What Our Founder’s Stay-At-Home Morning Routine Looks Like

Hi! I’m Coley. I’m the founder of Life Goals Collective. I’m also a Visibility Strategist, who helps creative entrepreneurial women get strategic with their online marketing, so they can become well-known for what they’re best at.

Since I’m now running two businesses, it’s become more important than ever for me to create a refreshing morning routine that allows me to start my days feeling like a CEO.

I wouldn’t define myself as a natural morning person – I’ve had to work at it over the years. I used to declare that “mornings just weren’t for me” and couldn’t picture waking up before 7 am. Now, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I slept in past 8 am. It’s just become my norm – and it’s my favorite time of the day.

Here is my current stay-at-home morning routine practice that I’ve been loving. I’m always adding to it – and it’s always changing depending on the season of life I’m in – but this is what it looks like right now.

What time do you wake up in the morning and how do you wake up?

I wake up between 5:45 and 6:15 a.m. typically – even on the weekends. My alarm is meditation music so that I wake up to something peaceful every morning.

What’s your go-to morning beverage?

I always start my mornings with water, and then once I finish my glass (or two) of water, I’ll make a Nespresso coffee with oat milk foam on top.

What would we find on your bedside table?

I keep it super simple currently, and really only have a fiction book on my bedside table. I usually start my mornings with non-fiction and end the day with a fiction read. I love all of Colleen Hoover’s books.

Do you prepare for your mornings the night before? If so, how?

When I’m on my game, yes. I like to make a list of the things that I’m going to do the next day – so that I wake up inspired to make it happen. 

What are your skincare/body care rituals?

My skincare routine is super simple – and has pretty much stayed the same for a few years now. I use BioClarity “Clear Skin Routine” set. I’ve been using them for so long now, and I stick with it because my skin is sensitive – and this does the trick. I’ll also use Derma E Radiant Glow face oil. If I’m going outdoors, I’ll put on some Supergoop sunscreen.

What does your morning routine flow look like?

My mornings start with making the bed. Then I’ll read on the couch for 30 minutes to an hour while drinking water. I’ll make my first cup of coffee and do a Bible study from She Reads Truth. Then I’ll do a 18-30 minute workout from Melissa Wood Health, a 20-minute meditation, and I’ll sometimes journal for a bit.

Then I’ll shower and if I’m getting ready for the day (which is much rarer these days), I’ll listen to a podcast while getting ready – usually Armchair Expert. Then I’ll read that day’s entry from the Daily Stoic. And then, it’s time to make breakfast, which is almost always oatmeal with almond butter, cinnamon, and fruit.

While eating, I’ll either watch a YouTube video or read The Newsette. And then I’ll go on Instagram, Voxer for clients, check emails, and respond to anything that just needs a quick reply – before diving into work tasks.

When do you kick off your workday? And do you have any starting-work rituals?

I usually kick off my workday around 9ish – depending on what meetings I have on the schedule. I feel like I don’t get into the groove of my workday until around 10 or 11 typically – even though I try to get started at 9.

I’m working on making 10-2 pm a focused workflow time – so that I can get uninterrupted focused time in my day.

To start my workday, I like to start the essential oil diffuser, usually with either orange or the Mind Guide blend from Aura Cacia. And I’ll sometimes play some light background music or binaural beats. I can’t play music with lyrics while trying to focus, because it’ll distract me too much. But I like “setting the mood” of my workday with music. Sometimes I’ll light a candle. My favorite ones are from P.F. Candle Co.

How does your morning routine change on the weekends?

On Saturdays, I don’t really have a set routine. I won’t set an alarm – but usually still wake up around 6 am. I just kind of have a chill, relaxed morning.

On Sundays, I wake up to watch Elevation Church at 6:30 am, before writing the Sunday Goalsletter. I love starting Sunday off early like that. I don’t know that this is a routine I’ll keep up with in the future, but it’s been a nice routine every Sunday with more time spent at home.

What does your mindset look like at the beginning of the day? Do you have any tips or tools for getting in a positive mindset?

I love my morning routine, so I’m usually excited to start my day. I’ve found that my routine allows me to feel more balanced going into the workday. I tend to spend a lot of time working because I love what I do. So it’s important to me to stay balanced with routines, while still allowing for flexibility.

Practices like breathwork, meditation, scripting, EFT tapping or visualization can be helpful tools when you’re in a funk or struggling with mindset. Sometimes when I’m not feeling in alignment, I’ll also watch a YouTube video that helps.

What’s non-negotiable vs. what does an extra-luxurious morning look like?

Non-negotiable is giving myself time to read and relax in the morning before jumping into work. And it’s been non-negotiable for me to not respond to messages right away. Sometimes I’ll check to make sure nothing urgent is happening – but otherwise, I like to give myself at least an hour (it’s usually two) without being on my phone.

What would you like to improve with your mornings?

I’m working on creating a more productive start to my workday. While I’ve been loving my morning routine, it’s been a challenge to stay off my phone during my working hours. I’m trying out different practices to help with this, like putting my phone away while I kick off my “focused” time zones.

What’s your #1 recommendation to others who struggle with mornings?

Start slow, and build up to a full morning routine. For a long time, I was trying to go to the gym first thing in the morning and because it wasn’t something I loved doing – I would always snooze. When I decided to start with the activities I looked forward to (like coffee and reading), it was so much easier. Eventually, I added exercise to the routine – but it wasn’t instant. Be gentle with yourself, your morning routine doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

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