5 Questions With Georgie Morley On Finding More Joy, Routines and Blogging

Host of the Chasing Joy podcast and blogger at In It 4 The Long Run, Georgie Morley is all about self-care, wellness and personal growth. She lives in Nantucket and has one of our favorite feeds on Instagram, filled with aesthetically pleasing photos of her life, which often includes lots of coffee. We asked her to talk about her routines, creating a career out of blogging, podcasting and photography and her recommendations for living a joy-filled life.

1. How did you start with blogging, podcasting, and photography? 

I started my blog in 2013 when I was at an internship that wasn’t a good fit. I was bored all day so I wanted to do something productive and interesting. At the time I was really into running so I made it all about learning how to run better. My goal at the time was to be part of a community of fellow runners and learn more. Blogging in 2013 is kind of like Instagram these days. A lot less formal and intense and more about relationships. Over the years, the blog and its focus has evolved with me.

I started the podcast in 2017 for a couple of reasons. First, I love the audio medium and always wanted to create something in that format. Second, I wanted to deepen the connections I had with my audience and a podcast is much more intimate. Finally, it’s an amazing way to learn and network and have amazing conversations. I didn’t have any audio experience so I just googled and googled and googled to learn how to get it started.

With photography, I started developing a love for it when my blog was in its food phase. I loved learning how to take great photos of food and it eventually has evolved into a love of photographing people and creating more lifestyle content.

2. What do your morning and evening routines look like?

In the morning, I like to wake up slowly. I stretch, make my coffee, clean my cottage and listen to podcasts. Often I’ll go for a walk or meditate. I’m also strict about no phone. I don’t have any kind of evening routine. I just hang out with my husband.

3. What’s lighting you up right now and what’s challenging you?

I’m really lit up by conversations with people. I feel like when I connect with people, I feel aligned and excited. I’m challenged by my tendency to overwork which always leads to burnout.

4. What are 5 tips you have for someone who wants to live a joy-filled life but feels stuck in unhealthy patterns? 

  1. Get outside
  2. Go to therapy
  3. Spend time with people you love
  4. Move in a way that feels good
  5. Develop a kind, loving and compassionate dialog with yourself

5. As a fellow personal growth enthusiast, what are some of your favorite personal growth tools?

Right now for me, it’s been connecting with fellow personal growth lovers. I have amazing, life-filling conversations with my best friend and often it’s even more enlightening than just reading a book (even though that’s wonderful too.) As someone who is so in their head, I find that sometimes the best tools for growth are really living and being. It’s hard because I’d rather think and read but the magic is in the living.

One of my favorite podcasts that always leaves me feeling lighter and empowered is the Lively Show by Jess Lively. I love that she emphasizes that we are our own best gurus/guides/teachers.

get to know inspiring women in five questions or less. meet georgie morley from the chasing joy podcast and init4thelongrun blog.

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