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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Serious Business Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but for me, sometimes Instagram can seem like a digital fairytale land of perfection, and it can seriously mess with my mindset. As someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and is working on building a business, I recently decided to do some Instagram housecleaning so I could see more business-related content and inspiration and less fairytale land perfection. It’s been quite refreshing to open my IG feed and feel more inspired and motivated to take action within my business instead of uncertain and “not good enough imposter”.

With that in mind, today I’m sharing 10 Instagram accounts that are business-focused in one way or another, and many of them have incredible resources to share from their businesses, too. If you’re looking for some serious business inspiration, get ready to go on a follow spree.

10 Instagram accounts to follow for serious business inspiration

1. @createcultivate

In need of a dose of colorful, girlboss high vibes? Check out Create & Cultivate’s feed. As an offline, in-person event producer, Create & Cultivate is all about connecting women both online and in real life to help them create and cultivate the career of their dreams. The conferences feature ultra influencers and celebrities that share their stories, offer advice, and what it means to them to be a modern woman in the working world. I personally have a goal to attend one of these events in the next 1-2 years.

2. @erinmayhenry

The ultimate personal branding goddess, Erin May Henry is one of my favorite business gals to follow on IG, because she has the BEST energy out there. Seriously, getting on my feed in the morning and seeing her stories (she’s Australian so her day begins hours before mine) and how excited she is to be doing the work that she loves to do and the advice she offers her tribe –– her energy is contagious. She’s the founder of @gamechangercompany and offers a variety of services to help entrepreneurs build their audiences and make money online. I actually prefer her IG stories and YouTube videos because seeing her through video is so much better than a static image with a caption, she’s that animated.

3. @girlsbuildingempires

As an avid quote lover and reader, the girls building empires feed is right up my alley. Their feed is a mix of more traditional themed pink, black, and white quotes in addition to these amazing illustrations that feature females with quotes on their clothes, cups, etc. Adore the high vibes they are creating. #girlpower 

4. @growyourbizng

While going through my own follow spree, I recently found Ifeanyi Julian Etuokwu-Oludumila, or #FabulousJulian, the brains behind @growyourbizng. As a marketing specialist, Julian shares actionable business tips, advice, offers, promotions, and #truthbombs that resonate with entrepreneurs everywhere. I love her cohesive feed and lively personality.

5. @jennakutcher

Jenna Kutcher Instagram Feed

The ultimate online business powerhouse, Jenna Kutcher knows how to do online business through and through. She offers a variety of online courses –– all with a common goal of helping you be more successful in business. Jenna shares a variety of content on her IG, and I truly enjoy seeing her share both her professional and personal life on her account. She’s real, raw, and a great storyteller, too. The @goaldiggerpodcast is her podcast’s feed, which is also chalk full of business best practices, inspiring stories, and tips to help you rock your business.

6. @lifegoalsmag

Life Goals Mag Instagram Feed - Personal Growth, Wellness and Career Tips

If you’re as obsessed with becoming the best version of yourself as me, then you should definitely follow Life Goals Mag! A plethora of inspiration awaits you: self-care ideas, tips for living in the present, gorgeous quotes, links to latest LGM articles, and more. Shout out to LGM founder, @coleyln for this joy-inducing online space and community.

7. @mariahpcoz

Mariah Coz Instagram Feed

I love it when someone has niched down and rocks at what they do, and Mariah Coz does that! She is an expert in launching courses, hosting webinars, and building evergreen funnels for business-related purposes and can talk shop about these topics all day. Her feed is all business related content, and I so appreciate how specific she gets within her content and how authentically herself she is. Mariah has a lot going on –– she hosts periodic masterclasses, runs an accelerator program, offers free trainings, and she hosts a podcast. 

8. @melyssa_griffin

Melyssa Griffin - Business, Entrepreneur and Pinterest Expert

A true OG online business entrepreneur, Melyssa Griffin has been in the online business game a longgg time. I’ve been following her for years and years (when her website was the Nectar Collective – now it’s her name), and her content is detailed, relevant, and most importantly, actionable. Her content is also varied. She has a ton of resources for blogging, using Pinterest for your business, how to build online courses, and so much more. From this list, I’ve been following her the longest and have gotten so much value from her expertise.

9. @samlaurabrown

Sam Laura Brown Instagram Feed Inspiration

If I lived in Australia, Sam and I would be good friends (so I tell myself). Sam is the creator of Smart Twenties, which has been rebranded to Sam Laura Brown (rebranding to your actual name is definitely a trend I’ve been seeing from bloggers who are evolving to build businesses). She is incredibly down to earth, shares the real struggles and doubts of running a business, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, tips for mastering your mindset, how to get the most out of reading personal development books (most helpful tips I’ve gotten from her!) and so much more. It has been a pleasure to watch her personal growth journey over the years, and she’s truly taking off in her business. So well deserved. 

Sidenote: we’re both obsessed with Brooke Castillo, Oprah, and plants – what more could I ask for in a friend?!

10. @theblogmarket

The Blog Market - Blogging and Business Inspiration

The Blog Market is a creative community for freelancers and bloggers, and it’s IG feed has a serene lifestyle vibe with business tips and tutorials spread throughout lovely lifestyle images. You won’t regret following this handle.

Alright, now it’s your turn. I want you to jump on Instagram, and do the following two things: 

  1. Go through who you’re following and unfollow anyone who consistently makes you feel negative emotions when you see them pop up on your feed.
  2. Click through the links above and follow the ladies who speak to your heart, the ones you believe will help you take yourself to the next level.

That’s all! Enjoy these resources, LGM fam.

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