10 Inspiring Non-Fiction Books for Your Personal Growth

I grew up reading books all the time, getting lost in a dream world, another dimension –– learning and growing as I went. I’ve always loved the idea of getting lost in the words and pages of a good story, or of something that can open my mind up in ways I had never thought possible. As a kid I was into a lot of fiction and stories, but as I’ve aged I’ve developed a strong taste for non-fiction: autobiographies, memoirs and personal growth.

I feel like I have came across, heard of, and read so many great books just within the last year even! Check out my current five favorite books I’ve read within the last year, and the top five books lined up in my queue right now.

5 books I’ve read and loved

“Light Is The New Black” by Rebecca Campbell

This will be one of those books that I read over and over again until the pages wear out. At least a handful of times while reading this book the words brought me to tears –– tears of truth, tears of joy, and tears of feeling so understood on a soul level.

Rebecca has designed this book in such a unique way, where it really doesn’t quite matter what part you start at or what ‘chapter’ you read first. All of the chapter are relevant and completely independent of one another. I did read the book from start to finish, but if you wanted to use it more as a guideline for meditation, a mantra for the day, or an intuitive ‘pull’, you could really just flip to any random page that resonates with you and start there for the day!

I find Rebecca’s words, poems and stories so inspiring and so profound. This is truly a great read for any empath, soul sister, lightworker or goddess out there.

“Material Girl, Mystical World” by Ruby Warrington

Real life meets metaphysical wonder –– this book is for the aspiring goddess and astro-curious alike. I’ve already been a long time follower of Ruby and her online magazine called The Numinous. I’ve heard her speak on many podcasts and actively follow her and Alexandra Roxo on Instagram. This book was such a great insight into her world and how she got involved in it.

She wrote this in a clever way, where her story is written toward those that are both beginner and intermediate level familiar with astrology. As a longtime lover and student to the astrological world, I still learned a lot of new things in reading this book and found myself bookmarking so many pages to go back to and re-read more!

This book takes you on a journey through modern spirituality with things like meditation and tarot, and also adds a super stylish and relatable approach to the cosmos.

“I’m Fine & Other Lies” by Whitney Cummings

Easily one of my favorite “self-help” books out there, if you would even call it that. Whitney dives DEEP into her personal life, and the ups and downs she has overcome in health and wellness, spirituality and her own personal demons. I loved her before, but I love her even more after hearing her story and finding myself relating to her on so many new levels.

Through her sharing her own journey and what she personally went through, I have in turn learned a lot about myself and similar things I have felt or gone through. Whitney is very relatable and helps you understand that anything you are going through is OKAY to be going through. Plus she adds a twist of humor to everything and is so honest and raw. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

“There Is No F*cuking Secret” by Kelly Osbourne

I was skeptical about this book. I’ve never really been a fan of the Osbourne family and wasn’t quite sure Kelly was going to tell me anything life-changing. I found this book at the local library and decided to give it a shot.

Now it is one of my all-time favorites and filled me with inspiration to always speak my truth, embrace who I am from the inside out, and not be afraid to show the world who I am! Kelly may not have always been the most typical role model, but her perspective is hard won after years of being in the Osbourne family, dealing with the celebrity limelight, dealing with her dad’s drug use and addictions, and the pressures of living up to her name and wanting to fit in.

In all seriousness I had to stop every page or so to write down some mind-altering amazing quote she said, because I resonated with it so much!

“What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding” by Kristin Newman

You could probably say that this book is geared toward single girls, and travel addicts, but I would also say it’s geared towards those aspiring to live their very best life! Amongst many things, this book lights a fire under my desire to see and conquer the entire world. And it also inspires me to stop saying yes to the same old shit that doesn’t light me up anymore. Kristin inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and live life a totally different way in an effort to feel more full.

Full disclosure: It will be nearly impossible to read this book and NOT have an immediate urge to book your next vacation. Consider yourself warned!

5 books in my queue:

“Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell

As the sequel to “Light is the new Black”, this book is designed in the same way –– allowing the reader to start at any point, any chapter, any page, and still find value and significant meaning.

Consider this a guide to unleashing the full potential of the wild woman that lives deep within your soul. Rebecca says she wrote this book for all the mystics out there who agreed on a soul level to help lead the global shift in consciousness that this world desperately needs. We are in the rise of the feminine energy right now, and what better way to connect with greater impact and meaning than to read this book. I love the way Rebecca speaks from her soul and lifts you up with empowering words, journal questions, and real life examples of how she implements things into her own life.

“Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto For The Modern Woman” by Miki Agrawal

This is the go-to manifesto for the modern woman! Have you heard of Thinx period-proof underwear for women’s menstrual cycles? How about Hello Tushy? The founder of both, Miki Agrawal, wrote this book, and was recently featured on the Almost 30 podcast giving insight to it all.

She is a revolutionary woman, paving the way for females across the globe. I was so inspired by her story and her energy that I immediately went on Amazon after listening to her podcast episode and ordered her book.

The purpose of this book is to light a fire in you and give you more of the f*ck yes mentality, all while challenging you to question all you’ve ever been told, and the status quo as it is. Miki’s energy is infectious, even over the speakers in my car, and I can’t wait to channel her vibes through her words.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who asks those deeper questions, speaks out against things I don’t believe it, and sticks up for what I do – but I have a feeling this book will spark a whole new fire within me!

“Sober Curious” by Ruby Warrington

Sober Curious is Ruby’s second book, and one I’m incredibly intrigued by. This has been a hot topic in the lifestyle podcast community lately, and one that I find myself wanting to learn more about.

I love hearing her on podcast interviews describing what ‘sober curious’ means and how she has incorporated it into her life. Ruby isn’t writing from a perspective of telling people they need to quit drinking forever or that drinking is only just bad for you.

Instead, Ruby talks about how reducing your intake of alcohol can help you connect to yourself on a higher spiritual level, heal your insides, and make you just feel better overall. Ruby herself is not 100% sober and doesn’t like to say that she is. Instead she is just curious, and she’s definitely made me feel curious too!

I hate the aftermath of drinking alcohol and how it makes me feel sluggish, out of tune with my body, bloated and full of gut rot, and just all around not well. I’m excited to learn more about her journey and what being ‘sober curious’ means!

“Genius Foods” by Max Lugavere

Max is nothing short of a genius himself and is a self-taught health and wellness warrior! He is also one of my absolute favorite wellness people to follow on Instagram, as his posts are so educational, comical, and relatable. He uses real life examples to show you ways to eat better and breaks down the pros and cons of wellness trends you might be hearing about.

Max’s book is basically a food dictionary to all the best things to eat to optimize your functionality. Max paints the picture for us all on the critical link between the food that we eat and the way it affects how we think and how our brain ages.

“Human Design” by Ra Uru Hu

“Human Design” is a guidebook to the understanding of life itself, and a window into the concept of Human Design –– which is basically just Astrology on steroids. Consider it a massive manual to the spiritual world. Ra Uru Hu is the founder (also known as the messenger) of Human Design, or in other words the chosen one for the information to be ‘passed down’ to mankind.

Human Design is a new age understanding of our universal makeup and the mechanical nature of the mystical world. The book is quite thick and intimidating, but I plan to dive deep into every word on every page! If you don’t already know what your Human Design is, you pull your chart here . I am a Projector in Human Design, and that combined with my knowledge of my astrological birth chart has given me such a richer understanding into who I am and how I operate.

So many books, so little time…

Reading is a way for us all to expand our minds, open our eyes and fill up our hearts. As Dr. Seuss puts it, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” I’m at a point in my life now where I like to carry a good book with me always, wherever I go. In fact, I always make sure the bag I have is big enough to hold one. You just never know when you’ll have time to get some reading in.

A room without books is like a body without a Soul.


inspiring non-fiction books for personal growth. books on my reading list for self-help, inspiring memoirs and overall encouraging reads for the soul.

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