Why Finding Yourself Is Important For Living A Fulfilling Life

Throughout life, we start to change as we age. I’m not just talking about appearance, but more about who your soul is: how we think, what our political views are, what we like to do for fun, who we want to hang out with, what foods we like, what we want to do with our life, etc. All of these things make up who you are.

Sometimes what we think we want ends up with our minds changing. This can be a confusing time. Perhaps a time when you start to question yourself. There is a time in everyone’s life where they need to take the time to see what’s important to them. A time to find yourself. It’s a time where you dedicate time to enjoy being alone, travel somewhere new by yourself, start a new hobby or job, learn to be comfortable in your own skin, and learn to love yourself. During college, I would have periods when I would focus on myself, whether it was traveling to a new city for an internship, or spending alone time at the gym. It’s things like this that help you decide who you are and what you want in life. Finding yourself isn’t a one-time thing, as you grow you may need check-ins with yourself to keep you on track.

Spend time alone

Spending time alone with yourself is one of the most refreshing and reflecting things to do. Have you ever eaten a meal out in public by yourself? Gone shopping by yourself? Watched a movie at a movie theater by yourself? If you haven’t, try it. It’s just you and your thoughts. This gives you time to focus and not become distracted from the usual company you would have along with you.


Traveling does a wonder to opening up your mind and experiencing new things. Traveling can also make you think of things you never thought of depending on the situations you are placed into because of traveling. You learn a lot about yourself, whether it’s discovering a new talent or enriching yourself with new cultures. Anyone who loves to travel can definitely back me up by saying, once you come home from a trip, you’ll never be the same (in a good way!).

Try something new

Whether it’s a new exercise class, a new food you try, or new decor around your house/apartment, it gives a fresh start to your life and can become exciting! Sometimes the everyday tasks can become boring. You need to switch up your routine and start something new. I like trying new restaurants, a lot. This gives me a way to discover new areas that I may not have gone to otherwise. I tried out a wine and design class with a friend a few months ago and loved it. Little things can go a long way and give you a new perspective to activities or foods you didn’t even know you liked!

Love who you are

You were born with the skin you’re in now and that will never change. It’s important to learn to love yourself. Unfortunately, media gives unrealistic goals of how we should look. If you don’t love the skin you’re in, it’s going to be very hard to have someone come into your life and love you. We’re our own worst critics. We judge ourselves on parts that others can’t even see. I think that part is normal and happens with everyone, but it’s the way you process it. You can either obsess over what you want to look like or come to terms that this is the body you were born with and it’s perfect, unique, and belongs to you. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin can teach you all sorts of things that may not have known about yourself. There is only one YOU in this world. There isn’t a need to try to be anyone else.

Finding yourself and knowing who you really are gives you a new perspective and is important as we grow and find our purpose in life. There is always room for learning new things and exploring new places. As we enter the different stages life has to offer, we may have to reevaluate ourselves. It is all about the journey and finding the best things in life to fulfill yourself!

Why Finding Yourself Is Important For Living A Fulfilling Life

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