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7 Pinterest Habits To Help Your Brand Get More Visibility

Important things to add to your pinning routine in 2023

Pinterest has evolved a lot over the last couple of years – from being a search engine for bloggers to drive traffic to their website to become a place for content creators and brands alike.

There are a lot of simple ways to add pinterest habits to your pinning routine, so you can make the process to getting more visibility effortless!

Whether you own a small business, you’re a content creator or a blogger, Pinterest is a powerful platform to leverage for long-term visibility.

Pinterest habits for brand visibility in 2023

1. Make multiple graphics for every piece of content

Gone are the days when you can repost the same graphics over and over again. Basically, think about quality over quantity now.

Pinterest wants you to have “fresh content” as you would have on any other social media network. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t promote that blog post a million times – just use different graphics to do it!

Whether it’s a blog post, a podcast episode, or a YouTube video, make multiple images to promote the piece.

There are tons of templates on Canva for you to use for free that will give you a diverse range to promote! But, I like to keep it on brand, so that when one of my pins comes up – whether it’s for me or a client, it’s clear without them even seeing the brand name that it’s time. That’s brand recognition, friend!

I can’t tell you how many times people say, “I can’t remember where I found you, but it was probably Pinterest.” If for no other reason than they continue to see and recognize our pins on the platform.

2. Play with different keywords

One of the best Pinterest habits to get into is adjusting the headlines and descriptions of your pins, each time you pin for the same piece of content.

Give yourself an opportunity to reach more people by trying out different keywords.

Keywords are what someone is searching on Pinterest. And Pinterest figures out who to push your content out by the keywords you use to describe the image or video you’re pinning.

Short-tail keywords:

Blue swimsuit

Long-tail keywords:

Midnight blue one piece swimsuit for summer

Use more long-tail keywords, but also, diversify your descriptions for the pins you promote, leading back to the same content. Why not try different ways to talk about the same image, to increase your chance of being seen for them!

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3. Use Tailwind to schedule in advance

Tailwind allows you to see when the best time to pin, based on your engagement.

You can also visually plan your feed, and schedule your pins months ahead! Tailwind is still the best platform around for this, and it’s a Pinterest-approved platform.

Get a free month of Tailwind through our referral link.

4. When you post a TikTok or a Carousel, repurpose it into an Idea Pin

TikToks and Reels are performing really well on Pinterest, when they are around inspiring others to do something.

Not everything (especially some trends) will work for Pinterest, but a lot of the content that is motivational, inspiring, educational, or shows someone a new perspective or way of doing things, can go viral.

Why not make the most of content you’re already creating?

Take off that watermark, and repost it as an Idea Pin. 

Idea Pins are Pinterest’s feature that is similar to TikTok and Reels which is basically a carousel of images and videos to show someone how to recreate an idea. But, there’s no problem with creating an Idea Pin that is just a singular video (aka a repurposed TikTok video.)

You are allowed to tag related keywords, and even tag approved affiliate products! You can add stickers, sounds, and split the clips inside the Pinterest app.

Oh, and Canva Pro is definitely the easiest way to resize your carousels from Instagram to fit with the Idea Pin sizing!

5. Create a Pinterest funnel

You want to bring value to your audience, so think about where you’re directing them and what they want to find when they click through. What’s the funnel experience?

Ideally, the Pinterest funnel would look like this:

  • Lands on page  ➡ Reads blog post ➡ Downloads freebie ➡ Goes through email sequence ➡ Buys service


  • Lands on page ➡ Sees more details about the shoes that she loved on Pinterest ➡ Adds to cart ➡ Purchases ➡ Added to email list ➡ Receives discount code for next purchase ➡ Becomes a repeat customer

Otherwise, they might get to your page and feel like, “This wasn’t what I was expecting to find” and simply drop out. Or, they might be interested in your content, but because you don’t have a call to action, exit and never find you again.

Create an opportunity for people to get more value from them, even if they’re not immediately ready to work or buy from you.

6. Respond to comments

Gone are the days when Pinterest is just a search engine. It’s now operating as a social media network too. And that means the algorithm is factoring in comments as a part of the engagement.

Make responding to the comments part of your pinning routine. And try finding a few accounts to engage with regularly too.

7. Keep up with trends

Pinterest is always months ahead of trends, and it’s the go-to place where people are planning for their future. Use the free tools they offer like, so you can be ahead of the Pinterest trends.

This will definitely increase your chances of virality, and help you figure out what keywords are spiking in popularity.

Are you already doing some of these Pinterest habits? Which ones will you get started with implementing?

pinterest habits for visibility
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