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Blogging Green Flags: 5 Signs You Should Start Writing Blog Posts

You don’t need a blog.

That’s probably not what you expect to hear from someone who helps creatives gain visibility and passive income through blogging, but it’s the truth.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s the only way to make passive income.

Blogging is just ONE of many ways to market yourself online. And if you’re not into it, there are a ton of other amazing ways to gain visibility.

That said, blogging is still relevant. Yes – even in 2022. And if you enjoy writing, and can say yes to one of the following points, there’s no reason not to get started with building your blog strategy!

If you’ve been considering adding blogging as one of your ways to market your business – or as a creative outlet, here are some signs or green flags for starting a blog!

1. You post on Instagram regularly for your business

If you’re putting thought and attention into your Instagram and feeling like no one but your mom is seeing them, it might be time to get into repurposing your content!

You can use your Instagram captions to build a thoughtful blog post.

Expand on the points you already have, use the images (and maybe use Canva Pro to resize the graphics to share on Pinterest) or videos you’re already using.

We love a robust blog post, that includes all kinds of media!

This goes for TikTok too. If you’re sharing anything educational or inspiring, you can embed your TikToks in a blog post where you give a written tutorial or guide.

Make the most of that content you work hard to create!

2. You’re booked for 1:1 clients (or want to start taking on less)

If you’re a service provider or a coach and working 1:1 with clients, there comes a time when you reach capacity. If you’re tired of trading your time for money, blogging might be a good addition to your content strategy.

When you are maxed out on 1:1 clients, it’s time to consider other options like online courses, digital products, group programs, or other alternatives where you can work with more people at one time and have even more of an impact.

Blogging can help you to have a place that directs people and gives them a call to action to these passive offers you add on after you’re already at capacity.

3. You want to reach a brand new audience

When you’re intentional about SEO strategies and using popular blog marketing strategies like Pinterest, you can bring in a whole new audience with your blog.

It can be a really powerful way to grow your email list, when you embed an opt-in form onto your blog posts.

Use opt-in forms to lead this new audience into an email funnel, so you can get to know this new audience and bring them into your world. Whether you have a podcast or are most active on Instagram, blogging can be a powerful place to have people discover you and then get to know you even better on the platforms you’re hanging out on most.

4. You want to build some passive income streams

Like mentioned earlier, sometimes you’re at capacity with 1:1 clients or you just want to build a business where you’re bringing in leads without spending so much time directly pitching!

It’s the best feeling to make money on ads each month or to see a Stripe notification while you’re laying outside reading a Colleen Hoover book. That can happen so much easier when you have a blog post where your ideal audience is discovering you and your work at any time of day.

5. You have a lot to say and Instagram captions aren’t cutting it

Showcase your credibility and expand on your points on a platform that was designed for it. You’re limited with a character count on Instagram, and it’s not always the best place to share in the same way that a blog is designed. You can break down your thoughts and expertise in a way that’s easy to digest on a blog. And you can easily direct people to this resource in the future.

Plus, some of us are just wordy people who like to express ourselves! Let it out on a blog! Have fun with being able to write freely. Just also remember that people want easy-to-digest content, so make sure it’s skimmable!

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