Escape the Stress: Follow the New Pre-Wedding Getaway Trend

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful and exhausting, especially if you have an eye for detail and want everything to be perfect. You become overwhelmed with finding the right venue, perfect decoration and making the guest list so much that you forget to enjoy the entire process. Luckily, there’s a new wedding trend that will help you escape the stress, relax with your soulmate and your friends, and contemplate over your own life.

Weddingmoons are a perfect opportunity for you to take a break from the wedding chaos, recharge your batteries and find joy in wedding planning. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a ten-day vacation, a weddingmoon is just what you need to keep your spirits up.

A relaxing bachelorette party in a spa

If you and your bridesmaids have become too stressed out over the wedding, it’s high time you took a break and some time to yourself. Have a relaxing bachelorette party, and go on a wellness getaway where you can reminisce about your memories together. Not only will you be able to relieve tension and stress, but you’ll also have an opportunity to take a look at your personal progress, and how much you’ve all grown. You’ve probably been working so hard to plan a perfect wedding, so now it’s your turn to be pampered and taken care of.

Who says that you can’t have a weddingmoon with your friends? Once your wellness weekend is over, you can go back to planning your wedding positive and refreshed. In addition, going to a wellness retreat will enable you to look your best on your big day. So, instead of having a wild bachelorette party and getting married hungover, retreat with your friends to a soothing environment, find your inner peace and establish a connection between your body and your mind. Such a positive and spiritual energy will simply consume your entire wedding.

Romantic alone time on a remote island

You and your partner are in the middle of planning a wedding and you haven’t really had a lot of free time to spend just with each other. This means that it’s time for a romantic weddingmoon getaway. Grab your partner by their hand and take them to a remote island where you can celebrate your love away from all the stress. Nothing will spice things up before the special day like some quality alone time with your future spouse-to-be.

There are numerous out-of-this-world islands where you can retreat from the rest of the world and spend time imagining and planning your future life together. Strolling along a sandy beach right under the starry sky will be a spiritual and relaxing experience that will fill you and your partner with tranquillity and serenity. You’ll forget about all those unimportant disagreements over the wedding china or the decoration colour scheme. You’ll remember that the only important thing is that you’ll spend the rest of your lives with the person you love, and that nothing else matters.

An exciting cruise for new memories

Just imagine cruising along a river, listening to its calming flow and gazing into your partner’s eyes. Sounds perfect and dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t go on a romantic cruise with your loved one before the big day. Not only will you discover the beauties of a new country, but you and your partner will also be able to make some new and exciting memories that you’ll reminisce about for the years to come.

If you’ve never been to France together, then it’s definitely a perfect destination for your weddingmoon because France is the land of romance and adventure. There is a range of different itineraries and programs that will enable you to explore the country’s finest regions. For example, by going on the authentic Rosa cruise, you’ll have an opportunity to explore Gascony, the French region of exquisite wine, magical medieval towns and castles, and charming little villages. The enticing colours of this French region will simply enchant you, and you and your soulmate will be consumed by love and romance. Who knows, you might even decide to spend the rest of your life together in a small French village surrounded by wineries and the aroma of freshly baked croissants.

Escape the wedding stress, and go away on a romantic weddingmoon getaway, or to a relaxing wellness resort with your friends. Afterwards, you can continue planning your wedding with a smile on your face.

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