12 Life-Changing Podcast Episodes From ‘Almost 30’ and ‘That’s So Retrograde’

Podcasts are the best addition to any car ride, walk, early morning wake up, workout, background noise for meal prepping or cleaning the house, or anything else for that matter!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or just the era of a “woke” life we are experiencing as a collective right now, but I love nothing more than to listening to a total mind-opening new podcast episode on the regular. I’ve learned so much about transitioning from my 20s to my 30s, about health and wellness products and trends, spirituality, self-improvement, love, relationships and more.

I first started listening to podcasts about a year ago, and dipped my toes in with a recommendation from a friend to listen to That’s So Retrograde. Made up of Stephanie Sombari and Elizabeth Knott, these ladies bring so much authenticity to the pop culture and wellness world.

Soon after that, I came across another one called the Almost 30 podcast and have been arguably their number one fan ever since. Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are the top names in the game right now and have turned my journey through spirituality and self discovery completely upside down and back again. (When it all comes down to it, Almost 30 is basically how I ended up finding Life Goals Mag too!)

Everyone needs somewhere to start, so no matter if you are new the podcast world, or just looking for new things to learn and grow from, I’ve compiled my list of my top 12 favorite episodes from Almost 30 and That’s so Retrograde. (I even threw in some bonus episodes and podcasts for you too, so enjoy!)


Almost 30 – Episode 114 – Jill Willard on Becoming an Intuitive Being

Jill Willard is an intuitive medium and meditation leader and even works with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow! Arguably my favorite spiritual episode I’ve listened to yet, and I’ve listened to it fully three times! Jill is nothing less than pure love and light and you can feel her calm, peaceful vibes radiating through the speakers in your car during your commute. Jill also has a book, and I immediately bought it after listening to this one! She really inspires me to get more in touch with my own intuitive side!

Almost 30 – Episode 157 – Overcoming Grief and Loss with Medium Tim Braun

After listening to this episode, I’m convinced I need to add a reading with Tim Braun to my bucket list. (The only thing is he is based out of California and probably always fully booked.) I’ve never felt more genuine trust and authenticity about a psychic medium before. He debunks myths, talks about speaking his truth, and offers comfort in his take on life after death. Super intriguing! Doesn’t matter if you’re fortunate enough to have not lost anyone close to you, you’ll still want to check this one out!

Almost 30 – Episode 124 – Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice with Connie Kaplan

This episode will stick with me forever, as I’ve always been drawn to learn and understand more about what my dreams mean and how they speak to me. Connie has influenced me to start a dream journal again and really look at what themes of dreams reoccur during what phases of the moon each month––especially over a period of time, like over the course of a year. Her story is unique and otherworldly and she really offers a fresh and cosmic take on understanding your subconscious as a whole.

That’s So Retrograde – Episode Manifest Guestiny with Lacy Phillips

This episode started a rabbit hole for me, as I jumped wholeheartedly down a tunnel into self work, Human Design, and spirituality. Lacy Phillips, of Free and Native, is all about manifesting, healing your subconscious and any blocks or shadows you may have, and ultimately speaks volumes into the world of self-awareness and self-discovery. Plus I can forever thank Lacy for first introducing me to Human Design: my new personal favorite tool for understanding myself and others.

BONUS: Lacy has her own podcast now too, called the Expanded Podcast!

Almost 30 – Episode 107 – New & Full Moons + Power of your Astrological Sign with Jill Winterstein

I heard of Jill before she was on the podcast, through a friend who started using her New Moon workbooks as a spiritual practice each month to focus on self reflection in relation to the cosmos. But once I heard her speak about Spirit Daughter and share more about understanding new and full moons, I’ve become forever hooked. I now utilize Jill’s workbooks religiously each month and can’t imagine navigating through the depths of spirituality and self-discovery without them.

Honorable mentions in spirituality

– Almost 30 – Episode 127 – The Spirit Upgrade with Natalie Miles – This is where I first learned about spirit guides!

– Almost 30 – Episode 110 – A New Definition of Success with Peta Kelly – A total badass human AF Australian woman and author of “The Earth is Hiring.”

– Almost 30 – Episode 103 – How to expand your consciousness with Milana Snow

– That’s So Retrograde – Episode 165 – Human Designing with Jenna Zoe – Please listen to this and learn about what type you are! It will change your life!

Health & wellness

That’s So Retrograde – Episode 152 – CBD ASAP with Charlotte’s Web

CBD is one of the hottest new wellness trends and is part of a market projected to grow like some 700% by the year 2020. This episode is specifically all about the story of 7 brothers who joined together for a greater cause. Charlotte’s Web was founded to help people and children in need, and is based out of Colorado. They also shed a lot of light into CBD, what it is, how you want it sourced, and so much more helpful information if you’re just getting started on your CBD wellness journey.

That’s So Retrograde – Episode 134 – Fun Medical Stuff with Dr. Will Cole

This dude know his stuff, and is one smart resource in the wellness world. Dr. Will Cole practices what’s called functional medicine, a combination of holistic health and nutrition that looks at the root cause of disease and ways to heal the body naturally. This is the medicine of the future for sure! This was one of those eye-opening ones that makes you take a serious look into your own wellness and ways you can make adjustments and improvements.

Almost 30 – Episode 125 – Hormone Expert Candace Burch

An episode to really teach you a lot about your body as a woman, and what kinds of imbalances could be responsible for low energy and other reproductive health issues we face as women. Candace Burch breaks down for us what hormone imbalances are all about; low libido; how to break free from birth control naturally; and our overall ovary health.

“When it comes to the body, the answers aren’t always easy, but they are important.”

Almost 30 – Episode 118 – Sex A Powerful Healing Modality with Kim Anami

Kim Anami is one of those electrifying free spirits that just radiates to you through to you! She is an extremely enlightened and powerful sexual being who focuses her life to change the way people experience sexuality. This was one of the first episodes that really connected the dot for me on sexuality and spirituality and how they interchangeably work together. I also learned a lot about the female orgasm on this one and what it might mean to have a numb vagina. You’re going to want to give this one a listen!

Almost 30 – Episode 108 – Genius Foods with Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere is quite literally a genius, and comes across so charismatic and genuine in all of his communications. He is self-taught, helped his mom battle Alzheimer’s with nutrition and knows his shit when it comes to the power of food as medicine. He also uses fun and understandable tactics to break down nutrition educational barriers and debunks myths. You’ll love this dude! (Plus he’s cute too!)

BONUS: Max recently started his own podcast too, it’s call The Genius Life.

Honorable mentions in health and wellness

– That’s So Retrograde – Episode 135 – Sex with Retrograde featuring Emily Morse – I love learning more about human sexuality! This is a topic that needs more attention!

Bonus: Emily has her own podcast too, called Sex With Emily.

– Almost 30 – Episode 120 – Debunking Fitness Myths with Mind Pump Media

Bonus: Mind Pump Media has their own podcast too!

– Almost 30 – Episode 104 + 105 – Yes We Cannabis with Perry Solomon

– Almost 30 – Episode  158 0 Eat Feel Fresh with Sahara Rose – A young expert in the world of Ayurveda and eating for your Dosha type! I want to spend more time learning about this topic for sure!

Bonus: Sahara Rose has her own podcast you can listen to also, called the Highest Self podcast.


Almost 30 – Episode 154 –  Deeper Sex, Masculinity and Spirituality with John Wineland

This. Episode. You need to hear it! This is the kind of deep talk you need to hear from the words of relationship coach and teacher, John Wineland. His work is truly transformational and he really hits home talking about energy in relationships, intimacy, and all the deepest, darkest things that we all want. It’s one of those episodes that leaves your eyes big in your head, as you’re trying to wrap your mind around it all.

Bonus: John Wineland has been on almost 30 a few other times too. Almost 30 – Episode 96 (Relationship Coach and Teacher) + Episode 97 (Sex, Consciousness, and Infidelity) with John Wineland.

Honorable mentions in relationships

Almost 30 – Episode 152 – Savage love with Dan Savage – Totally mind opening to a new style of non-monogamous relationships, and Seattle porn film festivals – definitely listen!


Almost 30 – Episode 156 – #whatsonyourlist – Permission to Define How You Live Your Life with Sebastian Terry

Sebastian Terry was just a delight to listen to, and honestly sparked so much ‘carpe diem’ inside of me that I didn’t even know was being repressed. His story of taking life by the horns, and traveling around the United States, checking off items on his ‘100 things’ list, is setting the tone for every hope, wish, and dream I have for 2019. He has turned this into a good deed: an app called Kindsum. Sebastian created this app as a way for people all around the world to connect when they are in need of help from others, and when others want to help someone out just because. It’s a truly inspiring episode and story!

What’s next?

So now I ask you, what’s on your list, friends? For podcasts, for life, and most importantly–– for yourself. Check out those that resonate with you and let’s continue through this journey together. There are so many great resources available to us through the podcast world, and we can ultimately learn about anything we want.

amazing podcast episodes on spirituality, wellness and health, and relationships from the Almost 30 and That's So Retrograde podcasts. #podcasts #mustlisten #inspiring

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