I Got A Human Design Reading and This Was My Experience

Consider it Astrology on steroids –– Human Design is the best new tool for diving deep into the layers of your soul. I was honestly quite shocked that I hadn’t heard about it sooner, being an astrology nerd since day one, but I was happy the Almost 30 podcast showed me the way this year!

You guys remember a few months ago, the Life Goals Mag post featuring Jaclyn Michele of Interior Creature? Well if you don’t, or just want to reference it, here is the Human Design 101 post. If you’re anything like me, you might have rabbit hole dived your way into all things human design. I dove so deep that I ended up reaching out to Jaclyn Michele and got my first Human Design reading with her.

Human Design is your personal in depth instruction manual, “a piece of spiritual technology that allows you to peak at your soul contract”, as Jaclyn describes it in her post. Human Design provides a map, based off of your time of birth and location of birth (similar to that of a natal chart in astrology), and is represented by a tool called a body graph to use important equations to uncover your spiritual truth.

If that sounds crazy, it’s because it IS crazy, and it’s the most useful crazy thing I’ve ever heard of! I’m for the idea of anything that helps you become more self aware, and in-tune with the vibrations of the universe. I’m so into something that can help me find ways to channel my strengths, and sharpen my weaknesses. And I’m so intrigued by something that helps to better understand human behavior, compatibility, life lessons and connections.

Where to start?

Jaclyn came referred to me, before I even ever found her and Interior Creature on Life Goals Mag. In one of the facebook groups I’m in, the conversation becomes focused on Human Design a lot, and there were several people that recommended her.

From there, I felt called to her for a reading. I looked into other options and did my homework to read up on all of them to compare and contrast what I was looking for. Interior Creature just made sense, right from the tagline – “Decode your design,” That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Now I won’t get into too much of all the nitty gritty details of what lines, crosses, incarnations, gates and channels all mean. What I do want to share with you though is my experience with a reading, which probably is first of many for me.

I booked my appointment with Jaclyn online, through her Interior Creature website, and set it up for a Saturday morning, only a week and a half or so out. I was so excited and anxious at the same time, and waiting that week was almost painful.

My appointment took place over zoom, and I sat with my laptop in my room – literally in bed. Jaclyn could see me and I could see her, and it was interactive the whole way through. My reading was booked for 90 minutes, but ended up running closer to two hours, because Jaclyn was thorough and engaging. She was easy to talk to and found a way to make everything applicable and relatable.

Having this kind of reading done was a lot more intimate than I imagined, but Jaclyn navigated this vulnerability well and made me feel like I was talking to one of my good friends.

OK, so what am I?

I’m a projector, and so much more of my life made sense when I discovered this. Human Design breaks down into five different types, each based off of a different style of decision making.

“Projectors are here to guide, and their focus should be on knowing how to best utilize the gifts and energetic resources of the other types.” Their strategy is to wait to be recognized and invited, so as to ensure that their contributions will be heard and have the desired impact.” – Jaclyn Michele, Life Goals Mag.

The “guide for the tribe” projectors are described to have an ability to see things the way that others just can’t. For me personally, I think this has a lot to do with my ability to read into other people and understand a lot of different ways of doing things.

Projectors are also non-energy types, meaning they don’t create their own energy into existence, they utilize that from others around them. My energy has always been inconsistent my whole life and I never understood if this meant I was lazy, depressed, wild, hyper, or just blah.

Understanding this about me connects everything into so many dots throughout my whole life. It really is a game changer to come to enlightening realizations about your human behavior and that all the ways you’ve been feeling your whole life are justified.

I’ve always been impatient to understand how my own energy operates. Human Design has taught me that in learning to trust the flow, this is how I harness my full potential as a projector.

What does it all mean anyway?

My reading got emotional; it was a lot of deep topics to translate, accept, and absorb, and I continued to work through a lot of it for days following the reading.

There were definitely some parts of the reading where I felt overwhelmed with emotions that I couldn’t quite pinpoint where they were coming from. When someone peaks into your soul like that though, how can it not hit you deep? I think this kind of self-work is a truly raw spiritual experience. I really admire those who have the strength to dig deep and do the work to understand how to be their most authentic self.

Now, if I’m really being honest, I’m still working through it  all, and re-reading all of the information that was transcribed. That’s another reason I chose Jaclyn over other options –– she records your entire appointment and sends you the video zoom recording and a step-by-step detailed, typed guide to all that you went through. These are materials that can continue to benefit you on your journey through self-discovery for years to come.

You’re not left to fend for yourself. Jaclyn provides the tools and resources you need to really understand the subject of Human Design and what your personal body graph means. She also offers other online resources and subscriptions where you can continue to gain access to more content she puts out.

Human Design is a relatively new spiritual tool, in terms of years of practice and when it was birthed into existence, but it still has the capacity to be just as expansive as anything else. I’m seeing posts about it more and more on Instagram and love to see how much it’s growing in conversations. It’s most alluring to me because there is still so much to learn, in terms of how it can be utilized.

Jenna Zoe adds a whole new layer to the table with guides on how to eat right for your type and how each type has different needs. Projectors are even described as a type that should only spend a few hours working each day, for maximum productivity. It’s a whole cosmic world out there to learn about from a new perspective!

So I did a Human Design reading, but now what?

There is so much about Human Design that I don’t know yet, and I can’t wait to explore it all more. So many spiritual guidance tools are out there, and it’s your job to find them, spend time with them, and continue to learn and grow from them. I’ve been on much of a spiritual journey myself this past year, and I’m so glad that it has lead me to Human Design. Life is so full of endless patterns, synchronicities, messages, signs, symbols and opportunities for enlightenment. I’m passionate about uncovering them all, one at a time.

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