Photos Courtesy Hiptipico

5 Questions with Alyssa Yamamoto, Founder of Hiptipico

After spending several months in Guatemala, Alyssa Yamamoto launched Hiptipico, her ethical fashion brand inspired by Maya artisans looking to sell their beautiful, homemade goods. Ethical fashion is important to Alyssa; it’s the foundation of what Hiptipico is all about. More specifically, they believe in transparency, fair wages, non-factory work conditions, one-of-a-kind items, and community support. All of which are values we can get behind. We loved getting to know Alyssa better and we’re excited to feature her today in our five questions series.

1. What are the first few steps someone should take after deciding to start a business?

Just listen to your gut. Don’t hesitate on making decisions and don’t over analyze too much – especially at the beginning. It’s all about passion and endurance to get a business up and running.

2. Hiptipico’s tagline is “always hip, always authentic.” What does it mean to show up authentically for you? 

Authentic to me has to do with no walls, and full transparency. Being comfortable in your own skin and proud to embrace it. Our artisan partners still wear their traditional garments and are extremely proud of their heritage. No matter what you represent, make sure your inside matches your outside, and own it. The best accessory a girl can wear is confidence.

3. Let’s talk shopping ethically. What are some tips for people looking to improve their shopping habits?

In my opinion, we’ve got to simply slow down. This means getting out of the fast fashion mentality. Nowadays we are so used to instant gratification and everything being disposable. Instead of taking the time and energy to fix your relationship, just hop on tinder and find a replacement partner. Instead of glueing back together the pieces of your broken mug, just hop on Amazon and get a new one. If we just slow down and become more thoughtful, it is easy to find ethical and sustainable options to shopping.

4. What does your morning & evening routine look like?

My morning and evening routine – and even throughout the day – revolve around my dogs. We’ve got a 60 lb chocolate lab, a fierce doberman and 2 adopted street dogs. In the morning, I’ve got to get them up and out and fed. And at night I gotta find ’em (wandering in the woods) and tuck them in. Yes, they all have their designated sleeping spots and get tucked in.

5. What are three things that inspire you and three things that make you feel confident/powerful?

The three things that inspire me most are: Rosa, Maria, Juana – our three female artisan partners. They are the group leaders of their weaving cooperatives and they are my driving for every single day.
The three things that make me feel confident are: my wardrobe, my husband and zumba. All three of those elements of my life give me my strength.
You can find Alyssa on her blog and Instagram and be sure to check out Hiptipico’s online shop and Instagram.
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