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How To Have A Vibrant Girl Summer This Year

Hot girl summer is out and vibrant girl summer is in.

At least, I’m trying to make it a thing for myself and if you want to join me, here’s what I’m doing to make summer the most intentional season of the year.

You know how it’s a common thing to create a word for the year? I think the same can be done on a seasonal level – and the vibe I’m going for this summer is vibrant.

The reason I’m choosing vibrant instead of “happy girl summer” like the other alternative I’ve seen going around is that I don’t think I need to be completely happy all summer.

Happiness is a temporary feeling, and I don’t feel like it’s realistic (nor good necessarily) to be happy all the time. Instead, I want to feel alive – and I’m open to the mix of emotions that it brings. What I want more than happiness is intentionality and a purpose-filled summer.

So, if you’re also interested in having a vibrant girl summer, let’s get into how to make this summer the most joyous, fun-filled season.

You know when someone says, “You are glowing”? We’re going for that look this summer. Lots of sunscreen, sun, and good times – a mix of productive work, fun vacations, and time spent offline. Let’s get into it.

Listen to the episode on Life Goals In Progress:

Steps for living a vibrant girl summer

1. Set your intentions

What’s the vibe you want to create this Summer? What’s currently missing in your life that you’d like to add more of into your summer?

Set the mood and intention for the kind of summer you want to have. If you’re in a bit of a funk, it’s a good time to debrief and create a summer intention for how you want to shake things up in this new season.

Here’s a list of intention ideas.

2. Think seasonally

For me, morning routines get so much easier in the summer as daylight hits here at 5am. So that is an opportunity to wake up earlier, and get an early morning walk in. Ask yourself, what am I craving for my routines?

Think about the fruits and veg that are in season this time of year. Look up recipes for fresh salads or create a cute picnic lunch for an afternoon at the park. Take advantage of the seasonal change.

2. Make a summer bucket list

This checklist is meant to be checked off! I created my warm weather, summer bucket list because we barely get sunny days here so I want to make the absolute most out of them.

Some of my summer bucket list includes:

  • Go to a concert (already checked this one off with seeing Harry Styles in Scotland!)
  • Go to a winery
  • Head to the coast
  • Do a fun water activity in Lake Tahoe
  • Attend a pottery class
  • Go for a bike ride

3. Make a mood board on Pinterest

Are you a Pinterest board junkie? It’s time to make your summer boards if you haven’t already. Include the vibrant vibes you’re manifesting and how you want to feel this summer.

You can even take this up a notch and change out your backgrounds with this mood board you create.

5. Create a phone-free pledge

Snap quick pics for the grid (or for your personal mems) if you must, but otherwise leave the phone behind. Summer is for living it up, especially with our Vibrant Girl Summer and we want to be fully present for it.

Set app limits, and ditch the phone when you’re out socially. It’s okay if everything doesn’t get replied to right away. We’re in summer mode.

5. Create a summer playlist

Turn up those summer bops! Make a playlist.

Or, at least find a curated one. Whether you’re into vibey summer tunes, summer country music, or music for beach days, there’s something for you already made on Spotify.

You could even find a song that represents a special summer trip you’re going on. I saw this on a TikTok, where the girl was saying you should pick a song and then play that song as you’re close to landing at your destination, play it a few times on your trip, and play it when you leave. Then, it’ll become the anthem of your trip and every time you hear it, it’ll take you back and remind you of that special vacation!

6. Shoot your shot

Make the moves, go after the things you want. I’m all about attracting and manifesting the things I want in life. And some seasons, I’ll be more passive but I think Vibrant Girl Summer is all about initiating and going after what you want with confidence.

Wear the bikini, apply for the “out of your league” jobs, ask him out. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. You’re a 10 the way you are right now.

There’s no time to waste when you’re living that vibrant life. We’re here to feel all the feels, and live our fullest life. If you want something, make it known. You never know what can happen when you put yourself out there!

7. Create your own Summer Fridays

Have you heard of summer Fridays, where you get to start the weekend early on Fridays over the summertime season? Even if your work doesn’t honor that or your schedule is too packed, try to make a Summer Friday ritual you look forward to every week.

Whether that’s a little ice cream date (solo or with a partner) or going to the park after work, there’s something you can do as a new little ritual.

What’s your word for summer? Any additional tips you want to add for having a vibrant girl summer this year?

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