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Your Realistic Goal-Setting Plan For Going After Your Goals in 2023

Ready to break down your goals for 2022 in a way that feels realistic?

Maybe you’re feeling the way I am right now, and you’re feeling like – OMG, I’m already SOOOO behind already.

It’s only the second week in, and I’m already feeling this societal pressure to have my whole year mapped out and be on a mission to get there.

We see everyone posting about their resolutions and plans for the new year – and it feels like we are off track if we’re not going 100 mph.

But here’s the thing – there’s no race to the finish line here.

Let’s opt for a different approach this year with a realistic goal-setting plan – that keeps us committed to improving our lives, inch by inch.


In 2022, here’s my new approach for setting & accomplishing goals

1. Slow and steady, but secure

We know what we want. We’re not afraid to show up, and do things at a slower pace. This looks like focusing on one goal and one habit at a time. We’re breaking things down, making it super bite-sized and actionable and keeping our head in the game. In busier seasons, we’re doing things Tortoise style this year. We’re still making progress, but some seasons are more jam-packed and that’s okay.

2. Focus less on numbers, and more on the meaning

Everyone is going to tell you that in order to achieve your goals, you need to track it with numbers. And of course, that’s a smart way to set a goal to make it implementable.

But I don’t like to focus too much on numbers, because oftentimes they’re outside of our control.

Want to gain 10,000 followers? There’s a lot of methods you can do to make that happen, but is that as empowering as focusing on building connections? Give more depth to why you want what you want. What’s it really doing for you? 

3. Define your version of success

What does success mean to you? Most likely, if you take the time to think about what you want your life to look like – some of the things on your list probably aren’t all that significant to you.

Do you really need a goal of making six figures in your business – or what is it really that makes you feel successful? Being able to afford to buy a cute house? Being able to travel a few times a year? Define what this looks like. And remember, you can change your mind at any dang time!

4. Focus on systems > end goals

Breaking down your goals often means making your goals into habits and small, bite-sized daily actions. If you focus too much on the end results, and not enough on your daily routines, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

I get the desire to finish first in something or to be the best, but in the same way that having numerical goals can be defeating, so can the focus on the finish line. Focus on how you feel as you go after these goals. Can’t your process for achieving goals be fun?

The life you’re living doesn’t start when you accomplish XYZ. It’s happening now.

The destination can stay the same, but the actions you can go through to meet those goals can look different. Adjust your game plan when it’s not working with your lifestyle.

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5. Shift your language

The way you speak about what you want matters. In the same way that we’re careful about what we say around children, we should be cautious with how we speak to ourselves.

So many times, we start out our goals with self-doubt. I urge you to dig a little deeper in finding a method to go after your goals that stretches you, AND that you feel confident that you can do.

Dig back into your past – what have you been able to accomplish? A lot of times we’re feeling self-doubt because we’re lacking evidence in being able to accomplish our goal. But the reality is, we’ve done a lot of impressive things in our lives, and I’m sure you can find proof that you’re capable of doing something.

6. Find the goal sweet spot

If your goal feels too uncomfortable, create a goal that is a bit more realistic for you – in this season of life.

You can always work your way up to a more challenging goal. I promise you, it’s so much better to go after a goal that’s a little easier than to challenge yourself too much and stop mid-way because you’re way too burnt out.

I urge you to dig a little deeper in finding a method that works for you. The sweet spot is going after a goal that stretches you, AND that you feel confident that you can do.

And as you gain success in sticking with your commitment to this “easier” goal, you’ll feel way more confident in your ability to go after something more challenging.

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