23 Captivating Blog Post Ideas For Coaches

Scroll-stopping blog topics, perfect for your coaching niche.

Whether you’re a life coach, spiritual coach, business coach, or your specialty is somewhere in between, blogging is the perfect place for your ideal clients to find you.

People are searching for your expertise – and there are a lot of untapped topics that will help you when it comes to showing up on Google and getting organic traffic to your website.

When you get more views to your blog posts, that means more potential dream clients to learn about your expertise.

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So let’s dive into this mega list of creative blog post ideas for coaches:

female coach writing blog post on computer at home

1. How you manage your schedule as a (insert specialty) coach

Whether it’s a day in the life piece or a morning routine, we all love to see what other people are doing.

I love this one from Shannon, the CEO of The Social Bungalow.

Show us how you manage your day and take care of yourself as a coach.

And as a coach, you are a role model. Sharing yourself as an example is a good way to give a glimpse of your character and how you walk the walk.

2. Get vulnerable, and share your journey

What’s your story? Bonus points if you had pictures, and break it down in an easy-to-read way.

Coaches often have the best personal transformation stories. Share your journey on a blog post, and share photos of the before and after.

If you also have a podcast or Instagram posts about it, embed them into the post!

3. Behind the scenes look at how you run one area of your coaching business

Whether or not business is your field of coaching, everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes look.

Showcase what it looks like to work with you or what it looks like to create a coaching program – but don’t make it about you. If someone is finding you on Google, they have no idea who you are yet – make it applicable to them.

Include the receipts! Meaning, give them screenshots and images that show what this *actually* looks like.

Maybe these behind-the-scenes posts can look like…

  • Sharing what your team members do
  • How to create a course inside the course platform you use
  • How you organize your onboarding process for your new coaching clients
  • Behind-the-Scenes look at your Client dashboard in ClickUp

4. Share a semi-controversial point of view

Chances are you felt called to get into coaching because you have a point of view that you feel led to help others breakthrough.

Lead with the most controversial point. But, be sure not to mislead though. Google does not reward clickbait titles.

Here’s a guide to writing about controversial topics the right way.

5. Give a client case study

Have you been able to lead your coaching clients to a transformation? I hope so!

Showcase an example of a coaching client who had success with working with you. Where were they beforehand? What does this look like now? Were they able to make more money? Work through mindset blocks to start their own business? Spell out the transformation.

Get permission from your clients first, of course. 

6. Share about your framework

If you have a proprietary framework, give them a glimpse of what this looks like. Obviously, some of this will be kept to your paying clients, but give them a feel of how working with you is different.

female business coach writing down blog post ideas

7. Answer your most frequently asked questions

Can you create a blog post answering some of your frequently asked questions? Not only will this save you time in the DMs by being able to hand them a detailed blog post, but it will help you guide people to the answers, so they no longer have to ask you. 

You can do an entire blog post for one question – if needed, but most likely you have a few questions that can be compiled into a more cohesive guide.

Here are some examples of a few topics that can be combined into one post:

  • What’s the difference between a therapist and a life coach?
  • When should I see a therapist instead of a life coach?
  • What can a life coach help me with?
  • How to tell if working with a life coach is right for me

8. Share about a mindset practice you do

People love new, small ideas that they can implement – share a small mindset practice that you love.

Whether you’re a life coach or not, mindset work is involved in all coaching. What’s one small area you can write a blog post on? Give details on why it’s important, how you incorporate it, how it’s changed your life, and how they can implement it for themselves.

9. Roundup of resources & recommendations

A blog post ideas roundup could be:

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Apps
  • TV Shows

A roundup of recommendations that have changed your life or business – or that you find your ideal clients would enjoy or find useful. I’d choose to angle this in an area in which you’re expertise lies, like “Best Mindset Podcasts.”

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, use those affiliate links!

10. Share the products that help you run your coaching business

Similar to the above, do a listicle of the products that you can’t live without in your business. It’s another great way to show a behind-the-scenes look into your business – and serve other people who want to do the same.

11. Do a roundup to share your features

Do you take on a lot of podcast interviews? Give us a “10 Best Podcast Interviews on (your niche topic).” Or, maybe it’s guest blogs or articles you’ve been featured in.

And share a few of your interviews in there, as well as other leading experts. This allows you another spot to post about your previous interviews, and shows you also do your research and listen to other people in the field.

muslim woman on coaching call

12. Rank something in your industry

Is there something you can list within your industry and rank? I recently read multiple articles on the ranking of Taylor Swift albums. Is there something aligned with what you do that you could do a ranking list of?

For example, if you’re a health coach, you could do a ranking of the best healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s. Or, maybe the best Kombucha brands for your gut health.

13. Give a step-by-step guide

Out of all the blog post ideas, I love a good, classic how-to post the most. You can’t go wrong with this, especially if it’s a how-to that your Instagram followers are always asking you about.

If you’re an Instagram coach, give a tutorial on how to create eye-catching Instagram Story Highlights using Canva. Or if you’re a health coach, give us a tutorial on how to properly read labels at the grocery store.

Give us the nitty-gritty details, so we can have a small win – and feel like you’re already helping us for free, so imagine how you’ll help us in a paid capacity!

14. Share the most up-to-date industry trends

Become the person people know is always on top of what’s new. Again, if you’re an Instagram coach, can you share about the latest 2022 algorithm changes

What about the newest features that got released this week? Stay on top of the latest and share with us how those new updates work, and why we need your help as a coach to guide us along the way!

15. Expand on your best Instagram posts

Look at your top Instagram posts – and see if you can expand on them to make a compelling blog post.

There’s no reason to start fresh on all your blog content. Chances are you have a lot of great blog-worthy content inside your Instagram captions. Grab them – and put them into a doc, where you can expand on it.

16. Give a point of view on current pop culture

We love a relevant blog post. Can you pull in Euphoria or a popular Netflix show of the moment – or something relatable in current pop culture and make it relevant for what you do? 

For example, can you talk about mental health and Euphoria? Or talk about Love Is Blind from your perspective as a relationship coach?

These will have a shorter shelf life – but it gives relevancy.

17. Share about a common objection

As a coach, there are probably a few objections you often hear when it comes to working with you.

Maybe it’s the investment or the time commitment. Tackle the objections head-on – and give them a real understanding of why you know what you’re talking about.

18. Share about a common roadblock for your prospective clients

What’s something that people are searching for – that your audience needs help with? What do they need to have done before working with you?

Maybe you’re a TikTok coach and the main roadblock you hear about is figuring out how to find the best TikTok sounds. Or, maybe it’s about how to actually capture someone’s attention on the app – because their videos keep getting low views.

Give them a win. Show them one or multiple ways that they can get through this roadblock – and once they do, maybe they’ll be more ready to work with you.

Bonus points if you have a freebie you can embed that relates to solving this roadblock.

life coach on coaching call

20. Journal prompts

Can you share some juicy journal prompts that you use in your coaching? Also, quotes are always great ones for Pinterest!

There are a thousand journal prompt posts out there, so think about an angle that relates well to how you serve.

21. Write about the do’s and don’ts

What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to what you coach on?

I’m sure there are a lot of misconceptions within your industry – spell them out, and share that you know what you’re talking about.

22. Deep dives and guides

Can you give us a complete guide on something within your coaching niche? Make this one of your most robust blog posts – and give as much detail as you can, if you want this to be a rank-worthy article.

And because this will be one that you give a lot of effort to, be sure to do your research to see if it’s one you can rank for. More on this in our upcoming Blogging Goals course.

23. Give us ideas

My favorite kind of posts are listicles with a lot of ideas, if you couldn’t already tell that by now by what we post here on Life Goals! Share ideas you have within your industry.

As a relationship coach, give us the best indoor date ideas. Or, as a Mindfulness Coach, give us all the meditation techniques. We all love to hear new ideas, especially things we’ve never considered. So, please get creative with it!

Save this post for later, so whenever you’re in a blogging rut, you’ll never run out of blog post ideas to work with.

If you enjoyed this list of blog post ideas, head over my Instagram for more blogging ideas and tips!

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