5 Questions with Hannah Brencher, Author of ‘Come Matter Here’

Hannah Brencher first inspired us when she started a movement to write love letters to strangers all over the world through The World Needs More Love Letters. We love this concept, and have since fallen in love with Hannah Brencher’s beautiful writing. Recently she’s come out with a book called Come Matter Here about “how to be here in a getting there world.” She has inspiring faith and speaks from the heart. If you’re interested in learning more, grab her book or find her on Instagram.

1. Your book is about stopping the chase of someday and being present. What inspired you to write this book? And what are you looking forward to now that it’s out in the world?

Yes! My book is all about getting back to what really matters. I was inspired to write the book after I went through a particularly big set of lessons in this area! Out of fear, I was doing anything that I thought would prove to the world I mattered and it took so much from me. I spiraled into a pretty heavy depression at the end of 2014 and that depression reshaped my life and the way I view faith. I am really just looking forward to seeing how it impacts the lives of others. It was cool to write about different themes so I now love getting to read the parts where people are being hit the hardest!

2. We first discovered you from More Love Letters, where you created a movement for writing love letters to strangers. What would you say in a love letter to your past self? 

I would say the following, “Hey you, stop worrying so much. It’s tempting to want to hold the world atop your shoulders but it’s not worth it. You will never be able to hold it all together so quit trying. Breathe deep. Look around. Enjoy the moments set before you. You don’t have to try measuring up to other people. It’s not about them. You exist to celebrate others and love them & God well. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

3. You talk in the first chapter of your book about your friend, who you encouraged to be more real. And you asked him to tell you something a lot of people don’t really know about you. So, now we’d love to ask you the same… Now that you’ve written two vulnerable books and have a blog where you’re very open and real, what’s something most people still don’t know about you?

Gosh, I am pretty vulnerable in those books but I honestly don’t know that people know how insecure I am. I battle with a lot of self-worth issues and so much of what I write is to combat the lies in my own brain that I am busy extinguishing. It’s a bit of a constant struggle for me but it keeps real and humbled.

4. What currently lights you up? And what’s challenging you?

Currently just loving stretches of time where I get to be home and trying new things out in the kitchen. It gives me so much life.

Currently being challenged by how hard it is to keep in touch with everyone I care about. I am trying to become a better friend, a better rememberer of birthdays and really celebrate the people in my life!

5. If you could write one message on a billboard, what would it say?

Be kind. The rest will fall into place.

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