20 Fun Ideas For Switching Up Your Workout Routine For 2023

It’s almost 2023, which means you might be thinking about switching up your workout routine.

Maybe you’re just starting out with exercise or you’re just contemplating switching up your usual routine. Even after you’ve gotten into the healthy habit of a consistent fitness routine, it’s always good to keep changing it up.

Our bodies can get used to workouts, and we might stop seeing results after a while. And let’s be real, we simply get bored of doing the same thing over and over.

So here are 20 ways you can change up your routine in 2023.

1. Try an app or online membership

There are so many apps that can motivate and encourage you to keep up with working out.

Here’s a list of workout apps we recommend, including Melissa Wood Health and Cacti Wellness Collective.

A lot of apps have free trials so that you can try it out first. I find that trying before buying is essential when it comes to workouts. I recommend trying a few options and see what works for you. It’s all an experiment in learning about yourself.

2. Start tracking your process

Depending on the kind of person you are, tracking your progress might help motivate you. Maybe that’s through an app, in your planner or through a fitness workbook, whatever it is, keeping track of where you began can help you see your progress. It’s common to feel like you’re not making progress fast enough. So even if you take photos along the way, that can help you feel encouraged. You don’t have to post them online unless you want to. Just save them for your own reminder of your progress – if that feels healthy to you. If you find yourself getting too obsessed with your progress, you might want to skip this one.

3. Use props

Props are an easy way to change things up with your fitness routine. Before you go buy all. the. supplies, add one prop at a time. We tend to go overboard and buy too many things. If you have a gym membership, try using props there before you buy your own. See what you’re liking. Some fun props include booty and resistance bands, stability balls, and bolsters.

Check out this list of workout props you can find around your house.

4. Workout with YouTube videos

There are so many free workouts in the internet, for any kind of workout that you’re curious about. Want to get into yoga? Yoga with Adriene is a common one for beginners. How about pilates? Lottie Murphy or Cassey Ho from Blogilates is your girl. In fact, Cassey just started a 2020 challenge that you can jump in on right now.

5. Go to new classes

It can be hard to try out a new type of workout long enough to find out if you like it, but that’s the pros of ClassPass and Groupon. See if there are any classes that combine your favorite things. My old coworker joined a “nerd gym” that she loved because it appealed to her nerdy side. She enjoyed going there and being with like-minded people – and they made the workouts fun because they were based on a theme.

What do you enjoy doing? Is there a gym nearby that does something cool that you might enjoy trying? Or maybe you’ve heard about Barre but haven’t done it yet. Try out one or two classes that you’ve never done before, and see how it goes. Most places have a pass for a week to a month-long at a very discounted price that allows you to try it out.

6. Choose a new route

If you’re a runner or walker, change up your route. Even the most beautiful walk can get stale if you never switch things up. See if there’s a new neighborhood you’ve never explored through Map My Walk, or just try walking in a new direction and see what you find.

7. Workout with someone

Instead of grabbing dinner or drinks, make a date with a friend to workout. You can either take a workout class or hit the gym and create a workout plan for each other. It makes time together more productive and can help you stay accountable.

8. Follow a fitness guide

Don’t know where to begin with working out? What equipment to use, what moves to try out? There’s plenty of guides online that can help you get started with a routine. All you do is follow along with their guide. YouTuber Sarah’s Day has a great 8 week workout guide, and the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) from Kayla Itsines is a classic guide that many people have done with great results. I have both guides and recommend them.

9. Create your own fitness plan

Fitness guides aren’t in your budget? No problem. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are easy to DIY your own fitness plan for. Look up different exercise ideas online – there are thousands to choose from! Then craft your own sequence that you repeat 3-4 times, with five-minute rest periods in between.

10. Invest in a trainer

If you have the funds to invest in your health, a trainer might be a worthwhile investment. Even if it’s for a few sessions, a trainer at your gym can show you some new workouts to match your fitness goals. You can also learn how to properly workout, without injuring yourself.

11. Take a few rest days to evaluate

If you’re working out every day and it’s starting to feel boring, take a rest day to figure out what you’re lacking in the gym. Journal it out. Perhaps you just need a break, and to create some new fitness goals for yourself. Sometimes space is important because when we just keep doing doing doing, we aren’t giving ourselves the time to figure out what we really want.

12. Try new machines out at the gym

Is there a machine that you’ve been curious about that you’ve been intimidated to learn? Do a little research online, and try it out. I’ve always been too embarrassed to use the equipment, so I like to prepare in advance if I’m going to tackle something new. But when you do, you’ll feel so good about the fact that you tried something new.

13. Sign up for a 5k or train for a marathon

5K runs are a great way to change up your workout if you aren’t typically running. If you want to take it a step further, look into training plans for half marathons or a marathon. You can work your way up to running one in a few months’ time.

14. Find good hikes in your area

Have you explored all your local hikes? Look into all the best hikes near you and make it happen. Make a checklist of all the hikes you’d like to hit this year, and start checking them off – one by one. If you don’t already have a hiking buddy, connect with someone you know or find someone on a Facebook group or through the MeetUp app. Plan travel around good hiking.

15. Focus on a particular area of your body

Want to tone your arms? Get abs? Work on that booty? Look into workouts that’ll help you get there. Stay really focused on one thing, and that might help you limit your feelings of overwhelm on how much you’d like to improve about your body. You don’t want to work this part of your body every day, obviously, but it’s kind of fun to have a set goal for your fitness.

16. Do wall sits and squats while you’re at home

Waiting for coffee to brew? Do a wall sit. Brushing your teeth? Do some squats. Start making a game out of it. Can I get 10 pushups in before the microwave beeps? Working out doesn’t have to always involve a full 30+ minutes. You can do it throughout the day. Have a FitBit? Use it to remind you to stay active throughout the day. Make it a goal to get the 250 steps every hour for five days in a row.

17. Participate in the Mindfulness Triathalon 

Running, yoga and meditation. It’s the mindfulness trifecta. I did the Wanderlust 108 Mindfulness Triathalon last year and loved it. It’s such a fun event for reconnecting with wellness in a really thoughtful way. See if you have any events near you.

18. Try some superfood mixes

If you’re feeling fatigued and not as energetic as usual, superfoods might help. We love Your Super, especially the Super Green powder that includes all the power greens like spirulina, wheatgrass, and chlorella. Their Muscle Power option is great for post-workout too, with pea protein, maca, and lucuma.

I love Your Super powders in particular because a lot of protein powders have a lot of garbage in them. But YourSuper is 100% organic, plant-based, no sweeteners, no additives, and they source directly. They are a super clean brand, which is a must when you’re putting so much energy into a healthier version of yourself. Get 15% off with the code LIFEGOALSMAG.

19. Follow people who inspire you on Instagram

Instagram can either leave you feeling comparisonitis or feeling inspired. Follow a few fitness influencers who leave you feeling motivated every day. Some of my favorites are @cactiwellness, @melissawoodhealth and @hbfit.

20. Try out a sport or physical activity that feels fun to you

There are so many physical activities beyond the gym that you can try out. Whether it’s rowing or skiing or playing in an adult league of soccer, volleyball or softball. Maybe there’s a basketball court near you that you can play at.

You could do pole dancing, rock climbing, swing yoga, or if you live near the water, stand-up paddleboarding. There are so many options out there, so explore your local options. You could even form your own group if there isn’t anything available for an activity you’re interested in.

How will you change up your fitness in 202? Let us know in the comments.

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