Why You Should Embrace Your Crazy

As a woman, being called “crazy” is something that can happen quite often. And more times than not, I’ve taken being called “crazy” in a derogatory way.

But who can blame me? Being called “crazy” doesn’t hold the same tone of being called “beautiful” or “smart.” But why is that? Why does the word “crazy” hold such a negative connotation to it?

I want to destroy the idea that being labeled as “crazy” is a bad thing. There’s nothing bad about being who you are, living your life the way you see fit or thinking outside of the box. The following are six reasons why I take no offense in being called crazy:

It Shows I’m Authentic

I pride myself in being true to who I am.

I’m not trying to change who I am to please you or your expectations.

I want real connections with real people and real feelings. Even if that causes confrontations or disagreements. I will always be real and genuine with my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It Shows I’m Passionate

Passion is loud, fiery and consuming, coming at you full speed with no intent of slowing down.

I know what speaks to my soul, what excites me, and I seek it out constantly.

I have no reservations about expressing myself.

It Shows I’m a Dreamer

 I’m not afraid to get lost in my head.

I’ve had countless day dreams of where I see myself in ten years.

In one, I’m a stay at home mom living in the country with three kids (wow). In another, I’ve set the idea of having a family on hold, while I explore the world with someone I love.

There’s simply too many things I can do in my lifetime.

How can I possibly not dream of making the “impossible” possible?

It Shows I’m Not Afraid to Stand Up for Myself

Knowing what I want, what I don’t want, and what I won’t put up with can be seen as attributes of being a crazy girl.

I can come off as spoiled and hard-headed. It’s either my way or the highway.

It may seem a little bit extreme, but think about it.

What’s wrong with knowing what you want and not settling for anything less? Whether it’s in your career, relationship or just in life’s entirety.

It Shows I’m in Tune with My Emotions

Guess what? I give a f*ck.

In a generation that doesn’t give any f*cks. I give a lot of f*cks.

I’m a highly sensitive woman. I feel everything in great magnitude and I’m not ashamed of it.

I put my entire heart into everything I do, into every relationship and every adventure.

But how great is that? To have every single moment of your life be something so special. To feel so much, every day. I’m living a one-of-a-kind life.

If all these things make me “crazy”, then so be it. I’d rather be crazy and labeled a loose cannon than be stuck in the cookie cutter idea of what society thinks I should be. Embrace your crazy.

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