I Tried The 75 Soft Challenge And Here’s My Experience

Have you heard of the 75 Hard wellness challenge that went viral?

It’s a 75 day mental toughness challenge from speaker & entrepreneur, Andy Frisella. The point of this challenge is for it to “100x your confidence” because if you’re able to complete it, you’ll have built incredible discipline.

Because the six daily action steps (including two 45-minute workouts a day) are hard to achieve, it made sense for an alternative 75-day challenge to pop up that allows you to work on building discipline and good habits in a more healthy, sustainable way.

Enter: The 75 Soft Challenge.

What is 75 Soft?

Stephen Gallager (also known as @stephengfitness on TikTok) created this challenge and said “75 Soft Challenge, it’s like the 75 Hard but for the people who don’t have the time for two 45-minute workouts a day.”

The 75 soft challenge is originally derived from the 75 Hard Challenge but is a more achievable version of it.

You do one 45-minute workout a day (1 day a week dedicated to recovery) rather than two 45-minute workouts (one being inside and one being outside), you drink 3 liters of water rather than 1 gallon, you eat “well” rather than sticking to a diet, you only drink alcohol on social occasions rather than giving it up altogether, and read 10 pages of any book rather than a self-help or entrepreneur book. 

I started this challenge on April 7th, 2022, the day after my 21st birthday, in hopes that it would make me excited to work out again and also a way to hold me accountable.

I recorded my journey on my TikTok @thatbigsisteradvice but failed on day 9 due to getting the flu. I restarted on April 20th, 2022 and was able to finish the challenge on July 4th, 2022 successfully. 

Why I started the 75 hard challenge

This challenge really spoke to me because after high school, I found myself having a very toxic relationship with the gym and my body.

I would go through periods of undereating and over-exercising to eating too much as a form of comfort. There’s the phrase “the freshman fifteen” and truly I gained a lot more than that my freshman year of college. But my body image issues started way before my freshman year of college.

I come from a family of ten. I am number five of ten siblings. I grew up a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka a Mormon, which probably comes as no surprise after hearing I come from a family of ten. Yes, we’re all biological siblings, no one is adopted, all from the same parents.

Growing up in a family that big there are bound to be different body types and personalities. Most of my siblings are built like bean poles, tall, and naturally super skinny. My two older sisters were very tall and very very skinny. They get it from my mom who, even after having 10 children, is also tall and very skinny. They never had to work for it.

I, on the other hand, was built like my dad. A little shorter, and stubbier. For reference, I am 5’5” and my mom and sisters are 5’10”.

My mom always told me I just had a more “athletic” build than the rest of my family but as someone who has absolutely no hand-eye coordination, that was useless to me. Maybe this is just because I’m the middle child and I’m dramatic but I always did feel very different from the rest of my siblings – the black sheep if you will.

This started all sorts of body image issues for me. I’d always think to myself “Well my sisters didn’t weigh this much when they were my age, so there has to be something wrong with me.”

My mother did a great job of teaching me how to eat well and take care of my body and never discussed my weight. But I would find myself working out in my room after everyone had gone to bed, because for some reason the idea of someone seeing me workout was embarrassing, to say the least. 

75 soft challenge results - before and after
Before and after 75 soft challenge

My experience with the 75 soft

So how does this relate to the 75 soft challenge?

This started an on-again-off-again cycle of working out. I was never able to commit to working out. I gave up the minute it felt too hard or I wasn’t seeing results fast enough.

With 75 Soft, you are committing to 75 days of not only working out but overall health and wellness goals. Fast forward to 2020, I came to the realization that I needed a break.

 I gave myself a big break from the gym and from the high expectations on how my body “should” look. 75 Soft was the perfect way to jump back into working out after a 2-year break.

Even though I failed at first, I was determined to finish the challenge.

I felt myself get stronger and learn how good it feels to move my body every day.

I didn’t see results until day 45 of the challenge, but that’s not why I was doing it – not this time at least.

@thatbigsisteradvice Replying to @alphab3ticalord3r I am doing this challenge again in august so follow me for more updates!!! #75softchallenge ♬ original sound – Stephen Gallagher

I did 75 Soft because my body deserves to feel strong.

Ultimately I was surprised by how achievable it is to complete the challenge.

There were days I was sure I’d fail. But somehow I still completed my workouts, even if it was at 12 am.

I think it’s important to document your journey and give yourself credit where credit is due. Going from not working out for two years to working out every single day for 75 days straight was exactly what I needed. 

Would I recommend the 75 soft challenge?

I would recommend this challenge to everyone! It’s a great way to start going to the gym and a great way to start your health and wellness journey! My sister is wanting to do it with me as a way to start going back to the gym postpartum.

I am doing 75 Soft again September 1, 2022 and anyone is welcome to join! I am documenting my journey on Tiktok and Instagram

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