6 Simple Beauty Hacks For The Busy Woman

In the fast paced life today, it is easy for you to skip out on taking care of your skin, and it ultimately takes a toll which spells into more breakouts, dry skin, and dullness. If that sounds like you, keep reading. Here we’ve listed down over 5 simple and easy beauty hacks to try your hands on, and look and feel better!

Coconut oil to the rescue

Coconut oil is the best kept beauty secret among all natural living enthusiasts. It acts as a wonderful natural moisturizer, sunscreen and even as a makeup remover. In fact, if your skin is acne prone, you could also try using coconut oil for scars left by the acne- it naturally lightens their appearance and gives it that even toned appearance.

Essential oil power

Essential oils are literally the most underrated beauty and health essentials- they work wonders in improving hair health, skin health and overall health. Whip up a quick homemade moisturizer with some coconut oil, aloe vera gel and a couple of drops of orange oil for a refreshing start to the day, or some lavender oil to calm your senses.

Pressed powder fix

Pressed powder is your to-go solution to look decent and presentable, especially if you’re someone who isn’t a makeup person, or don’t just have 15 minutes to get your makeup on point. Pressed powder basically evens up your skin tone, covers blemishes, scars and spots, and gives your skin a no-makeup yet dewy fresh look.

Kohl to the rescue

There’s nothing better than a little stroke of kohl pencil on the lid to brighten up your eyes instantly! Don’t hesitate to experiment with colors- browns, greens and blues. Be it a long road trip or a horrible day after a jet lag- kohl is just what you need to make yourself look more fresh and active.

Baby wipes do it right

The worst part about makeup is removing it after you’re back home, and a lot of people tend to ditch this important step. Makeup removal may seem like a task after you’re back home late from a party, and that’s where baby wipes do their trick! Just a few swipes over your face can remove a good majority of the makeup from your face, and then all you need to do is use a face wash to quickly cleanse your face, and you’re all sorted!

Ice ice baby!

Puffy eyes, tiredness, and a swollen face- the long working hours and early mornings can really ruin your skin health and the way you look the next day at work, but that’s where the good ol’ ice in the freezer can do the trick! Just rub some ice over your entire face a couple of times, focusing on the under eye area. The ice basically ‘wakes up’ your skin and boosts circulation of blood to the face, which reduces the under eye puffiness and gives your skin a visibly brighter appearance.

Try to these quick and actionable steps to look and feel your best even when you’re super busy.

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