How To Craft Your Own Desire Statement

I wholeheartedly believe that to create what you want in this life you have to boldly and unashamedly ask the universe for it. Why? Because when you ask for what you desire, from your most authentic place, and the whole universe will conspire with you.

Over the years I have experimented with lots of different ways to call in what I want, but my favorite way for declaring and asking the Universe for what I most truly desire is through writing my own desire statement.

You may be sitting there going, so what is a desire statement? Well, let me explain.

A desire statement is a collection of words that are crafted and spoken with power and conviction, to help you co-create your most ideal future. This means writing down your most ideal future 6-12 months out and describing in detail about ‘what’s going on there.’

What this does is it provides a very real message to the universe and YOU declaring that this is what you want and then you go about creating it together.

My clients and workshop people always love this exercise because it is fun and they get to use their imagination and think about what they really want, not just want they think they should. They often comment that when they have set goals in the past they set super high big ones and so they immediately feel like they are coming from a place of lack. They feel like they have lost before they’ve even started.

For example, they might say they want to work out outside every day and then three days in hit a roadblock, berate themselves for failing and just generally feel really sucky. But in truth, what they could have been chasing is feeling free and an afternoon at the picnic with friends could be making them feel so much more free than any workout outside would.

It’s about looking at your whole life and crafting one that you love and one that doesn’t just look perfect and great on the outside but feels good on the inside.

One of the biggest differences I find between goals and desire statements is that a goal is based on right here and now, it has to be smart, measurable, and pretty practical, right?

In a desire statement, you are asking for what you desire (it can originally feel like a big leap) to manifest in your own life in the future. But as always, you do not have to know how it will occur, you simply anchor into that feeling and call it into the universe.

This is why I believe in the power of a desire statement and I want to show you how to get really clear and craft your own one right now. Let’s jump into my three-step process to help you craft your own desire statement.

Clear the space

You don’t stuff your face full of food before you plant a banquet meal with friends and family so don’t be bringing in all this fresh new energy and exciting ideas before clearing out the old stagnant thoughts and beliefs or even failures that you are holding on to.

Ask yourself the question: Before I sit down to write my desire statement, to craft my most ideal future (6-12 months) into the future, what do I need to clear to be fully present?

Could manifesting an exciting new opportunity in your career show you that you need to forgive yourself for those past ‘failures’?

Want to call in your dream apartment (currently on my list)? Maybe you need to bless, love and accept your current living situations.

Get specific

I want you to think about a point in time in the future, 6-12 months ahead. Now answer these questions.

When you look in the mirror what do you see, how do you talk to yourself, what do you eat and how do you move your body?

What are you celebrating in your life, what accomplishments have you achieved? Who are you surrounded by?

Now that you had some fun time to brainstorm craft a collection of words and sentences that will speak to your future self, to your soul. It’s not about you being perfect or getting it all right. It’s about you opening up the channel to who you truly want to be. Surprise alert: you might not be that person right now. You may have even turned your back on her.

When writing your desire statement remember this is a time to right your heart’s desires, not what you think you should have, what you think you deserve. Don’t try to think your way out of it, feel into your future and what you want.

Take inspired action

This is the exciting part. Start to look at how you can take daily, weekly and monthly inspired action to become that person. You don’t get what you want; you get who you are. So be in practice. Think: what would my “desire statement me” do? Then do that. Guilt-free, without attachment. Live the life you want to before the world has time to catch up and trust me, darling, it will be chasing you down.

More fun ways you can really anchor into this experience to continue to keep your high vibe and bring your desires closer, of course with inspired action of those desires.

– Read it daily before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep. Read it with power and conviction.

– Write letters to the universe thanking it for delivering, before it occurs.

– Write what you are grateful for that is helping you move in the right direction or the teachings you learn along the way.

– Set reminders on your phone daily and feel the power of your desire statement.

– Create a dream board of pictures of what it looks like to achieve this.

There we go. All you needed to know about crafting your own desire statement and how to enact it within your own.

Now in the comments below, let us know what your desire statements are. Nothing excites me more than reading about what you are calling into the universe – not to mention the potent energy that will surround it as more people call in what they desire too.

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