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How I Stay In A Flow State Of Productivity While Running An Online Business

Hey there! I’m Brooke Scott, COO, Integrator & Online Business Owner.

I serve women entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, consultants, and women-owned agencies across various industries in the online space by creating the swoon-worthy, efficient business systems and processes of their dreams.

Long story short, with the help of my internal team and their team of contractors and employees, I manage their internal and external operations so that they can get back to doing what they love in their zone of genius.

I absolutely live my best life when I’m working behind the scenes in my clients’ business operations, systems, and funnels.

My mission is to help my clients optimize and restore their business operations foundation without wasting time and money.

My approach to completing projects is centered around lean fundamentals and the overall goal to keep things streamlined from A to Z while cutting out wasted steps so that everything that is happening, is adding value to the process.

My clients typically come to me looking for help streamlining their business operations or to help clean up, fix, audit, and automate the processes that once served them but now after they have scaled their business, no longer serve them.

In this period of time, they have rapidly grown their business and their team and aren’t in the position to pause what they have going on now to troubleshoot and repair what is happening behind the scenes. The cost of halting their operations to fix it is much greater and that’s where I step in.

I got started in the online space in September of 2020 and began my entrepreneurial journey as a virtual assistant.

Over the course of the last near 3 years, I’ve expanded my business and transitioned into and out of various roles: from a virtual assistant to an online business manager, a launch manager, a funnel specialist, an operations manager, and now a COO and integrator (or an operations and integration specialist).

While it may seem like hopping around from one role to the next, it was actually a quick but smooth period of growth from mastering one focus to wanting to learn and develop skills in other areas that complimented each other.

From my first day until now, I’ve truly leaned into allowing the flow guide me in finding where I’m truly aligned, and I’m happy to say that I feel more aligned in what I do each day. 

After finishing college with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in business administration in 2019, the moment I found this world and the possibilities that came with it, I knew that I was in the right place.

Now, 4 years later I’ve grown from being a solo part-time entrepreneur (while still full-time in the corporate world) to running a business full-time at home, bringing my husband on the team full-time, and recently hiring our first contractor to start expanding the business in more ways. It’s been a rollercoaster of success and failures but the most rewarding journey.

The beauty of the entrepreneurial world is that you’re allowed to make those shifts, operate a life-first business, and redefine success for yourself. The moment I let go of the corporate world and the stress that came with it was the first time I felt space and ease and found it possible to actually enjoy what I do for a living. We only live once, so why not do it while chasing what you love in a way that feels good to you? 

My days look completely different every single day, week, month and so on, but I try to follow the same approach to prepare myself for what can happen so that I can keep myself in a flow state in order to resolve issues and provide the transformation that my clients come to me for.

Brooke Scott on phone, taken by Haley D. Photography

A Day In The Life Of A COO and Online Business Owner

Morning Focus & Routine

Depending on the day, I typically hit the ground running between 4:30AM and 6AM CST. In order to prepare me energetically for the day and get me in the right mindset, I make sure I have time to fully wake up, get ready, drink water, and pour myself a cup of coffee. 

What I’ve found out is that the first hour or two of my day truly determines how that day goes. If I wake up and immediately jump on my computer and induce a sense of rush and stress, then I’m going to be stuck in that pattern all day and usually end up working into the late night. (I’ve learned this over the years through trial and error.)

So, the way that I set myself up for a busy day with multiple clients and communication with team members is allowing myself time in the morning to ease into waking up, take my time getting ready, get some fuel and water into my system, and ease into my day. Approaching the day in that relaxed state ramps up my productivity level and I’m usually able to end the day early in the afternoon, depending on what projects we have going on.

In order to achieve that, sometimes that means waking up earlier than I want to but it’s the ultimate reward of having my work days be centered around productive energy especially when I’m working on projects and tasks that require more intensive focus and troubleshooting. In my case, it’s not usually a problem to wake up early for that extra time since I go to bed around 9PM. (Insert your old grandma jokes here!)

Day Planning & Prioritization

The second most important piece in determining my productivity is the first 30 minutes to one hour of my work day. Each day I take time to focus on what is going to be priority for the day by looking at my call schedule first and then determining what time I have left to accomplish tasks. That time outside of calls is what gauges my capacity and what I can truly get done during the day. 

Typically Mondays are a heavy call day and I only have a few hours in the afternoon for productivity so in knowing that I make sure to prioritize the heavier lifting of work throughout the rest of the week. Otherwise, I make sure that after assessing time capacity, I’m focusing on what is a priority for each client.

I usually outline 3-5 priority focuses or tasks for each of my clients and make my way down the list based on turnaround priority across the board. This helps me stay balanced and working on each client while accomplishing what is to be completed that day or week. 

I’ve found that by approaching my workload this way, I’m able to keep that balance longer versus only working on one client for an extended period of time. If I’m chipping away at the higher priority, the ease of flow increases over the week’s time.

I not only approach each day this way, but I do this once at the beginning of the week as an overview planning session and then I “re-do” it each morning to account for any changes that have happened.

Brooke Scott working on online business, taken by Haley D. Photography

Workflow, Client Calls, & Communication

From there, I’m able to get in the zone, stay heads down and focus on the things that need to get done externally for my clients and internally for my own business. In the mix of “doing-the-things”, I’m usually communicating back and forth with my clients and team over Slack.

While this can cause interruptions during the day, I consider that time productive because I’m in the moment with my clients and team. The most important thing you could do as an online business owner is prioritize communication while keeping your work hour boundaries of course.

The more I’m in constant and necessary communication with my clients and team, the more trust, comfort, and cohesiveness are formed. Creating this environment with clients and team members not only benefits your relationship with them but it keeps you in a forward motion and rhythm of focusing on what is important NOW versus what is just on the list for the week.

While the actual “things” I do during the day are usually never the same, the way I show up is and that is what is my individual priority. Maintaining a flow that keeps me showing up and performing for clients, my team, and myself. 

Daily Recap & Reprioritization

After a long work day, I revisit my task and priority list that I made at the beginning of the day and do a quick de-brief session that usually only takes a few minutes. I look for areas I accomplished, areas I made progress in, and areas that I didn’t get to touch. This will help me in the planning phase during the next day because I’ll know what is most priority so that I can keep things moving.

What Matters & Why You Should Focus On Your Flow

Being an entrepreneur who manages multiple clients and teams across the world, and different industries and zones of genius, the one thing that keeps me going and thriving in what I do, is my flow state.

Focusing on my flow and my energy every day is what has allowed me to grow, shift, triple my yearly income, expand my team, develop new skills and so much more. If you allow yourself to prioritize how things feel first, then you’ll know where you need to apply your skills second. 

Shift your mindset from what your role is or what tasks to do, to how you show up best. If you’re focusing on just getting things done, things won’t feel rewarding or like you’re making an impact. Focus on how you operate best and you’ll start operating even better. While keeping that mindset, it’s important to also let yourself be guided into new areas and lean into the uncomfortable. Of course, there isn’t a “physical” movement to actually feel but once you start opening up your days to what actually matters and where things feel right, you’ll start allowing that to flow back into your world.

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