects in your physical space. Is it messy? Are you hoarding junk? First, take care of that. It’s important you feel clear.

Second, I invite you to dress like you’re going on a first date.

Or at least dress up as the wealthy human you were born to be. Another option is to have money nearby. I have used a hundred-dollar bill during this ritual, but it can also be your debit, credit card, or even a jar of change. Now that the vibes are set, it’s time to establish a new relationship with money.

Get your journal out, and I want you to personify money and write a letter to money as if money was your lover. Maybe it’s a letter of forgiveness, maybe it’s an apology, or perhaps it’s a hot steamy love note. There are no rules except that you feel good, lighter, and excited about what money has to say back.

Because now it’s time for money to write a letter back to you. This is your opportunity to affirm all of the new beliefs you have around money. Watch how much more safe, open, trusting, and abundant you feel towards money as you write this letter.

You can also use this time to clarify your money goals and how much you would love to receive!

You might be asking, why am I doing this exactly? And that’s what I’m going to share with you next.

Why should I have these sacred dates with money?

These money dates have entirely changed my and my client’s financial situation for the better.

When I started healing my relationship with money, I felt like I couldn’t trust money, that people with money are bad, so I could never have too much. Money is limited, so I have to be cautious of my spending.

All at the same time, I attached my worth to money and felt like money validated me. So I never received more than $2k in my business.

Since having these sacred money dates, I have created a multiple 6-figure business where I make 5-figures a month. I have a thriving savings account, growing investments account, paid off all of my debt, bought my dream car, and I’m getting ready to buy my dream house.

Not only that, but I actually feel abundant. I understand now that there is no lack of money, money is constantly flowing into my life, and craves to be in my bank account, and that my prosperity is truly service to this world.

Money, like everything in this world, is energy. When the energy is icky – filled with scarcity, mistrust, unworthiness, etc., the availability for an overflow of money is slim to none. Having these sacred money dates clears the energy to vibrate on a frequency where money cannot resist you.

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