Start Believing In Your Ability To Succeed

We hear about people who come from nothing and rise to incredible success every day. Their stories often stick out in our minds as being inspirational, unattainable, or lucky. Knowing that there is no real thing that separates them from the rest of us is important… but so hard.

When it comes to thinking about everything that we want out of life, many of us stop ourselves at just dreaming. We have paralyzing fears which stop us from ever making these thoughts anything more than that. These paralyzing fears are sometimes completely obvious. Sometimes, we can point out exactly why we can’t ever do it. Sometimes, there’s no real reason (that we can think of) we just deem the thought as a far-out dream and nothing more.

If we were able to see things from a different perspective, it would not take long before we began to realize that we don’t believe we are WORTHY of making the thought bloom into reality.

Maybe you have a set belief about yourself that holds you back from really trying or even starting something new at all:

It’s too risky, it costs too much time or money; you don’t think you’re smart enough; you’re afraid of failing because you’ve never “won” before; it’s too hard; people don’t like you; you can’t connect with others very well; people will judge you; who do you think you are; it’s too hard; you have no idea where to begin, etc. etc.

All of these reasons that come to stop you in your tracks… they are beliefs you built up over time. They are beliefs that someone has told you or words that you’ve heard others say about themselves. Somewhere along the road, you decided that you believe these thoughts, whether they were your own or another’s.

It would probably be impossible to pinpoint every instance in our lives that we listened to something, or felt something, that kept us small. However, it happens all the time.

The difference between those who came from nothing and went on to live their fullest lives is that, at some point, they were able to get past those thoughts and beliefs. Within those who make dreams come true, there is a sense of confidence in who they are and what their abilities are.

The world around them didn’t change in its view. They may not have had someone supporting them, or cheering them on along the way. They most likely had people judge them or think they were crazy.

Those who have succeeded, have simply been able to realize what they are capable of and not care what the rest of the world believes in. They are able to have the confidence to go out and try something new and not fear failure. They don’t fear failure, because they only answer to themselves.

At the end of the day, we have to realize that anyone who doubts the process it takes, who thinks it’d be crazy to try, or who doesn’t “get it” is just another human who is scared to do what many of us are scared to do.

You don’t need validation to do the things that you need to do, in order to reach your goals.

When we feel unworthy of success or of even dreaming of success, it is a belief and nothing more. It’s not real, it’s a thought… and with consistent work, thoughts can be changed.

Goals, desire, hard work, vision, and belief. Those are all the things you need.

You have all of those within you. We all do. You being here makes you worthy of designing a life that you can revel in and be proud of. No one person is more special than any other.

Don’t wait for the stars to align or for someone else to believe in you. Don’t wait anymore at all. Don’t tell yourself that you’re not good enough anymore. Don’t believe anyone else’s limiting beliefs. You are worthy and you are more than capable. You just need to find the path that will get you there and believe that it’s going to happen. It’s hard work but it’s no more difficult than living a life you feel less-than confident or happy in.

You can make your goals happen for yourself.


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