4 Ways To Master Your Work Ethic When You’re A Mom

Let’s face it, it’s hard being productive in a world of distractions. The average millennial has more daily distractions than other generations before us. Things like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are constantly calling our attention away from what we should be doing. And on top of all that, some of us have children. It’s difficult to balance everything from work, social events, and being a mom.

So, if you’re like me and you need a little help getting motivated, here are a few tips to get things done!

Send the kids away

Okay, I know we all want to be super moms but lets be honest, it’s almost impossible to get certain tasks done with children constantly pulling your attention away. Have you ever tried to fold laundry while a toddler is in the same room? The kids depend on you for everything and I really mean EVERYTHING. It’s okay; send them with Daddy to go do something fun or hire a babysitter if necessary. And of course, if all else fails, put on Frozen. At least you’ll be guaranteed about 90 mins of peace and quite.

Be positive

I know this sounds silly, but it helps.  If you’re in a negative mindset you’re not going to be able to function at your highest. So take a second, put your favorite song on and have a one person dance party or watch a funny video. Then remind yourself how much more fun life is when you don’t have that big task hanging over your shoulders.

Don’t procrastinate

Really though, just don’t. If you just get it done now all that stress will be GONE. #ThankYouJesus for no stress! An easy way to make sure you don’t get behind by is creating a simple check list. Does anyone else get super satisfied when checking something off a list? Admit it, It makes you feel super productive to check something off your to-do list too.

Evaluate your work

Not only do you want your work to be on time, but you want it to be fantastic. So take the extra time to evaluate your work before revealing it. If you take the time to look over your work, people will notice. And that’s everyone’s goal right? We all want our hard work and dedication noticed.

A perk about having a good work ethic is this: that even though these projects and tasks take time away from your day, the more efficiently you do them the more time you have to spend with your family. You might as well develop a system that works for you and your family.

The best part of it all, you’ll be able to brag about how you’re a real super mom.

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