How To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life

Manifestation is the bringing of a desire from your inner realm to your physical realm. Transmuting a want of yours into a tangible thing. The ability to manifest your dreams and desires is completely attainable; you are innately able to manifest, regardless of your level of spirituality. Take it step-by-step. Allow the consciousness and your soul to absorb these lessons and you will see major progress in your manifestation practice.

Manifestation can be as simple as, “I am manifesting a second bag of French-fries” in a to-go order or it can be as deep as manifesting your dream job.

Here are some examples of manifesting:

– My partner had his first experience with manifestation when he manifested a second bag of French-fries in our to go order. When I broke down the process and showed him how he had done every step; he was in shock. He was also munching on fries he would not have to share with me which, I’m sure, was the best support to my point.

– I manifested the next step in my career in December of 2016. Everything I had focused on and desired came to truth. As each part of the interview passed and into the on-boarding process, I saw deeper and deeper how it was truly what I had called into existence.

– A dear colleague and friend of mine, the amazing Kimberley Wenya of the Kimberley Wenya Podcast recently manifested a feature with her desired mentor and a leader in the wellness community, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential. (If you haven’t checked out both of these podcasts I would highly recommend it.)

– I heard one of my favorite examples of manifestation while listening to Sahara Rose on her podcast “The Higher Self Podcast.” Sahara Rose manifested the forward to her book, “The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda.” Her forward is written by Deepak Chopra and come on, now that is a manifestation. Learn more about her manifestation on her Podcast “The Higher Self Podcast.”

These examples start small and end in massive achievements; bottom line manifestation can change your life. Being in the flow will change your life. So let’s dive in!

Step 1: What to manifest

To bring your desire from a whisper, to a thought, to a full desire, and finally into reality is a process. To start the process you have to decide on something you want. You totally manifest things unconsciously but for this process, acting in the conscious state, we need to identify what you want to manifest.

I’d recommend starting with something smaller to begin the process. This way you allow yourself the opportunity to gain traction, see results, and perfect the process as you move forward into bigger manifestation undertakings.

Being in the flow is easy, it feels good, and things come to you. Release your fears and blocks around having everything you desire. It is possible! Just think about that for a second. What would it look like if you accepted that everything you want in life, you can have? 

Tips & tricks: clarity and staying positive

Now that you have an idea of the thing you want, let’s work on clarity.

Let’s clean up this desire. Take some time to write things down, work things out, and get specific. A big tip for manifesting is always stay in the positive. Create affirmations vs. listing out things you do not want. Here are a few examples:

If you want to eliminate debt instead of saying, “I do not want any more debt or universe (or God) help me to eliminate my debt” work in the positive and say, “I am manifesting opportunities and prosperity that will allow me to eliminate my debt quickly and easily.”

If you want a partnership that doesn’t drag you down, doesn’t ghost you, and doesn’t blow you off, instead of saying, “I want a relationship/date/partner who does not treat me poorly and doesn’t blow me off” work in the positive and say, “I am manifesting a relationship/date/partner who directly communicates their intentions, treats me with respect, and shows their interest in me openly.”

If you want a job that doesn’t micromanage your every move, doesn’t kill your creativity, and doesn’t surround you with negativity instead of saying “I want a job that doesn’t surround me with negativity, force me to follow detailed instructions with no flexibility, and have someone breathing down my neck” work in the positive and say,“I am manifesting a career position where I am offered creative liberties, believed in and supported, and the company culture is positive and growth oriented.”

We work in the positive when manifesting, because like attracts like, and energy goes where attention goes. If you are thinking about how hard it is to get out of debt, you will experience more difficulty and the mountain will become harder to climb. Your energy will start to attract more debt and more lack instead of bringing in prosperity and abundance.

Step 2: Believe it

The big one: believing it. You have to believe that your desire is possible. You have to believe that you deserve your desire. You have to believe in, around, and all about your desire.

If you do not believe in the ability for it to come to you, happen, be true, you are actively confusing the universe in regard to the manifestation process. On one hand, you are calling this thing to you and on the other, you are telling the universe you don’t really want it because you doubt it.

This is like deciding you want to catch a fish, getting in a boat, paddling out to the middle of the lake with all your supplies and never throwing your line in… How would you ever catch a fish?

Help your belief along. Show yourself, in tangible form, that it is achievable.

What would help you accept this is possible?

Do some research and see that it is possible. For instance if you want to get a new job with a 20k raise, look up other examples of people getting 20k+ raises when they transition jobs.

Look up salaries for the position you are interested in to prove to yourself that this position is worth a certain rate.

Talk to people who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish.

By seeing that it is possible you train your mind to believe that you can also have this thing.

Tips & tricks: Release fears and blocks

You must release your fears around accepting and welcoming your manifestation. You have to believe it’s possible. Try asking a question to help you on the process of working through your blocks and limiting beliefs.

What would it take for me to have an amazing new job?

What would it look like for me to have a supportive, loving, respectful, fun, and considerate partner?

Phrase your questions in, “What would it look like?” or “What would it take?”

This automatically opens up the opportunity for the belief because you avoid closing it down with the limiting belief of is it possible. Instead you refer to it as completely possible and just ask about the path to get there.

The path is an assumed. The path becomes real, and thus the manifestation becomes possible. If there is a way to get there, then there has to be a destination!

Step 3: Feel it

You have now learned that it is possible to have your desire; now you need to feel what it would feel like to have that thing. I say again- feel like you already have it.

Tips & Tricks: How to conjure a feeling

A great practice in feeling is thinking back to a time where you felt in this way, or a similar way before.

Think of a time when you knocked it out of the park, when you were in the flow, when you accomplished a goal and were beaming for days.

Call that experience up to your mind, let that experience fill your body, you want to feel it physically, and take notes on all the ways you feel.

Do you feel empowered? Are you smiling? Did your body language change? Are you feeling strong, more vibrant, ready to dance or sing or jump for joy?

Maybe you are very calm and feel as if you are floating through life?

Maybe you feel satisfied and full, juicy and luscious?

Do you feel intuitive and connected, does your crown feel warm and glowy?

Whatever that feeling of accomplishment is for you, make note of that feeling. You will now call that feeling, conjure that feeling up at your call.

A lot of clients have great results with associating this feeling with a physical call. For instance, pressing the middle of your hand, or rubbing your ear. Calling the feeling in associate with the gesture, creating a Pavlovian connection between the feeling and the gesture/touch. This way you can perform the gesture and the feeling comes naturally.

You then use your example to call the feeling.

Then hold the feeling on it’s own, separate from that experience. Holding onto the sensation instead of the situation.

How do you feel, warm or cool?

Do you relax and soften or is your posture perfect and profound?

Do you hear birds chirping or the quietness of snow falling in the mountains, or maybe you hear waves gently crashing on the shore?

Does your body feel different, is the feeling of accomplishment stored in your body in a specific space? Does your heart get warm, or do your hands start to tingle?

Associate the feeling with your manifestation. I feel crisp, clear, connected. I feel capable of anything. I am on cloud nine. My body is warm and buzzy and I feel satisfied.

This is the feeling of walking out of a meeting where I was given an amazing offer for a new job. Visualize yourself walking out of that meeting and feeling. Call that feeling into your space and spend time with that feeling daily, weekly, monthly–as often as you can. The more often that you bring that into your space the more efficiently you will be able to bring your manifestation into reality.

Step 4: Act

Now is the time to reaffirm to the universe that you believe it, you feel it, and show your commitment to the plan by acting on it. If you are manifesting a new partner, tell some friends who you love and trust that you are looking to meet someone. Be open to a blind date or being set up by a trusted friend. Be more aware of your surroundings when you are out in the world, smile or start conversations at your coffee shop.  

If you are manifesting a job, a manufacturer for your product, or a new mentor, reach out to people, send resumes out, contact a recruiter, take a look at your Linkedin and see if any friends have a good connection. Take action that shows you are committed to this goal and then let go let flow.

Be open to the universe sending you signs of where to make moves. If someone pops up out of nowhere, or a flyer hits your feet while you are walking, or a sponsor perks your ears during your go-to podcast, take note!

Take actions to help your manifestation along.

We have now covered the basic outline for manifesting. One major tip, if you really want to super charge your manifesting I have found that this single shift makes a world of difference. To be honest this tip makes a major shift in life–not just manifesting.


Gratitude is an absolute game changer. The more you practice gratitude, the better life becomes. Specifically for manifesting, if you can add gratitude you will speed up the process. Be grateful for things you do not yet have. Be grateful for your manifestations before they show up. It seems backwards but the more gratitude you express for the things you are manifesting, the faster and more bountifully they show up. Just like feeling them before they have arrived, be grateful for them before they have arrived.

For instance, if you are manifesting a new job, start to detail out all the ways you are grateful for it even before it’s here.

If this new job you are manifesting will pay you more, experience gratitude for the change in your means of living.

Enjoy bills being easier to pay, outings with friends more financially comfortable, and saving becomes an enjoyable experience instead of a pressure.

Feel grateful for the flexibility this new job affords you.

Feel grateful for the amazing, supportive, and engaging new co-workers.

Be grateful for the physical space you get to work in, the natural light, and the inviting vibe the office has.

Experience all the wonderful facets of this new position, feel what it will feel like to have this job and be grateful for all of it.

Spending time in the feeling and in the gratitude will supercharge your manifestation.

A few additional tips & tricks

Relax. Let go & let flow.

Allowing the universe to work its magic is key. You are manifesting but make sure that you leave space, openness, and willingness to follow the universe’s guidance.

For example: You are manifesting your dream job and you think it might be at a different company but you end up getting a promotion and a new position at your current company. Staying open helps you to get the most of your manifestation because the universe is always more all-seeing than we are.  


Let go of the how this is going to happen, the when this is going to happen. Release any understanding of time when it comes to manifestation. We tend to limit ourselves because we fear it can’t happen that fast, or that easily. Focus on what you want now, not how you are going to get it. Let the universe’s supreme knowledge handle the how.

Try journaling to enhance your believing it, feeling it, and visualizing it. Free write as if it has already happened, link in your gratitude. Write a passage as if you just finished your first day at your new job, or just went on your first amazing date with a new person, or just spoke with your adoption case worker and everything is lining up. Write out that positivity, that feeling, that enjoyment, and of course that gratitude.

Be open to receiving!

Acknowledge things as they show up and be grateful. When you start to get more interviews, or networking connections are falling into your lap, tell the universe that you see the signs and you are so grateful.

Let go of negativity

If you hold negativity or limiting beliefs around your manifestation, start to clear that away on a regular basis. A great option for clearing that stickiness is to sage/smudge yourself or use Palo Santo. Allow the smoke of either (or both) to billow around you, open a window, and think to yourself “I release all that does not serve me.”

Enjoy your travels down the path of manifestation and exist in gratitude as your dreams become reality.

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