The Flowy Morning Routine Of An Embodiment Facilitator and Transformational Speaker

Hello! I’m Tori Washington. I’m a San Diego based embodiment facilitator, online business mentor, transformational speaker, and creator of Wealth Embodiment Flow™. I created WE Flow™ with the intention of offering entrepreneurs a new way to revolutionize their relationship with money–one that spans beyond just mindset work. 

I believe your business is your spiritual awakening, and money is a body-based experience that is directly connected to your ancestral healing and cellular memory. Two years ago, I filed for bankruptcy and my lawyer told me it would take me a long time to recover. Yet, within 12 months, using Wealth Embodiment Flow™, I redesigned my relationship with money and grew my business to 6-figures. 

Today, I combine WE Flow™ with inner-child healing and marketing strategy to support my clients in embodying their boldest expression, business, and bank account. 

My vision and commitment is female entrepreneurs all over the world untying knots of shame so their real voice and mission comes through. Let’s shake shit up – you’re invited! 

What time do you wake up in the morning and how do you wake up?

I am grateful that every day is different and I don’t live by routine! I am not necessarily a morning person and my boyfriend Q, *loves* getting up early so his alarm is what usually wakes me up around 6:30am. We have snuggles in bed and I usually take it slow while he jumps up to work out or do his morning routine. I pray first thing in the morning and like to take my time getting out of bed and transitioning into the day. 

What’s on your bedside table?

I like to keep things by my bedside that I’ll use to support with easing into the night/sleep. Right now it’s a prayer book by Marianne William – ILLUMINATA: A Return to Prayer, a salt lamp, and Spirit Animal Deck by Kim Krauss. 

How do you like your coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, what’s your morning beverage of choice?

I love love love my coffee but more than one cup and I’m a ball of anxiety so I’ve created my own little concoction that’s 1/2 a cup of Dandelion Tea + 1/2 cup of coffee and a dash of coconut oil. I am obsessed with Four Signmatic’s Adaptogen Ground Coffee mix – go get it stat. Before I have any coffee though, I drink 16 oz of fresh juice or a little bit of bone broth. 

How do you prepare for your mornings the night before?

Lately, it’s been an episode of Queer Eye with my man ;) Then about an hour before bed, I take magnesium and adaptogens to support me in grounding into the night. In bed, my boyfriend and I say a prayer together, have a little pillow talk, and then off to sleep! 

What are your skincare/body care rituals?

I JUST recently fell in love with baths…they used to gross me out and now I love them. I add epsom salts and take one about 3x a week. I’m pretty simple when it comes to skincare, I don’t want to be bothered with a bunch of bells and whistles. I love Shea Moisture for body wash, Native all natural deodorant, and Sea Foam Complete Face Wash. Easy peasy. 

What does your morning routine flow look like?

Mornings here typically start with snuggling and connecting with my partner before we begin the day. Once I’m up, I head to the kitchen to start juicing. My favorite has been a delicious green juice (kale, celery, cucumber, a small green apple, and parsley or I love carrot-apple-beet. Once I’ve juice is done, then it’s on to coffee or sometimes bone broth (I’m a 3 beverages before 10am type of gal.) While coffee is brewing, I take my supplements. I’m in the process of healing my gut so a lot of it is to soothe digestion. My go-to vitamins are Cymbiotika, I take the Synergy D3 K2 COQ10, 60ml. And it tastes like an orange popsicle – not kidding!

With juice and coffee in hand, I go to spend time with God. Building my relationship with God and leaving behind the constant quest for spiritual practices and tons of tools has been really freeing for me. This looks like moving through embodiment practices where I can get out of my head and into my body, prayer, singing, and or sometimes taking a walk outside. Breakfast is grain-free toast (the BEST most life-changing GF bread: Barely Bread – you can get online or Whole Foods) with almond butter + fruit. Or, sometimes I’ll do cream cheese, a little piece of pastrami and broccoli sprouts. After that I usually drop in to Instagram, emails, client sessions, or podcast interviews depending on the day. 

When do you kick off your workday? Do you have any starting-work rituals? 

Nah, I like to dive right in. I block off my days so it’s really organized and my brain knows what I’ll be focusing on ahead of time. Mondays are a “me” day where I’m receiving mentorship, nourishment, creating, etc. Tuesdays and Thursdays are client days. Wednesdays are content creation and Fridays are finances/half day off. My assistant usually has emails waiting for me in the mornings and that’s what I get started on first. My office is full of plants and lovely light – sometimes I’ll have the diffuser on and some candles as well. Other mornings, I’ll pull a card and have it as a reminder throughout the day. I remember when I used to go to my corporate 9-5 job and every day and then work a second job at night; I look around today and just celebrate the freedom and ease I’ve created in my workflow. 

How does your morning routine change on the weekends? 

I like to sleep in a bit longer on the weekends and we’re much more mellow unless an adventure or hike is planned. 

What does your mindset look like at the beginning of the day? Do you have any tips or tools for getting in a good mindset? 

I think we’re all human and to have a good mindset is a really tough expectation. I’m a huge believer that it’s okay to not have a ‘good mindset’ — you’re not bad and your day will still be really magical. I don’t focus more on my relationship with my body and God. If that feels in sync with you, instead of starting the day trying to get into a good mindset (which can cause a feeling of anxiety), begin to request that God (or however you refer to the divine/Spirit) empty you completely so you may see the day as God would have you see it, through the eyes of unconditional love. Take some quiet time to ask that your perception shift in whatever way allows you to be of the highest service to my community. Rather than focus on mindset, I also love embodiment practices which gets me out of my mind and into my body. Here’s a short one that always shifts my energy: 

1) 10 jumping jacks 

2) Shake your body [hands, arms, chest, leg] SHAKE IT ALL OUT! 

3) Reach your arms to the sky and then pull them down and yell YES, YES, YES over and over [do this 10x] 

Add some music – I have plenty of playlists on Spotify @ Tori Washington. 

It may sound crazy but I promise your mindset will be GOLD after this. Embodiment exercises give your body a chance to teach your mind how to forgive, allow, receive, and surrender, and celebrate life. 


What’s non-negotiable vs. what does an extra-luxurious morning look like? 

The first thing that comes to my heart is… extra luxurious is non-negotiable for me! I like to make all mornings sacred wherever I am… I woke up, I’m alive, I’m HERE. 

What would you like to improve with your mornings? 

Add in more of a workout – I’m hiring a personal trainer to support with this!  

What’s your #1 recommendation to others who struggle with mornings? 

Give yourself full permission to go slow. Release any judgment and start adding one small thing at a time that brings you joy and reflects back to you that you’re worthy, you’re grounded, you’re fully loved, and absolutely seen. Stop looking at other people’s ‘perfect’ mornings and start feeling into what would be absolutely nourishing for YOU and why. Once you’re clear on your why then you can commit to it – each time you successfully honor your commitment to your morning ritual, write 3 benefits you experienced because of it. It’s all about training your mind (using your body.) I also invite you to break the rules and have a fabulous day with or without a morning routine… ;) 

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