7 Authentic Women in Wellness to Follow ASAP on Instagram

Matcha lattes. Collagen powder. Perfect bars.

What do these three things have in common? You’ll probably find them all on a wellness influencer’s instagram feed.

Even though these sound basic, these influencers are anything but basic. Wellness influencers on Instagram that aren’t the average account, and leave me feeling good are few and far between. I’ve found a select handful of women who I watch every single day, because I leave their stories feeling good about myself, instead of feeling like I’m not fit enough; not healthy enough; not rich enough.

I wanted to make this small list of the women who genuinely make me feel good and inspired, versus the aspirational accounts that perpetuate beauty and wellness standards that aren’t realistic and can be incredibly damaging even if there’s good intentions behind them.

These women talk about hardships with grace, have the best instagram stories featuring their lifestyles, and on their captions, you can expect to find real talk and inspiration.


Olivia is hands down the best follow I’ve made on Instagram. Her positive energy makes her such a joy to watch. She’s a Speech Language Pathologist living in Los Angeles. She does breathing exercises regularly on Instagram stories that I love following along with. She’s relatable while still being so inspiring. And watching her coffee and foam pours is so soothing. She’s talked recently about budgeting and saving money, which I find so rare in the wellness industry on instagram.


Sammy Eason is one of my favorite moms to follow on Instagram, because she’s so funny and real about what she’s going through right now. I’m not a mom, but I relate to some of the struggles she talks about. I find it so helpful and inspiring to see someone working through problems and talking about them as they come up. She has shown me how you can speak about hardships without oversharing, and how you don’t need all the answers to influence others in a beautiful way. She also creates dreamy morning coffees, and her kids are endlessly entertaining. I also really love her simple style.


@jera.bean instagram feed

I’ve been following Jera for several years now, since back when her feed was full of fitness. These days, she’s more of an overall lifestyle and wellness inspiration, running around New York doing cool things. She’s not afraid to be super goofy and her personality makes me smile. She’ll do banana eating videos that will make you laugh in public. She did a challenge awhile back where she asked strangers to take photos of her, and I love that she’s always challenging herself and her followers to step outside of their comfort zone.


Om & The City features Jules Hunt living her best life in Austin, Texas. She talks a lot about simplicity and balance––which I’m all about. Her dreamy photos involve lots of matcha, yoga, plants and since she recently moved, you can find a lot of inspiration around that right now too. I love her aesthetics and she seems like such a sweet person that you’d want to grab a matcha with.


LiLi Hayim is a dietician and teaches people how to have a healthy relationship with food. Her captions and images are real, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much she won’t open up about on her feed. I love her openness and the way she talks about fighting in her relationship, body image and acceptance. She has a way of sharing that really resonates for me.


Jeannette Ogden just had her second baby and talks a lot in her posts and stories about #momlife, in a really real way. She’s probably taught me more about what motherhood involves than nearly anyone else. I love feeling like I’m going through this process with her. Her boys are adorable, and she’s such a loving, grateful person that makes you feel inspired to spend more time cooking at home.


Georgie Morley is such a wonderful breath of fresh air on the internet. She lives in Nantucket with her husband and talks a lot about joy, personal growth and wellness. Her approach is so balanced. She’s all about intuition and doing what works for you –– not what everyone else is doing. I love her energy, and her podcast, Chasing Joy, is great too. You can read her interview with us here.

Any wellness instagrammers you’d add to the list?

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