How To Shop For Your Favorite People Based On Their Ayurvedic Dosha

Holidays are a chaotic time for everyone and shopping for the best holiday gift is just one more stress to add on the list.

Look here. Finding the best gift for the people you love doesn’t have to equate to spending a lot of money. With a little bit of thought and an ounce of creativity, you have everything you need to give a gift that will be appreciated and remembered long after the holiday season. After all, some of the best gifts received are those that are thoughtful, practical, and build a strong connection.

We all have a special someone in our lives who is very creative and spends most of their time dabbling into all sorts of new hobbies and experiences. We also have people who are very precise about what they enjoy and have special preferences about how they live their life. Finally, we have a number of individuals who are our go to angels for unconditional comfort, love and support.

Shopping for your loved ones based on their dosha is a simple formula that only takes a moment of intentional thought. Ask yourself, what their nature? Are they more like a social butterfly who is creatively expressive? Would they appreciate a gift that is more practical or applicable to their athletic hobbies? Or is this a simple person who enjoys quality time spent with loved ones?

Listed below is your Ayurvedic guide to help you shop for your loved ones based on their dosha’s nature.

Gifts for your dreamy Vata types

Vata types tend to be creatively expressive individuals who enjoy trying new things and having new experiences. This holiday season, give the beloved Vata’s in your life the gift of structure. By nature, Vata types tend to live in the clouds where they can dream freely and reflect this in the material world by having many things going on at on time. Consider the gift of a passion planner or dream journal to help them organize their thoughts and turn their dreams to reality.

Gifts for the go-getter Pitta types

Pitta types tend to be practical individuals who know exactly what they like and don’t. This holiday season, give your beloved Pitta’s the gift of relaxation. It’s most likely that your fire-y loved ones are exhausted come the holidays. Pitta types are always doing something or doing everything. The gift of an Ayurvedic abhyanga oil massage or a small bundle of self-care goodies for a DIY spa day could do wonders for these busy-bees.

Gifts for the nurturing Kapha types

Kapha types tend to be generous individuals who enjoy giving their time, love and energy to everyone around them.  This holiday season, give your beloved Kapha’s the gift of a new experience. By nature, these Earthy types tend to be unbelievably generous with their time and energy and are often known as the “rock” or support system of their loved ones. Kapha types are effortless individuals who thrive off the heath of their relationships. Consider a gift like concert tickets or dinner reservations to a new restaurant in town or simply give them the gift of quality time with you.

Personally, I like think of the holidays as the perfect excuse to build healthier relationships and stronger connections with those we care for and love. May this intentional way of giving gifts based on the doshas help you in enjoying the true meaning of this holiday season.

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