65 Habit Ideas For Personal Growth (And How To Make Them Happen)

To become your best self, it’s likely that at some point you’ll want to develop strong personal growth habits that make it easier for you to live out your values. When you cultivate healthy habits or rituals, you get one step closer to the life that you envision for yourself.

I don’t think any of us are under the impression that it doesn’t take any effort to get far in life (even if Instagram makes us question that sometimes.) Healthy habits are one of those things that we know we need to work through to meet our amazing, big dreams.

The problem is a lot of us can take habits to the extreme and tend to get hyper-focused on a goal. It’s all or nothing. You need to have the best routine and habits in place, be 100% in, or you won’t do it.

Does that sound familiar? Perfectionism is common for a lot of us. Habits can feel overwhelming when you’re a perfectionist and it can become hard to keep up with.

You might have amazing habits in place for a month or two, but you find yourself burnt out after awhile, because you set extremely high expectations for yourself.

So, how you do you break the bad habits and replace them with better ones? Here are three ways you can restart your habits:

1. Pair your habits

You brush your teeth every day, so if flossing is a habit you want to add into your routine, associate it with brushing your teeth. Put your floss near your toothbrush, so you can do it right then.

2. Use Mel Robbin’s 5 second rule

Count backwards from 5-4-3-2-1 and take action! It will take some discipline, especially in the beginning. If you allow yourself to think too much about it, you’ll talk yourself out of it. So simply count, and go!

3. Make habits ridiculously easy

If you need to workout in the early morning, prep your workout clothes the night before. If you want to make a healthy breakfast before you head to work, lay out everything you’ll need. Make it hard to reject your habit and you’ll be much more likely to do it.

Here are some habit ideas to help you figure out what habits to work on.

  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Drink more water
  4. Follow a budget
  5. Eat at least two healthy meals a day
  6. Make watching Netflix productive
  7. Take deep breaths before responding when stressed out
  8. Read 10 pages a day
  9. Plan your week every Sunday
  10. Listen to something positive every morning
  11. Keep only 1-3 tabs open on your computer
  12. Craft a mission statement and look at it nightly
  13. Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night
  14. Write a blog post every week
  15. Follow a morning routine plan
  16. Put your phone away during conversations
  17. Remove your makeup every night
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Take an evening walk
  20. Drink warm lemon water when you wake up
  21. Journal one line a day for every day of the year
  22. Automatically send 10% of your income to savings
  23. Practice a new skill
  24. Watch a new documentary monthly
  25. Add more greens into your diet
  26. Say thanks before meals
  27. Take old clothing to The Salvation Army after you buy new clothes
  28. Eliminate (bad) sugars from your diet
  29. See a therapist monthly
  30. Cook new recipes
  31. Visit a new place in your city
  32. Make an effort to do good deeds regularly
  33. Purchase only ethical beauty products
  34. Repeat positive mantras at the start of your day
  35. Take the scenic route
  36. Visit your family regularly
  37. Prepare for your day the night before
  38. Send thank you notes immediately after receiving gifts
  39. Take a class just for fun
  40. Make self-care your priority
  41. Create a morning (or evening) ritual of meditation
  42. Choose completion over perfection
  43. Write daily
  44. Set clear boundaries with people in your life
  45. Wake up without an alarm
  46. Make an effort to hang out with friends more often
  47. Put aside time daily for spiritual practices
  48. Take a lesson away from each experience
  49. Get together consistently with a like-minded community (Maybe a mastermind group?)
  50. Help those in need
  51. Open emails in the late morning instead of the first thing in the morning
  52. Tackle the most important tasks of your day in the morning
  53. As Marie Kondo says, ask yourself, “does this bring joy?” before purchasing
  54. Book your next appointments while you’re at the dentist
  55. Celebrate tiny victories
  56. Don’t multitask. Focus 100% on each task before moving to the next
  57. Try using a capsule wardrobe
  58. Listen to relaxing music before bed
  59. Don’t do any work after 6pm
  60. Make an effort to support local businesses
  61. Create your personal dress code
  62. Tidy the kitchen while you cook
  63. Meal prep on Sundays
  64. Dedicate a few hours each week for self-care
  65. Save 10% of your paycheck


Let us know in the comments below what habits you’re working on developing! 

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